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I wouldn't feel too guilty after all he did get in your personal space... that would definitely creep me out..lol.

Too funny!I hope you got his name! I don't think you should feel guilty though, I mean, there's a limit of how nice you are required to be! lol Your last paragraph made my day!

I am sure that even if your picture is integrated in a creepy art installation...you still will look good and radiant ! :-)

I work at a medical clinic - I know what some of these people are like !!!

these sounds funny atleast for the people who were sitting around.....though not the one involved....i hope the old man was not hurts by all the legal action threats ... :)

if i picture it....the old man with a camera in a lady's face...that does feel creepy.....but in a room filled with people...it sounds....funny.....


have nice day...\,,/

Yeah, seriously your life is exciting!!

You must have felt sorry for the poor chap but revealing all that info and then thinking that you would actually oblige is too much of an assumption.

It takes all kinds of people to make the world go around!

Have a nice (less creepy) week!

well, you shouldn't be guilty at all, i guess... having cancer isn't an excuse to make people uncomfortable.

have a better week ahead, Agnes. :)

Ah, but if you didn't find yourself in these crazy situations, you would have nothing to write about!

I'm guessing camera wielding maniacs are a daily problem when you're a pretty girl lol

Well Agnes;
Seems I can't leave you in the waiting room for even a minute without you getting into it with some elderly patient. Obviously you are joking about the legal threats and the rest is humor. But I have to confess, he is a strange, strange man who borders on "creepy." So, go for it.

You have a fresh and unique viewpoint to life and you do enjoy this thing called life and that is why you have this great blog with interesting adventures so carry on little lady and post away...

aww, there's no need to feel guilty about it all,the old creep was having his fun but it sure can be disturbing, anyway i had a good laugh when i read Geoff's opening comments.

Red hair and crows feet! Let alone balling out elderly cancer sufferers for shaving. humm..might be going of you.

oh my god! isn't it crazy when you are trying to be kind and it turns on you?! i love people. no sarcasm, i really do. you know the thing about how no two snowflakes are alike? i think of people that way. so sometimes i walk away thinking "that is one crazy snowflake..."

Thanks for the comments, everyone.
To those who had a good laugh: as did I -- the mere thought of his character still cracks me up.

This guy is truly a misunderstood artist !

@GoodMoroccan, let's hope that's all he is.

There's fans and there's fans. LOL

Well don't beat yourself up over the old guy - we all have our boundaries and he crossed one of yours!! He should have been much more considerate and asked in advance. Cancer or not.

Holli in Ghana


That is just plain funny! (about the creepy guy) I think you should dye your hair red! It looks great!

I laughed so much thru the post and was takenaback by all the concerned comments...then I realised it wd have been scary at that time;-o.

That's really funny... gave me a good laugh!

That's pretty bizarre.

And you know what? I have boots almost just like yours! I don't know why that makes me smile but it does :)

wow, I take close ups of people, often strangers, all the time (see my collages). I hope that is not me in 20 years! I have to confess I do like pores and lines, they are as beautiful as any other part of a person, showing texture and reality in a compelling way. Oh well, be nice to me if you see me in a waiting room, ok?


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