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I liked traveling because of the excitement of newness! Wherever I went, the sights and sounds were new, my first time to experience them. No past, just the present! The second reason is knowledge and learning. Such as the different cultures, seeing the different views and comparing them to what I know. Me, I like staying in hotels, the feeling of being pampered and waited on. Good post! I understand about eating too much and TV, and family. I love my family, but I'm tired of being around family and their under currents of tension! Happy New Year to you and Geoff!

Happy new year, Agnes and Geoff!

I love this line, Agnes:
"So, my wish for you for the new year, chase your dreams, follow your passion and if you've lost it somewhere along the way, revive it, because without passion, my friend, we're as good as dead."

Husband and I will be travelling in 41 days, where things might be uncertain. but it's the new year, and we have new hope, and we can build new dreams together to build new life together!

I'm with you on this Agnes. To be able to walk on any road, sail on any sea or fly in
any sky and it's all yours...there is nothing like the open road or a new place and knowing that you don't know what the heck is going to happen tomorrow other than it is going to be fun and adventurous...As I was walking under the stars tonight looking at the full moon and commenting to a friend that 2010 is an open book and I get to write all the pages...And I hope you write your pages and fill your book with sky high adventure and thrilling adventures and the happiest endings.

Happy New Year Agnes! I hope it's a wonderful one filled with joy and love!

I love this post Agnes. Judy, Jacqueline and Lucky made awesome comments. The photo of you holding the Dalai Lama's hand still gives me goose bumps. And the last photo ... well, you look radiant. This will be a great year for us. Here's to the "Deep, powerful presence of life" that forms the great Mandala, the wheel of life.

Heyy Agnes,

Tell you what I made of your line "How this post ended up being about hair color is beyond me"? It was like travelling; you are unaware - almost - where you are headed and where you will land up. :D

That's where life lies, in the unknown.

Wonderful pictures of yours, all classics. Like from the albums of Hollywood greats.

Wishing you and Geoff once again a very happy new year.


I always knew you were a gorgeous women - blonde/brunette/dark black whatever! :-)Your photos reflect that.

I share your thoughts on traveling. I especially love your last line -- " because without passion my friend, we're as good as dead.." !!!

Oh and HAPPYYY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

It matters not what colour your hair is, your beauty shines through, both inside and out.
All the best to you both for 2010.
I have given you a mention in my blog http://opinionatedpensioner.blogspot.com/ on MY new years honours list. ha ha. Cheers for now.

Awesome post Agnes and awesomer pictures!!!!!
Have to echo Geoff here.....the picture with Dalai Lama is striking.
And I love it when u ramble...so u'll never hear any complaints from me there;-D

Love the last para.....Amen.

I love your ramblings - I hope more people ask innocent questions and set you off!

I'm also somewhat surprised to see how much being a brunette suits you - I should have known. :)

I've been landlocked for months! In 2010 I just want to be able to fly ... :)

Thanks guys. Funny, how a darker shade instantly increases a woman's IQ by 20 points. Add a pair of dark rimmed specs and you can get a job as a rocket scientist.

I recognized you right away! You look like a traveler in these pictures, more free and daring. I don't mean to highlight the difference with non-traveling pictures in a bad way, you know me. But I know what you mean by travel withdrawal...

well i like reading about Southern Asia from the visitor....the differences are amazing and always interesting to hear or read about. Tibet is a beautiful country called "roof of the world"......haven't been there..but comes from place near the India-Tibetan border....

aaahhh..i remember Marriott...they blew it up.....the extent can easily be measured by the crater left after the explosion.....

i can understand the thing with hair color in pakistan.....think at the time you visited the conditions were much better than now....

anyways...thanks for the motivational lines in the end..and have a lucky and beautiful 2010

wow.. your life has been a true adventure so far.. I wish you all the best to continue your adventurous way of life friend :D



I loved this post and the photo with the Dalai Lama just touched my soul :) I totally understand your love of travel. I am the same way. The unknown road ahead makes me feel alive. Happy New Year to you and Geoff!

As seems to be my style at the moment, I arrive late to the blog post, and my comment will appear waayyyy down the list :) I'm trying to resist having any resolutions this year - but I do agree with your closing comments about passion. Perhaps being here on the internet, reaching out is the passion? Who knows... Happy New Year :) x

You are a travel person indeed...
Happy 2010 to you.
I'll add you on my links if you don't mind.

and now i'm subscribed to yr feed,
keep posting in the new year,
love you Agnes,


Very nice. Thank you, Agnes.

Hey Agnes
Beautiful pictures, before saying anything else I must compliment you on your dark hair pictures and how it so suits you as well, my fav being the one with dalai lama ofcourse, something really striking about it or is the reflection of the company ;).

"Travelling and reading the open book of creation are means by which the believer grasps many morals and lessons"


Catch ya later.....

Thats a lovely quote - Follow your dream !!!

A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR, AGNES !!! Heres wishing you and Geoff, the bestest year ahead with joy, happiness, gud health and wealth and wonderful moments together !!!!!

Take care !!!!

Shoot! You are famous! Wow! I am totally in awe! (That is why you will find exclamation marks after each sentence in this comment!) You have met Dalai Lama! Are there details of these trips anywhere on your blog? I wanna read it!

And the last few words are amazing! You are a woman of the world. Go out there and do what you do best! (I am going to have to find out what it is though):D

P.S: You look awesome in the pics! ( i cannot stop the exclamation marks!)


How i envy your ability to pick up stakes and travel. And to visit places one from America can only dream of while reading about them in books.

You met the Dalai Llama. Met leaders of political parties in Pakistan where you became a redhead, i'm sorry, a brunette.

what exactly would have been the problem being blonde? Standing out too much? Envy? Kidnapping?

gotta look closer at you. you somethin' else, child.

michael j

WOOOW ! With the VIP's... I am jealous now... with the Dalai Lama!

I agree, passion is what makes my heart beat!

Wow. The Dalai Llama. This is cool, Agnes. Hadn't seen this page before. You'll have to devote a whole post to that one photo. Who were you, what were you thinking, etc.

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