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I think you should've posted your drawing with your post Agnes! Thanks for sharing your memories with us.

I love this illustration.... It just seems to flow and the colors are magical..

Enjoyed this post, Agnes.
I've been reading you for a while and thought it was time I left a comment.

Take care and may life smile upon you always!


Oh... how lovely to be able to capture that pot sitting on top of the radiator. You are lucky to have the gift. Yes - I love the picture!

First - I love the pics u post - Fabulous is the word. Now, I like the colour of the top u r wearing and the play of light is just superb. Who takes all these pics ???? Shld be a great photographer !!!!

You did art ???? Shows in ur writing, ur house decor, ur pics, and ur blog, too.

Loved ur expression - for the need of non-verbal expression.

That was a great description..somehow reminded me of the movie 'Before Sunrise'. Idon't know why.
Non-verbal way of expression..I would love to see your illustrations.

Agnes, I am sure that, that illustrator is still lurking inside of you. Come on, let us in on those drawings.

As I am re-reading your post, I am trying to gauge your mood!!!

Thanks for sharing this with us. It adds to you a new dimension. I agree with the others, I would love to see your illustrations. I think they would be a great post! As I was reading, the question popped into my mind, "why can't you do illustrations now, from home?" Very good and interesting post! You might look at this website to see her drawings "Elizabeth Patch's More to Love Sketchbook"

Art school sure sounds like a lots fun to me. That was what me and my room mates used to do before Som moved in with me. We used to stay up all night giggling and chatting and having fun. Ohhh I miss those days :(

bohzo (hello)

I love the color contrasts.

Wish I could see your drawing of the pot. I always admire that extra dimension you bring to art (and life). I see it in your photography, your clothes and your sense of style. I'm sure the drawing was great. I think your blogging reflects your style and your voice to a very great degree and what you have to say communicates very well. Keep up the Late Night Blogging.

Maybe now that you have seen most of the world maybe it is time to go back to your first love and start drawing and painting again. When you were 18 it was probably not your time to be an artist... looks like it is now. When you are talented and you have special gifts you should always use them.
I would love to see your drawings here on this blog.

i think if u feel like going back to drawing, u should do it, even if its not possible full time. Maybe just on ur blog or something. Life's too short!

late night blogging eh, that's when all the creative ideas start to flow, love the beautiful piece by LO.

I only wish I could draw ..hmmm let's say a house or a tree better than a 5-year-old! Well, I can't! I've got some plant pots outside on the staircase..decorating everyone's doors but no one has complained yet!

I used to do things like that - sit drawing things for the hell of it - when I was younger. I can't remember the last time I did it. I can't remember the last time I drew anything actually.

Well... you blog has become a nice place for expression. Lovely story about the overlooked pot. I love small re-discoveries like that. I would love to see some of your illustrations or drawings, though!

One more thing. You mentioned J. D. Salinger died. I wanted to leave a quote of his from the closing lines of ""Catcher in the Rye." ""Don't ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody." Thought about it a lot.

You said FANTAsizing...a great word and I do fantasize well...thanks for the reminder and I think I will get into more fantasizing ...about foreign lands...foreign adventures...far away places with far away dreams...(you got me going on my fantasizing!)..shame on you and bless you

You are right, the illustration is beautiful. You still express yourself with words, which is great!

Hey! Didn't know you used to be an illustrator or draw paintings but it makes sense. I can tell from the pics of your home you have an artist's eye and also your passion for fashion hehe, shows that you are aesthetic. What work is it you have done during and after your travels if you don't mind me asking? I have had ideas about becoming an illustrator/graphic designer/copy writer/artist/translator/writer and just recently book publisher hahaaha, which way you think I should go?? :)

Linn's work is awesome!! AND she is Swedish!

I enjoy keeping in touch with you! :)

Hmmmm interesting... Haha I'm seeing how you're thoughts wander writing this one :)

P.S. Somebody's gotta new follower! ;)

@Helen: I did a bit of illustration, a bit of street portraits, a bit of modeling, a bit of teaching, a bit of translating. My heart is in non-profit work though. I was about to set up my own 501c3 (that's US legal lingo for "non-profit"), but my husband got ill and I never went through with it. But that is my long term plan.

I think you should do all those things, you have a general idea of what you like doing and I think your work should make you feel happy and fulfilled. Does it make sense?

I hear ya Agnes! Sometimes we reason too much instead of just trying, don't we?! I've always admired the kind of "head-first" spririt some people have. I find that blogging keeps me motivated for now + going toward what attracts me but still keeping kinda cool about the future (perhaps I still feel like time is on my side haha!) Thanks for writing, I enjoy our connection too! :)

Take care and lots of thoughts to Geoff too!

Oh wow, jaw-dropping!!!!!
- gorgeous

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