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clearly i need to buy a pair of aviators :)

hmm haven't had a pair in years.... will have to try a pair.

Your are totally right! Thanks for the beauty tip, Ag's!

I sympathize with you on the cold Agnes! Someone should write the weather a memo to say that this is the South! It's not supposed to get this cold here! Of course, you look gorgeous as always!

well if you wouldn't have told us ....i believe no one wouldn't have guess.......

aviators are my fav too......and i liked the belt too...


One way or the other, as long as the 'bounty hunter' dream comes true ..Wink!

Again, yet another beyootiful painting.

I don't need to put on aviators to look like that. ha ha............Unless I am going out of course, but my hair still only gets combed once a day. I'm an old hippy at heart. lol

Thanks for the fashion tip! lol Though you did pretty good on the post, I'm having a hard time posting every day for NaBloPoMO! It's hard to come up with something profound every day. Gotta come to grips with that, how to post interesting subjects daily! Good picture! A blond Laura Croft, the adventuress! Even down to the jacket and boat! lol

your posts are never pointless :)
the way you write always inspires me :)

tc dearie!

look at you,
you should be sleeping like a log,
just sleep a bit longer
and don't get up until you're okay
so get well soon dear...

I have never liked aviators enough to buy them but you sure look great in your pair :)

I love aviators Agnes but you look really great in yours. It is really strange to put them on in bright sunshine on the same morning that the windshield was coated with ice. This is Florida, right? Doesn't this disprove global warming? Either way, you look very much the "bounty-huntress" as you call yourself. No way do you look bad. Before closing, I wanted to ask everyone to send what they can to Haiti right away. It is a disaster of epic proportions, even more than the Pakistan quake and they need all the help we can give.

This is not pointless! I now know that I *need* a pair of aviator glasses. I'm going to buy some right away - I'll show you them once you wake up.

i like ur belt!

I feel sympathy with the Agnes what occurred. But for my point of sleep is very important because the body requires adequate rest.

@Sylvia, I can't wait to see them!

Sleep, sleep,
Like a little girl, Agnes
With nothing but
A million dreams making your sleep
run deep...



You look like you are out of a French style magazine!

I guess I should just start thinking of you as Boba Fett :)

whatever you are wearing, you're still a fab, Agnes! :)

Blogs are so informative where we get lots of information on any topic. Nice job keep it up!!

@MusicDissertation: Huh?

omg I totally agree with u! my aviators are a lifesaver everytime. :) I like your blog. interesting stuff. lovin' the look btw ;)

The word 'aviator' has popped up in conversation at least 10 times in the last two days!! And now this post. Me thinks I should get me one!!!

I totally love people who can laugh at themselves. And it comes from being totally comfortable with oneself. Yes, I am talking about you and yes, that is a compliment. :D

Aviators...cool ones!

U look great Agnes :-))!!!!!

Aviators goes best with the messy look, otherwise you end up looking self absorbed and who wants that! :) I have a picture where Im sitting on a sweaty bus in Mocambique with the window open blowing my dusty hair around and my face grim and tired after not sleeping for days and my tired eyes - behind aviators of course ;)

I can't believe how popular you are btw, I am the 27th to comment on this!


You were French in another life, the outfit is that "I-didn't-do-anything-but-I-look-great" skill that all French women seem to have. Wished I looked as good with so little sleep!

You look great in whatever you wear!

Havent told u this but everytime I watch Scarlett Johansson I think of u....its not her physical attributes more her attitude which reminds me of u; esp in the movie "Lost in Translation".


@Nancy, should I take it as a compliment? I like compliments :-D

Ofcourse it is a compliment!!!!!!!

I had forgotten abt this comment until I saw Scarlett Johansson yesterday on tv & remembered. So I came here & hunted the comment out, infact inbetween the searching I half-thought I had dreamed writing it;-P

I totally love people who can laugh at themselves. And it comes from being totally comfortable with oneself. Yes, I am talking about you and yes, that is a compliment.

I like the fashion. I love all the fashion things.

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