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Good one! You might say, it's a twist on words! Love the windblown look. How's the weather in Florida?

I love it!

The beginning reminded me of when I worked in a call center, and I had to pull out a customer's account. Because he had forgotten his card number, I had to search by last name... easy, non? Well, his name was Singh and he lived in Toronto. Let me tell you, there are a lot of people named Singh in Toronto :lol:

The monk's logic really shows another point of view.

Nice read first thing in the morning :)
Have a great day ahead!

nice sense of humor...i thought monks were very intense and serious...but this was good.......


:-)) Hahaha.. Funny funny!! There's a colleague (Tibetean) whose first name is Tenzing.. Apparently everybody in her family has Tenzing as first name & a unique second name ;-D

Ha ha ha!

We just got one of South Asia's biggest monasteries inaugurated by the Dalai Lama himself. If you had told me before, I would have asked him for Lobsang. :D

BTW, the picture is just lovely.


These monks are very unassuming. Their simplicity is often mistaken for dullness.They are anything but dull!!! Enjoyed the post!

Buddhist like to boast of their clear minds and logical thinking but their literalism often descends, as here, into pedantry.

@Bins, I couldn't agree more. Their company is utterly refreshing and their viewpoint therapeutic. I never thought they were dull -- noticed how he pulled out the right photograph from that album? He knew which monk I was looking for.

@Judy, it snowed in Orlando last week, can you believe it? The last few days have been lovely, exactly as southern winters should be.

I remember well when this happened. I too found it refreshing and enlightening. In a small way, it demonstrates the power of words to shape reality and perception. In a larger sense, it reinforces the view that reality itself is not external but a composite of all of our views. And I too love the photo. The photo looks great. Let me extend that to, "You look great" and hope our Buddhist friends would agree. Very nice post.

the monks in that monastary seem awfully wicked.
but i bet it's a joke they have shared many times in the past.
the sudden appearance of the photo book gave them away.

Nice post, Agnes !!!! How did he give you the exact photo of ur frnd ???? Amazing !!! Out of the 200 Lobsangs, they knew whom you were looking for !!!!

Enjoyed the ending to the post !!!!

Hahaha.....have to agree with Bins, and have u noticed they photograph well;-D

That is a nice anecdote.It makes you think differently about the world.
I agree with Geoff... You look great !

@Seraphine, I don't think so.

very funny!!

nice story here, it goes on to show that it takes all kinds of people to make this world, is this yr new look in the picture appended?

I have a Zen friend?

Losang "IS" the name of the Buddhist monk who is the spiritual teacher at the Tibetan Buddhist Center of Philadelphia.

Will be passing this "gem" onto those practioners for a chuckle or two.

michael j


Hah! That's wonderful.

I used to teach drawing and one thing I always wanted to impart quickly was the exact nature of what it was they were doing. They were not recreating a person or a thing. They were putting marks on a piece of paper. That was all. The more they paid attention to making interesting and intelligent marks the more they would come away with a drawing they loved.
Mistaking an image for the real thing is easy to do.

@Marty: Mistaking an image for the real thing is exactly what they were chuckling about. Thank you for your comment :-)

That's a really funny story. I had a few friends who were monks when I lived in Cambodia a few years ago. They really did say some funny things, as your blog post perfectly illustrates. Thanks for the great memories.

I think this problem is not completly solved.

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