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I agree with you completely. Man, I can't wait to try the Melting Pot in Bellevue. Your recommendations have NEVER let me down!

I see what you mean about loving the rain! My end of the day treat is either a cup of hot chocolate or a Vanilla Latte(from Starbucks).

Agnes-Do you have pictures of when you were in Italy? I wish you would share them! We can do like I've seen other sites-have a travel Sunday where blogs link to each other and share their post.

i love those little havens and little moments that make it all better.

Peace within - That is about the photograph And peace within the moment I watch. Thanks for sharing.

Well said! I guess the hope of good things to come is the carrot to seeing us thru the tough times. Undying optimism, I guess!

yea.....there are things.....which can make all those daily tension and stress go away.....may only be for a moment but it still works.....\,,/

Absolutely !!!!

The simple pleasures in life are the best.

Yea, I agree. The simple pleasures :)

Oh heavens! I can just visualize what you are talking about - specially since it is ages since I had Cheese Fondue

You are right...we should sherish those special moments. Too many people take those for granted.

I checked out Smokey on your page here... I think your cat has longer hair than mine... when she was younger she was much lighter... she only weight 1.6 at 7 weeks.

It is all the little special moments in life that makes my days full.

Nice post Agnes. We all appreciate the point; life provides magic moments that salve the rough spots. We were talking today about our first trip to Mysore. We landed at the old Bangalore airport after midnight and got into an ancient Ambassador cab to ride the last four hours on the old and winding road. We arrived at the Southern Star Hotel at 5 AM and while the staff sorted things out, we sat on a wall outside under the fading stars as dawn broke. We sipped a wonderful tea and despite all the road weariness, experienced an elation that made it all worthwhile.

Thanks for the comments, I guess we all agree on the magic of the simple things.

I've never had fondue, but you make me want to try it. LOL I loved this post Agnes. Sometimes the simple things are the most special!

sometimes, the littlest of things just makes a lot of difference to soothe us and make us feel so relaxed...

a hug from my husband is always the top on my list. :)

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