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In some cultures being fat means you are rich, prosperous and happy!
Anyway... I would say...stay like you are ! :-)

That is sweet.

hey, nobody tells me to eat... :) i am following you if i did it right, it gave an option to follow with my blogger stuff.

ppl can be strange......different countries...different cultures.....

If anything, I am sure you walked away from that conversation, a wiser woman!!! :D

When I was thin, ppl told me - Eat all you can !!!

Now its like - Watch what you eat !!!

LOL, thats the way of life !!!!

OK !!! Done !! I am following you, thru the link you've given.

she has a point. hahah

:) That is good enough incentive when the food is good :). Eat now and regret later ...

LOL...but I seriously think u missed a golden opputunity to find out what kind of magic she knew to make fat people look thin;-o

At least you were strong enough to say "no". Good for you!

Apparently I have a TypePad blog now too lol - not sure what I will do with it :)

@Jonathan, oh no, LOL! I thought there was an option to sign in with your existing blog?? I think there's still an option to add your real blog, you know, for exposure reasons.

@Bins and @Nancy, I know, problem solved right? :-)))

I enter any blogs I follow into my RSS reader. That way I have everything together in one place. It works for me.

I'd follow you, but I get emails! I'd rather get the emails. I rarely check the stuff I follow. LOL

Stick to your guns, you are not fat or thin, you look just fine to me.

Wonderful post--it is refreshing to see honest conversation. Keep up the good blogging.

That is funny.... To me if one is fat, there is NO way to hide it..lol

She sounds like a mother from anyplace in the world. "Eat, eat, eat!". It has happened to me too. In foreign countries where I was an honored guest, I felt I had to eat whatever was put in front of me. I didn't worry about how much I had to eat, I worried about how spicy the food was. If I could get by without my throat burning, I was happy. And by the way, you look great.

Words of wisdom :lol:

She sound like my in-laws!

This Ms. Zahida is a very wise women and I bet she can look at anything and make it positive. For this lady the glass is always half full, the sun is always shining and those dark clouds and rain drops are there to bring forth the flowers that will light up your life.

@Lucky: I hear she's the one who added a pre-gorge step to the HCG diet? You wouldn't happen to know anything about it, would you?

"Gorge" does not exist in the dictionary of Mrs.Zahid, nor does the word "full." You don't say the word "thin" around Mrs Zahid nor do you refuse anything she offers. I have met many Mrs. Zahids in many different countries and hope to meet many more. .. and she is the one who gave me the idea of the pre gorge step to that diet...bless her heart . It was under the assumption that I needed to stretch my stomach as it was a muscle that needed more exercise..made sense to me at the time.

A pithy response could be 'Yes, but while I am thin I am able to wear clothes that make me look fat!

Story of my life! My mom's aim in life for years was "fatten her up" !! Yes I know the slaughter part shall soon follow.

Agnes I came to confess.....I so wanted to follow ur blog but experience has taught me that the minute I blogroll or follow somebody they stop writing. Take my blogroll itself, initially there were atleast 12-14 blog links there, as soon as I blogrolled them 4 stopped writing...just like that;-o.
Within 3 months 3 more stopped. And now if u notice I personally have to go blog to blog pestering them to update;-(.
Almost the same thing happens when I watch cricket. As soon as I sit down comfortably, players start getting out for the silliest of reasons. When I stand they are hitting 1's & 2's. As soon as I leave the room & they r belting fours & sixes. So now I stand behind the curtain & watch;-(.

I hope u do understand my dilemma and wont hold it against me.

I like Mrs Zahida a lot!

You have a similarity with
Carolina Ferraz;...actress
here in Brazil.

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