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Life gets like that for me too - more so once I start with my assignments so am making the most of the calm now!

I like it. Life on the fast lane. That way life does not come in the way of living... :D


hmm.....it isn't easy to be consistent.....and we all have life's ....need to catch up with that too....


Hey its the beginning of the year.... understandable....

Is this the "too busy" diet you're advocating then? :) I've been on it from time to time - it works better than any other.

Agnes, being in the same whirlwind as you, I really understand what you mean. I guess we shouldn't worry too much, maybe just laugh about it. As for my list; I've a button falling off my shirt, my socks are mismatched, I need to figure out how to use the little speakers, Google "Labradoodle" and something else that I just can't remember. Oh well.....

Ride that highway full blast and smoke your tires on the fast lane. Take a minute or two to match Geoff's socks and sew his button ...grab a quick bite and then ride that blacktop for all it is worth. Your destination is just around the next bend and there are no slows on your road... happy travelling.

The last couple of days I've looked your "most recent post". I'm glad it's just a whirlwind of everyday stuff! I think the first week of this new decade has been a busy one for all! A wild rush! I'm ready for Spring and a slow down of activity! Hope you have a relaxing and enjoyable weekend!

If I didn't have 3 Mini poodles, I would definately adopt a LabrAdoodle.

@Robyn, my dear friend, your point being?

@Robyn: I just got it. Didn't see Geoff's comment before -- never mind.

You are so funny..Such days when it comes in a cluster, leaves me feeling bone tired. I am just not able to have a peaceful sleep for some reason. I wake up feeling I haven't slept a wink! Right now I am feeling exactly like that!

Hi Agnes!
I'm on the same fast lane. And I rarely have time to blog :/


Real life is more important than online life - a few people don't realize it.

Your real life is plenty busy and that what matters.

Hi from Paris!

I browsed thru your posts and I like the world you have created here... chic and full speed in life. Blogging is a fun add-on to our lives but the most important things take place "in real life".

Stay chic and find time to pamper Yourself!

@Zhu & @SusuParisChic: Yes, blogging is definitely an "add-on". But I think we should always find ways to make time for things we love doing, whether it's mountain climbing, traveling, blogging, whatever. I personally love to blog {among other things} and would love to be able to blog more. The problem is there are too many other things I like doing in my {sometimes non-existent} spare time plus I like being computer-free for days at a time. Thanks for chiming in, great points.


I actually did have a point. I think you and Geoff should get a Lab-doodle. That's just my opinion.

I hope things aren't too hectic! My only excuse at the moment is that I've been unbearably lazy recently. I'm starting to get back into the swing of things now though.

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