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When I signed up on TypePad in September 2004, I had no idea of what blogging was all about. In the course of time, I started learning to blog! And I blogged as if no one were reading for about 3 years. And, occasionally, I still do but I honestly wish to have more readers on the brand new TypePad. As Jean-Paul Sartre said,"I write to be read". And to my mind blogging is all about writing! This said, I love your changes!

You're right, bloggers do love those comments so I'm commenting. I really like your blog and can relate to your posts, despite how different our lives are. But I guess emotions are the same with everyone.

That was SO REAL. Thank you, Agnes. Sorry I missed you this weekend. I'll be back...

what do I say.. you bring in a fresh and fighting spirit through ur writings.. i like that..appreciating often reduces the charm n hence i come, read and go silently..

may you have a happy n healthy future with your loved ones.. and may you keep writing..

You write so beautifully. I mean that. I'm glad you are stealing the time and I hope you keep doing so.

Beautifully written.. I love your openness and honesty... btw what is the age diff between your cats? I've wanted a second one but mine seems to be so use to being #1 and she's sensitive/....I agree about your idea of not having cancer hit every part of your life. Both of u are dealing w/it in such an admirable way... Love the transformation of your home.... love those tuscan colors girl!.

i love your post, agnes.

Love the changes and additions, and it looks like that despite that fact that you are wearing table runners as scarves (clever, clever) you have grown in ways that are much more important than whether you fit what your bio.

A lot of wisdom in your words, Agnes.

The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it.
-Aurelius, Marcus-

I think I've discovered something you're really good at, hiding yourself. In reading you comment, particularly the one where you state you work in danger zones and had 8 bodyguards, it struck me that I've been reading your blog for several months and I don't know what kind of work you do or did. I read your 25 random things to know about you and discovered a tad bit more, but still I'm now curious about what you were doing in a danger zone. With those sunglasses the imagination goes wild! How's Geoff? You have a beautiful dinningroom! Take care!

wishing you and your loved ones health and happiness. it takes strength to do what you are doing, not letting a crisis define your lives.

The post is straight from the heart And I felt the same. Honest.
I always say: Life if incomplete is complete.
We the question/s, We the answer/s.
Life is a journey pre-written.
Enjoy no matter what.
Lovely wooden home.

Agnes, I love the title of this post the most!!!! It sums you up perfectly. Your post made my morning brighter :-)
As always, I love the pictures.

Prayers for Geoff and U. Oh & somehow, I cannot picture you as anything other than a "World Traveler" !! :-D

"The only way I know to fight cancer is by actively creating that part of life which isn't cancer."

You know a helluva' lot, Agnes! That is one awesome line...

that was beautiful ....really was......it's always when i wake up in the morning, i receive the subscription mail from you by typepad......and want to tell you..each post of yours changes my next couple of hours.........you got great perspective.....i don't know what i would be doing if i was in your shoes.....but certainly not better than you.........

i loved how you say we are all on our own in this world......i have heard it a lot of times....but the way you said it.....it makes me feel different......

It's been a good...3 months or so while reading your blog......

hope the best for you and Geoff .....


This I must has been your best post thus far! I loved it all. The pics, the essence of this post, everything. I have a few things to say:

1.Your home looks lovely. Then. Now.
2.You must, must write a book or something. You have a way with words.
3.Your spirit is so alive, so refreshing. That goes for your attitude too.
4. You have no qualms in speaking your mind. I love that quality in a person.

I recently caught up with a school friend on facebook. I was really upset when I found out that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She is on Chemo and is due for surgery in March. She has six-year old twins and she really is worried about a lot of things. But her spirit is so strong that she is fighting it head-on! I don't even know why I am telling you this. But do keep her in your prayers too.

Really? U wore a table runner as a scarf??? U are just too much! :D Way to go, girl!!

I forgot to say this. The one sentence that blew my mind is this:

Things change, you know, and whereas I realize no one has asked for my advice, let me tell you, changing things around you is way more fun than sitting still and watching the world change.

So simple. Yet so profound. :D

You completed one year of blogging - WOW, Congrats !!!! :)

Your dining room pic is just awesome !!! Even though I love the THEN colours, the NOW colours are just so apt.

Like You with your cats. So cute !!!

I love your courage in fighting the Cancer. Keep strong. And yeah, blogging helps - all these virtual friends somehow make you laugh and smile, when you are totally down.

Of course, rightly said - bloggers love comments - OK, I think I've left a looong comment for you.

Dear Agnes, Your post moved me. At this moment when going through many changes, your writing always helps me put perspectives right and to feel positive. I loved both the looks of your place - I love the way you have decorated them... So way to go and here is to more changes. Will try to take sometime to post atleast once a week.

There is no rule to say a table runner should not be used as a scarf, nor a PJ top for a blouse, I am sure that around your neck the runner provided as much beauty as you find in writing, painting or dance, to those lucky enough to witness the deed. Just ask Geoff.

Beautiful, beautiful post....every sentence hit me..hard. Cant even begin to imagine how u manage to stay so positive in times of stress. It may sound over the top but u r awesome Agnes, I love ur spirit.

Take care!!!!

p.s: As for what u wrote as title.....I just cant do tht;-(

Hi Agnes. I find your post very touching, and inspiring. And I agree that we should turn every misery into something beautiful... something worth remembering that can put a smile on our faces.

Take care always. And always, I love reading your blog. ;)

Agnes, I love this post and its title. It is truly inspiring. When I read your blog, I'm always struck by your honesty and insights. Reading your blog is always so cleansing for the soul. Have a great weekend :)

I work on the principle that you should say exactly what you have to say. When I have nothing to say, I said exactly that.

External changes can be exciting and they can inspire but the really important external changes are those that reflect inner change. If there is no inner change, then the external change soon loses its thrill.

On the other hand, if there is inner change, then what does external change matter? Not at all.

Some people like things to change all the time. When I see this, I wonder what it is they are running away from. Usually it is themselves.

I found your blog via a favorite you did of mine. Thank you for that.
I appreciate the calm strength and wisdom you impart. I feel calm as a result. Thank you for that.

Oh!!! once again...u touched me!

Wonderful post. In the very beginning when i had started reading your blog, i actually use to wait for every next post of yours coz i simply loved reading once and twice and again and again. This one is my another favorite in the bunch. Loved the idea of getting lost into brush strokes and dance moves. The dining room a year ago appeals more to me. Admire you for all the strength and positive energy. Last but not the least...comments...yup...absolutely agree on that :))
Keep writing.

I enjoyed your post very much

perfect posting.
Really nice writing.
As always your posts are very helpful.

Oh wow, look at all the wonderful comments. Thank you so much -- I loved reading what you had to say, I read all the comments several times over.

To answer your questions, @Judy, I was a bounty hunter at the time. OK, kidding. I was working with an overseas non-profit at the time, and blown up mosques/hotels/building were the not uncommon and unfortunately are still not uncommon there.
@Chrissy: We never had Jamie and Smokey at the same time. Jamie went missing one day and we found Smokey in a shelter, during the one-month search for Jamie. Smokey wants to be an only cat and have a play mate at the same time. I think he wants me to buy him a bird or a mouse :-D

Agnes, what else can I say? The comments say it all, So many kind, literate comments from all over the world. Very special. Cancer doesn't scare me and the possibility of death doesn't frighten me. I simply feel that the diagnosis is a death sentence eventually, just like life is. It is the denial of time and energy that should be used to create the future that is the most difficult part. But regardless, I know what I need to do and that's a good thing. Ironic that Sidney quoted Marcus Aurelius. Spot on. Cicero is my favorite, "Be sure that it is not you that is mortal, but only your body. For that man whom your outward form reveals is not yourself; the spirit is the true self, not that physical figure which can be pointed out by your finger."
Keep up the great work Agnes and thank you for all your help.

I fought and survived my battle with cancer alone; it would have given me so much added strength to have someone like you at my side. Geoff surely is fortunate to have your love and support.

All the best to you both in 2010.


Perhaps the best blog post I have read in months - not only for the introspection into your life at the moment, but also the reflection on your experiences blogging.

wow this is a good post there is no doubt about it, btw blogging always start on many footing, don't you worry as you're doing just fine, just keep posting. Your house scene seems pretty 'wooden' in many places and that's good for the homely feel.

Ah, i didn't know about Geoff but my advice is to keep being positive all the times. i'm following Daria's blog about having the big C, she's fighting it out positively and look at her blogging activity, it must have been a very good therapy for her too, refer (http://daria-livingwithcancer.blogspot.com/)

take care dear and keep posting

Hi Agnes - I came to visit you after you added me as a favourite - wow - I am so honoured - your pages are so vital and inspiring and I am sitting here in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia feeling "tres ordinaraire". I can only thank you and say welcome to my humble blog, Kate at manningroad

I think you are a wonderful person.Every post of yours
and every comment of yours leave me thinking how glad I am to have
met you in the blog world. And this post most of all! I am so glad I know you!
This post touched me and made me think too! With this attitude, nothing can get you down.
You inspire me!

I'm a first time reader, coming via Misadventures with Andi and her Saturday feature of your blog. Very nice post, thank you for courageously talking about the changes and challenges in your life.

yep, my blog has changed...and so have I! But I love the changes in your home - it's beautiful - and I think it's perfectly acceptable to wear a table runner as a scarf. I use my scarves as table runners...

Your blog is very real , i am very impressed by you.keep this blog clean in future also.

I think you have a wonderful site. What I want to add to that is for 12 years I have watch my wife bravely battle cancer and the battle continues. When she was first diagnosed she was only given 6 months. So while we have not won the war we do keep winning the battles. And remember what I am sure you already know. " they also fight who only stand and wait" or in this case who also stand and "care give"

Anges, you needn't thank us! What you write is wonderful to many like me... and it is all but your honesty that we do come back :)

We love you!


I came for a visit, stayed a while, made a cup of tea, then stayed a little longer. Your site, your words, your pictures, your world: they are all spirit-filled and inspiring. Thank you.

I agree with Michele in the comment above... I too connect with you somehow and am inspired by your words and views on life! There really is alot more beauty in this world than what we "see"... It's how we choose to "see"! I have many tragedies in my life, but through them I learned.... Life is short, life can be cruel, but to have gratitude in what I have rather than what I don't is life changing! I haveemories to cherish and I control my own destiny with how I "see"!
Thank you Agnes fir blogging.... I'm a fan :)!

The content of your blog is exactly what I needed, I like your blog, I sincerely hope that your blog a rapid increase in traffic density, which help promote your blog and we hope that your blog is being updated and placed can always be richer and more colorful.

I appreciate it very much and want to thank you.

Thank you Agnes, it's lovely to "meet" you. This is one of the best blog posts I've had the pleasure of reading and it's no surprise really, as you speak from your heart. I came to the conclusion several years ago that although I love to connect with people through blogging, I'd still blog even if no one ever came to read what I've written. Sometimes my posts feel very banal and low key and at other times my heart overflows...just like life. I write for myself and "blog like no one's reading". At the end of each year I put my posts into a Blurb book and voila...my journal is born.

Blessings to you and Geoff.

How did i miss this one.
Very nice post. Lot of wisdom there. May be I needed this today to learn that let negative not take over all the positive which is there in life.
Thank you.

"...be your own best friend, your own priest, and be someone whose decisions you can trust. Be worthy of your own friendship. So I blog..."

Wise words - including the lines above. Beautiful post, my best wishes to Geoff and to you Agnes.

My mother died of Lymphoma. My father died of lung cancer. My step father had a heart attack, and my sister died of a kidney tumor. My girl friend had 12 cancer operations. She is dead also.

I was expecting to get cancer since it is in the genes. I got clobbered from left field when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer seven years ago. I survived it.

So all my friends and relatives who died by having cancer, I lost. After a while, you no longer feel the pain one gets numb. I resalized how alone I was in this world.

being new-ish in these parts i hadn't known about geoff's fight, i am sorry to hear about that and hope things are ok/stable/hopeful/able-to-be-coped-with at the moment! i do think of all the many things you've written that i wish *I* had written, (& there are lots!) the part about "...fighting cancer by actively creating a life that is OUTSIDE of it..." might be my very favorite so far! what an amazing insight--and i am sorry that you had to arrive at it the way you did--but WOW! thanks for writing that down and sharing it! ♥

(my jeff is currently having a health crisis...thankfully not cancer...but it's been a bit of a scary and worrying time and at there are definitely moments that i've been in danger of letting it BE our life instead of just being *IN* our life...but luckily today i read a REALLY great blog thing written by a very beautiful and smart lady and i'm suddenly feeling A LOT more confident!!!)

(ps: yeah. bloggers like comments. defo.) :)

I can’t say enough good things about this, whether you are traveling or reside in a warmer climate, check them out.

Thank you for this post.

I, and my Cat, have been blogging since Spring 2002, because we love to write.

His success since I "Finally" set him off on his own blog, last January, boggles our minds.

If I had only got into blogging to make money I would have quit by 2005. ;-D

I am a complete newbie in this game of blogging, I have just stumbled upon ( not via stumble LOL!!) your site and this piece of prose completely resonates with me :-)

Yor writings are fantastic, I love your site and story....im officially a follower :-)

I'm so happy I read this blog of yours today. So true about us being alone and so well put. I love the new look of your interior. Best wishes.

I love your blog!! I love it!

Thanks Agnes for sharing your thoughts and especially your photos. You have a great eye..........but tell me, a table runner? I have never found one I like enough to wear around my neck. LOL

Agnes, you are a fascinating woman and I'm looking forward to getting to know you through your blog.

Thank you. I enjoyed the raw inspiration. Keep writing, keep living. -Michael

I love your blog Agnes and I'm following your RSS through feedburner now. I was hooked by your use of old rock n roll lyrics in your headers. Great reading too, thank you!

Great blog..I started reading your blogs recently and I really love it. You are source of inspiration for my blogs too...Keep writing :-)

The topic that you are mentioned just awesome. I think that blogging is one of the best qualities that you have.

May I say that you write beautifully and that alone is reason enough to blog and your experiences, especially this cancer journey are worthy of reading about. In a way, when we show ourselves in our blogs we are 'every man/woman'.
I love reading your writing so carry on, girl.

what a wonderful post.I completely loved it.

" It's part of our life still. It's part of our life but it's not our life. " Perfect line

I'm deeply moved by happening upon this post. I know only bits and pieces of your world, like finding a few puzzle pieces scattered on the floor, and then stumbling over a few more, and you begin trying to put it together. As you begin the process, you're intrigued, and you want to look again to see if you've overlooked a stray piece because now you're hooked. The picture is coming together, and it's beautiful, and it's made you smile.

Thank you for sharing your world. This post strikes home with me.

And all these years later I still have to say...I visit this blog to remember why I started blogging in the first place. I'm not as brave as I used to be...but your blog reminds me of when I was. (Though I'm still a bit edgy once in awhile...) Thanks A!

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