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had such an experience......we went to the beach....and you saw and talked with so many people .....Indian and tourists...whom god knows i may not meet again....but there we were...talking

Hi, Agnes.....

I think it is great that all the world's religions have a holy time at this time of the year. It makes us all feel connected. Airports and hospitals are both stressful crossroads where people meet on their way from here to there. In hospitals, it is from illness to health and in airports it is from somewhere to somewhere else. In between, we can meet as human beings and share the human experience. By the way, I like your boots.

@Geoff -- thanks, those are the ones I bought in Atlanta last year, probably my favorite boots. And I really like the picture you took of me, you make me look so good.
And by the way, thanks so much for your comment, I have just re-read my post and I couldn't for the life of me figure out what it was about -- I swear I am in a state of some sort of cumulative sugar inflicted mental inaction from yesterday's Christmas brunch with friends and the pre-Christmas dinner we hosted the night before.

True, the picture Geoff snapped is really good, but I think the subject had to be a bit photogenic to turn out as beautiful as it did! The boots are cool! Do they even use that word anymore? You're right and I had never thought about it in that way, but hospitals and airports are similar. One thing for sure is that they're both great places to people watch!

L.O.V.E those boots :) and yes, I love watching people at airports and guessing their stories but not so much at hospitals. They make me sad :(

i love airports.. hospitals? not so much.
i like your boots.. and a perfect picture, as always!

That's a beautiful snap. U look lovely.

Yup I love airports & hospitals too. Observing people is quite interesting although it can get a little depressing at times in hospitals.

Btw, coincidentally my latest post is about airports/flight journeys. U might like it :)

I love airports and I like hospitals. I even like the food at both. Those are total Agnes boots and if I could I would post the appropraite Iphone icon, right now! Love your picture.

The holidays are shaping up around here. Its very cold and if we had precepitation we would be in snow!


sorry for the mis-spelling. Again!

i read your post, and started reading the comments... and when i read Geoff's comment about the boots, i had to scroll up again to second-look at the boots... oh yes! the boots look good!

when you are in a place where people seem to be so busy about their own affairs and you're there, sitting, especially when alone, you couldn't help but think about what really goes on around you....

and yes, hospitals are like airports... but i hate to be in a hospital but gets excited when at the airport... :)

Merry Christmas to you Agnes.

I am afraid of hospitals... and I dislike airports...

I agree with the others... you look great in those boots... but I guess you would look great without those boots too ! :-)

Thanks for dropping by everyone. Those boots were made for walkin' I am telling you. You know I really do like that Christmas is a melting pot for all those things, religious, materialistic, retail, whatever. But the "Holiday tree" movement is pretty ridiculous if you ask me.

@Robyn, LOL at the boot-icon. The iPhone rules!
Hope Bruce and you do get some decent snow. I remember the snow storms you had last year.
By the way, I have been away from any texting device, forgive my absence... it's a combination of my gigantic phone bill last month (lots of overseas calls), lengthy and draining hospital visits, lots of Christmas traffic in my house and the Amanda Knox trial that I have been closely following for a year and a half now has come to a climax rendering me glued to any source of media I could get my hands on.

I also love airports as long as I am not stuck in a line but off to the side with a nice cup of java and plenty of time to look at all the people. To me it is satisfying to see
people rushing, talking, snoozing or relaxing by themselves or with friends . I like that.

A holiday tree. Gotta' love that stuff;) OK...I like the boots too. Keep on goin' Agnes...you're doing the right things.

Hospital are indeed interesting places - we are all equal there, equally worried and anxious.

I agree with you about the "Holiday Tree" movement! What ever happened to traditions! I kinda like what Australia is doing with people going too far with "Political Correctness"!

On my way to Belgium... wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
See you again early next year !
Take care and enjoy the holidays !

hi, agnes! got here from sidney's. i love your blog! you write well. :D

I've linked one of your posts in my blog. Oh and you've been awarded too :-)

Agnes, you're one beautiful person. I just wrote something about people, but you said it way more beautifully :)

I wish I could write like you :)

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