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Oh Agnes! How awesome! You are totally putting your Christmas on! It's going to be a nice month! Just dont do any plastic Santa's! Okay?

Happy Christmas! Madame!

Santa brought you a lot of gifts already ! The holy man must like you!
I have the impression it will be your best Christmas ever.
The homeless style looks good on you. I guess anything works well with you!

De-Glam homeless look ..... looks really good in pictures. Nice theme you choose...loved the pine hangings....and that is a nice wreath u made.....and that's a BIG sock u have there......hope it will be full on the Christmas morning. May Santa come down your chimney this year too.......

waiting for more.....\,,,/

The decorations look great much better than all the artificial ones that are all too common now.
You and Geoff are going to have a great time, I can picture your happy smiling faces as the excitement builds up throughout the season.
Bye the way I have decided to continue with my blog, thanks to the kind words from my few readers, and I am very grateful for that.

Lovely lovely pics.....esp the wreath....wonderfully done !!!!

Have a grt Christmas !!!!

Wow. And I thought by putting up the tree by the 15th of December, I was speeding it up!! I see that most everybody is doing up their home during the first week.

I better get to it asap!

BTW, the pics are fab! And you r looking great. Welcome back to the glam u! :D

oh so beautiful pictures, all red and chrismasy as you mention, advanced wishes dear friend.


Agnes! Your decorations are fabulous! I love the natural look to you decor. Totally beautiful!

Great photos Agnes! Loved 'em all!
Have a great weekend ahead :)

Agnes all the pictures look so good....u've gone to a lot of effort. The wreath is so beautiful and ur excitement is infectious....my tree is going up tomorrow:-D!!!!

Hi Agnes. The photos are beautiful. You really did a great job with the decorations. They are very engaging. Unfortunately, Smokey decided on a midnight raid last night and took down some of the sprigs and ornaments from on high. He doesn't quite know what to do with them but he seems very self-satisfied. He is napping on top of them now. I guess one man's decoration is another cat's toy box. Let's see what happens next.

I'm somehow not yet in the Christmas mood, it hasn't sunk in fully yet for some reason. Guess I'm running a bit slow these days, but your pics helped in bringing me up to speed :D

At first I read " palace" and you wrote "place" and I think "palace" does fit....Agnes..you are making this a great Christmas for us all and spreading a more than sufficient amount of good cheer where it is needed. "Bah Humbug" does not exist in the Agnes and Geoff dictionary of the English language

Kitty's do love Christmas. it's fun to watch them play! I think I've mentioned that one Christmas I came home from work to the Christmas tree and ornaments being strewn down the hallway? I laughed so hard! I'm not in the Christmas mood at the moment, but hope to remedy that! I find that hanging stuff on doors, such as Christmas decorated hangings, or Christmas towels, different nativity scenes, Christmas dressed grandchildren, wire angels, etc work well with cats. Great pictures! Do you and Geoff have family close by that you can share your Christmas with?

nice shots Agnes :) I like the gift wrapper & ribbons :)

I like that expression "My place has morphed into the Christmas state of mind".
Must remember that one.

Your house looks so cozy and... christmas-y!

very merry christmas decor you have there, Agnes. :) and you look gorgeous, as always.

Thank you so much for the comment Agnes! You should totally start scrapbooking! It's very relaxing, and lots of fun. If you have any questions I'd love to help!

You look beautiful as always Agnes...loving your look :)

I adore the warm, cozy look of your Christmas decorations around your home. Can I come over? :-)

jes I see and I like

and happy Christmas & I shell to you this socks to be full with yours come true hopes & wishes

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