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Hi Agnes;
Nice to be first once in awhile. Your white cardigan/sweater is beautiful and fits the season. Let's call it the Holiday Coat! And three cheers for that gorgeous Holiday Purse. Seriously though, it is great to have three days off from my "treatment". It is so draining that a few days off are a great pleasure. It was pretty funny for Smokey to leap through the Holiday Window into the bushes below and vanish into the night. It didn't seem so funny at the time but in the end, the great Holiday Disappearing Cat escapade was the highlight of the evening. Maybe it'll become an annual tradition like the Leopards in the temple in a Kafka parable.
Holiday Love

@Geoff: If you wanna watch Lord Of The Rings you'd better stop lingering on my blog and find Fellowship of the Ring as I have no idea where it is.

The rockstar Geoff...Agnes...Now me...The rest follow....Ah! I like it.

Agnes, you look great in the pictures. A little stressed in the second one. Holiday effect, I guess.

Holiday wishes to all.

*smile* (holiday smile, actually)

very glad to know about Geoff's test results. You look fab in the white sweater :) and belated christmas wishes !!!

It sounds like a wonderful holiday Agnes! LOL I'm glad you and Geoff had some time to rest!

I know what you mean, the post-holidays times is the best. As you say, finishing leftovers (no guilt allowed, I mean, you are not going to throw food away, right?), lazy, sleeping late, watching movies...


your holiday sounds pretty hectic....and with that kind of schedule on hand ....that is a much deserved break from holiday's........aaauuu the lord of the ring series.......think that will cheer you up.......make you feel better........


Yes, santa did put a smile on my face!!! For most part, I did feel lika a santa this year. Hopefully, my next post will better describe why I feel this way.

Happy New Year to you and Geoff!! I hope 2010 brings with it a lot of joy, wealth and most importantly, good health!!! (See, it rhymes too!!) :D Cheers!

LOL that was holiday hilarious;-D!!!!
U look great in the pic!!!

We had a wonderful Christmas and r looking forward to the New year now.
Enjoy ur holiday Agnes and wishing both of u a wonderful year ahead!!!!!

Beautiful sweater, great purse. Is that a DS in your hand or the cellphone? My grandkids each received a DS, so it kept them occupied! I know Geoff not having treatments was a gift! You're right about one thing, friends and family do make the Holidays! I'm at home now after spending Christmas in Oklahoma with 14 inches of snow! It was a little scary driving back yesterday! I now remember why I usually go there for Thanksgiving, the weather! I'm glad y'all had a good one. Though I think your Sunday wasn't bad either?

I am strangely looking forward to staying in my pj's all day, finishing off all the leftovers from the fridge using holiday paper plates and I think I am gonna make Geoff's day and do a Lord Of The Rings marathon with him.

That sounds just perfect to me; I hope you did!

It's great to hear that you had a wonderful Christmas with Geoff and friends, with no treatment!!!!!

I am also glad that Holiday Cat came back! Did you give him a Holiday whooping?

I had a great time in Salt Lake but missed Bruce and the dogs badly!

I plan to go to India in July. Not sure of where, maybe to the feet of the mountains up north where the Dalai Llama resides.

Surfed here from inwardsun's site. Don't know why, but the articles and pictures you took of India seemed to call out to me.

Will return. Must leave for breakfast at a great Greek furniture place called "IKEA." It's free until Jan3. 2010.

What a way to bring in the new year! The trip to India, you ask? No. The free breakfast.

michael j

Conshohocken, PA USA

and have a Happy New Year too, Agnes and Geoff! :)

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Hope your New Year was as great as Christmas. All the best to you and Geoff in 2010.

It's great to see fresh, creative ideas that have never been done before.

At the end of the day, faith is a funny thing.

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