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Oh !!! Thats wonderful news, Agnes !!!!

Wish you and Geoff a Happy Christmas and a happy, healthy and a super year ahead !!!!

hey that the gift think you were waiting for.......

being with frnds is the best thing.....any day anytime.........\,,,/

you ppl do good....will be here when ever you post smthing.... :)

Great news for you and Geoff. Have a fantastic christmas, and may all your wishes and dreams continue to come true in the coming year.

That's grand news, Agnes. I may not have been on the comments section of the last few posts of yours but my prayers are with you two fantastic people.

Have a great Christmas (I will be back to wish you on that day) and may God bless you always.


Wonderful news, Agnes. Well timed too. I am sure the festive season must feel a bit more festive now that u know that Geoff has embarked on his way to better health. God Bless!!

I'm glad to hear the good news, Agnes.

Happy holidays to you and Geoff. :)

That's wonderful news! Merry Christmas!!!!!

This is such amazing news Agnes :-) Have a wonderful and festive time with Geoff and all of your friends!

Friends are wonderful, in the bad times and the good times! You never let on the worry you go through! Thank goodness for those great test results! Now you really have a reason for celebration. If you ever get to the point where you want to share with us why Geoff had to stop his treatments until he received the test results back, we'll be here to listen! Would you tell Geoff for me, great news!

I am glad, the results came good.
Christmas do bring happiness along..


Hi Agnes;
Thanks for spreading the good news. I start radiation therapy today so pretty soon, I should be glowing in the dark. I really appreciate the comments so far. The expressions of love and kindness are heartwarming. Reminds me of that line from Abbey Road by the Beatles, "And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make." We're having a great Christmas already and by the look of the comments, so is everyone else. Let's pass it on.

Thank you so much to everyone. We are on our way to the hospital. A bit nervous but overall quite happy to get on with it.

That's wonderful about Geoff's test results Agnes! Our prayers are working! I'm glad you're having a happy holiday season so far, and I hope it only gets better!!!

Hello Agnes and Geoff
I read the news today and it was good. The only news worth reading is from this site and I like good news. Thanks for passing on the good news and may all your news be good news ; may all your blessings be bright ; may the spirit of Christmas continue to burn brightly with you and Geoff ( as it always does) ; may all your dreams come true ( which they are) ; and may Smokey continue to bring his unique joy to your household.
And that mulled wine was non-alcoholic???...(joke)

This is the best news you guys could have, and right on time for some holidays happiness!

It's nice to hear that.

Whats Christmas without some great news to add to the Christmas spirit!


That's great!!!
I bet there is no better Christmas gift you or anyone else can get :))
I am extremely happy for you!!!

Great news Agnes!!

Christmas wishes to you both! I'm so happy for you too.... hope Geoff gets better in no time :)

Lots of love!

Thats so wonderful.....so happy for U Agnes!!!!!

Geoff, ur comments always bring a smile to my face......love ur spirit. Take care!!!!

I am so happy about the good news. Have a *wonderful* Christmas, both of you.

Glad to hear that Agnes :) Happy Holidays to you and Geoff! All the best :)

Christmas wishes are really granted. I'm so glad to hear about the good news. I just pray that Geoff feels better everyday and that you always be well, too.

Have a very merry Christmas, Agnes and Geoff.

What wonderful news! Merry Christmas!

This is such a great news.
Belated, but none the less heartfelt, Merry Christmas to you and yours!! And hope the New Year is much better than it appears it is going to be!

Nice photo!

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