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Oh wow! This sent chills up my spine! There's nothing else to say! Except, beautiful!

This is beautiful. I'd write a longer comment but I seem to have gotten something in my eye...

Very sweet, Agnes. Merry Christmas! Do you remember the song?

lovely and truly inspiring thanks for sharing the note..
it makes us to hold on strongly to some beliefs and it is good because hope and belief are the axis of life

Beautiful is the word Agnes, everything about this post is just sooo soooo beautiful ....the picture, the letter, the thought the feeling....absolute BEAUTY....

Sorry for missing all the last few posts (been away or busy) but all posts have one thing in common....lovely writings and wonderful pictures...yours and christmas decoration of yours, all wonderful.


beautiful this is one the best incidents i have read recently....and you said it so beautifully that i can easily imagine it in front of me......know, i haven't seen any miracle in my life.....may be yes, but i think i didn't knew they were miracles......

the more i read you....the more i know you.....
thanks for sharing......

Got a lump in my throat...be back when I am able to talk again...

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Wonderful. So simple that it touched. Thanks for sharing, Agnes.

Yes, the difficult song????

Merry Christmas to you and the rock star, Agnes. Santa will come to you this year too.

Bless you.


Merry Christmas, Agnes. :)

Thank you for chiming in.

@Andy & @Soul: it was Oh Tannenbaum in German.
It was before I could speak German so the lyrics
were real difficult.

How beautiful. Thank you for sharing this :) Have a wonderful and Merry Christmas!

This was really beautiful Agnes..
Merry Christmas and a very happy new year to you, may you have a wonderful 2010 :)

aaaawww...... heart-warming.

Merry Christmas to you and Geoff! :)

You really know how to touch the heart strings. I hope Santa still grants your wishes.

This is really special and so are all the comments. I've always known that the perceptions of the human spirit are senior to ordinary reality and your story illustrates that for me. Miracles do occur every day and even though society finds ways to explain them away, they never-the-less happened and will continue to happen for those of us lucky enough to grasp the truth. I love that I am married to you and get to share your specialness. For me that's another miracle.
Merry Christmas to all

Wonderful post. Sorry I have been away for so long... x

Lovely Agnes......so beautiful, Life is. Everyday is full of miracles but more than 90% of them just go unnoticed coz we dont take the time to notice them...I know I'm like that. Just occasionally I bend down to smell the roses and then wonder why I didnt do it earlier.

Thank U for this wonderful post!!!!!

*M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S G E O F F & A G N E S*

p.s: Howzzatttt;-D

ooopsidooo...tht shd teach me to preview my comment b4 submitting them;-/

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night :-).

Indeed, Santa deserves a merry Xmas for all the happiness he brings to people!

Merry Chirstmas, Agnes and Geoff. Belated though. I was away in an island where I had no access to internet and electricity.

Wishing you two a great new year ahead.


@Soul: Oh wow, I'd love to be on an island with no internet and no electricity... where did you go?

It was in an eastern Indian lagoon, one of India's largest, where I sheltered myself for a couple of days. Away from the cacophony. It was good.


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Awww!! That was so beautiful!! Christmas is so magical and I hope u and Geoff had a wonderful time.

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