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There is nothing like curling up in front of a cosy fire when winter takes a grip, the problems come when you have to leave it and face the cold again. I like the seasons as they come in Scotland, nature displays some beautiful sights in each of them, and although the heat must be nice all year round it would get tedious for me, and I too would long for a cosy, romantic night at the fire.

Having grown up in England, my experiences were similar to those you and Donald describe; four distinct seasons. Once I'd moved to these more tropical climes, I quickly got used to the mild weather. My only real objection is seeing palm trees at Christmas. Our climate is similar to the climate in the places you mention but frankly, I prefer it this way. It is a good trade-off; we suffer a bit from Summer heat but are rewarded with milder Winters. Either way, I always enjoy sharing a cosy fire with you and Smokey. We'll leave the bitter cold and scorching heat to the more fearless amongst us.

@Donald, I bet Scotland is breathtakingly beautiful (never been, can you believe it?). And yes, the contrast of freezing one's heinie off definitely helps highlight those moments by the fire or in the pub... it's almost like you "earned" it. There's a huge difference between "earning" something or just having it handed to you.
I like every season, every continent and every culture. But I am a tropical, South East Asia traveler at heart... a Kipling-like, (British) colonial setting is where I am right at home... the rest I appreciate and admire, and I will go anywhere but my heart is taken, can't help it :-)

It's the same here, the beaches clear out and the hotels shut down. This is our low season - there will be an influx around Christmas/New Year's Eve and then fairly quiet again until Easter. It used to be that the village became very Spanish again over the winter months. These days, the immigrants (like me!) much outnumber the locals and the difference between winter and summer isn't so blatant.

I miss the old ways, even though I recognise that I'm part of the problem.

The water really IS icy cold now - I went down today and dipped a foot in but that was enough. There were people sitting at the beach but in t-shirts and jeans, rather than the sun-worshippers that were still out in force in October. We have a fireplace too and I'm looking forward to it getting just chilly enough that I can justify lighting it.

hi Agnes,

I have never seen snow in reality, yet I like it as much as I love rains, its something mystical about it. I wish to see a Christmas celebration in a snowy place..


Yes, I love my Southern winters also! The weather here in Alabama is similar to yours. There are times here that it gets as low as 23 at night, but thankfully, it's rare. Your description is very good and visual. Good post! Great pictures of both of you, I love the leaves lying across Geoff's knee! Isn't it amazing how a knitted scarf around the neck helps!

Dunno abt the weather but Geoff sure looks GOOD ;-D

nice post Agnes! and I love the photo of yours :)

I'm glad Geoff called me fearless. I have a trip planned to the great white north ( Canada) in January and I look forward to the biting winds, bitter cold, frozen feet, unable to breath the polar air while I shiver the days away and am actually looking forward to this.

I love love florida winters where it isnt too cold for a thick jacket but cold enough to feel the slight nip in the air. Geoff looks GOOOD and seems like he has lost a lot of weight .

I think I have to agree with you about preferring the Snow Birds to the Spring break crowd. LOL Here in Southern La. we have the same weather. I think we get an extra nice Fall and Winter to compensate for those sweltering Summer days we deal with!

@Lucky, after reading your comment, now I am longing for those blizzards... there's something to be said about real Winters, snow storms, etc. when life comes down to bare survival -- it all comes down to a level of simplicity and clarity that I really like, there's a lot of beauty in that.

Once Geoff and I had to drive from Norfolk VA to Raleigh, NC in a rented 4-wheel drive during the night in an ice storm, it took us all night. The only other vehicle on the road was the snow plow, which we passed. We couldn't see a thing, had to have the heat on full blast to keep the windshield from fogging and it was so hot in the car we had to have the windows down. Icicles were flying in and there was black ice on the road. We obviously made it and it was nice to have a hot bath and curl up under the blankets in the hotel. I remember we had fondue in some forgotten ginjoint or greasy spoon. It was lovely. OK, I am done reminiscing. Thanks for triggering these memories!

And some years ago I remember being in Quebec City in February during their Carnival...it was like -40 F...the wind was like ice...could not breathe, complaining and cursing and I saw these kids playing in the snow building igloos and laughing and I said to my sister how could they stand it, how could they stand this blistering cold and she said to me...she said..."we used to do that as kids"...she was right. We did do that as kids.

Though I have never encountered snow or lived in freezing weather, I am sure that I won't like it much, being the practical person that I am!

But I can imagine that curling by a fireplace during winter, sipping hot chocolate must be awesome!!

Hi Agnes

I think you get the better end of the deal.It's pissing down here,bloody cold and windy!I'm off to the pub!

Like you, what I like best are blizzards. Sure, we bitch about the fact we have to shovel snow and it's such a hassle to get anywhere, but it's quite fascinating to experience.

I'm a bit of an all or nothing kind of girl. I like extreme weather, be it very cold or very hot. I hated winters in France because it was just grey and damp though.

Winter's setting in here in Bangalore, but what I can absolutely do without is the gloomy dullness of the last of the monsoons. I long for that mix of gorgeous blue skies & crisp cold weather!!! Geoff's looking great, by the way :D

I hate the cold...I hate Winter...I hate the snow ! :-)...but I agree that to sit together near the fireplace with a glass of red wine...that can be romantic ! ;-)

Great post :) We had very windy weather here in southwest England on Saturday, with a bit of horizontal rain thrown in. Today it is a lot calmer, but on Friday I'm heading over to enjoy some of that mild autumn/winter weather back home in Georgia for a few days :)

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