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loved the comparison........although i'm in my early 20's and love the fact that guys don't honk at me..... :)

even i help ladies for carrying their bags.....and i don't like skinny jeans....

hey, u the newest blogger i'm reading...and yes....its really good...\,,,/

This is the best post to come to as I was just reminiscing earlier today by putting on an old pair of roller skates LOL I also agree, I definitely love being in my 30's and get everything on your list, especially when someone calls me M'am.. That is the only thing that bothers me but being more comfortable in my skin then ever is priceless. :)

You mean, all the honking & cat-calling stops so soon ??!!!!!! Shucks.. I only have a few more years then.

Please excuse me while I go hide in a corner of the world (preferably a place where ppl take eons to age)


It must be the Cuban guys eyes that have changed, you will always be worth a honk. LOL
Your thirties are a great time in your life, enjoy them while you can, because sadly the forties, fifties and sixties, rush towards you at great speed.
Don't worry though as long as you and Geoff are happy age is only a number, its how you feel inside that counts.
Its not a bad thing to be able to look back.

I am on my way to 30's in a few yrs but I can still so relate to this :) especially the 7th and 5th one.

Hmmm... I am sure I would honk my horn at you ! :-)

I love my 30s and I am enjoying it so much !!!

That was one nice list, to make me feel much much better !!!!

I turn 30 in April. I've already had people call me ma'am. *Sigh* or Ms. Heather. I think Ms. Heather freaks me out more. When my kid's friends come over and they say that... It's like "Oh My God I'm old!" LOL My husband just shakes his head at me. He doesn't care about age at all. I do think I need to switch my moisturizer to an anti wrinkle one though. I'm getting laugh lines which my husband says mean I've lead a happy life. He just doesn't get it!

Did Geoff airbrush your picture or something? I don't see any lines! I have the perfect solution though-stand way back from the mirror and take off your glasses, won't see a wrinkle one! Which is probable what happened to the Cuban guys-their eyesight changed. Looking good in your 30's. Does that mean that the 60's are the new 50's? Hope you have a great day!

Great list...so true. And hey, you look good girl :)

Its a very very inappropriate picture for this post. Your picture doesn't back your comments. This beautiful gal with a 20 year old shine on her face and extremely S*** lip gloss is talking about 30's...hell no :)) Btw beautiful post!

Unsolicited praise coming my way without me having had to fish for it? Music to my ears, my friends, I tell you. I have always looked younger but believe me the wrinkles have started forming. Overexposed photos are a great way to hide crows feet, by the way, although they don't bother me.

And @Heather? I think you nailed it. Guys just don't get it, LOL.

And it's true, I totally love my thirties, like Leigh said there's a deeper sense of being comfortable in your own shoes.

but being in our "30s" i think we are more comfortable of who we are and what we want. and we don't really care much about what others say about us... all we care for, however, is for us to have more radiant skin on our face and get rid of its dullness. :))

U know what, I seriously wouldn't say you were in ur 30s! In India, the culture is that we usually address anyone considerably elder than us as "uncle" or "aunty". Kids started calling me "aunty" a few years ago:(

I almost died when I just had my baby, and the kids (they were 16 years old) in the apartment, called me aunty! You must be serious! I can be the lady with the newborn but aunty?? Seriously ouch!

Points 4 and 5, I totally identify with.

And I really avoid Salons for face treatments. Some months back, I went in for a haircut or so and the lady suggested some facial that was good for crow's feet! The cheek. I call them happy/laugh lines! I told her so and also told her that I am gonna keep them!

I am having a blast in my 30's and so hoping that it would not get over soon. Like Joey in FRIENDS, I am soon gonna be crying:" Why me, God, why????!!!??? Please don't do this to me!" :D

Ha ha ha ha

The thirties are the best time, arent they? I know because I am in my 30s. We are in the same club, Agnes.


You look young and beautiful. I don't see the signs of aging you are talking about. You look great. The Cuban guys you refer to must be going blind. There's a business opportunity for some aspiring optometrist. The thirties are great years and even the forties are comfortable. You worry too much.

After reading the comments I looked in the mirror and suddenly all I could see was crow's feet and laugh lines, LOL! I blame you guys for it :-D

Still, I totally agree with @Soul and everyone who said the 30s are the best. And thanks @Geoff for assuring us the 40s are OK too, although I can't say the prospect of turning 40 in a few years is on the top of my wish list.

Hi! I found your site through Sidney's.

I may be in the male group but I can so relate with what you've written here. My physical body may have grown old but my line of thinking is still the same as it was when I was in my 20's. The only problem I didn't like now that I am in my late 30's is my weight, but other than that, I am still enjoying every bit of my life not minding that my age hasn't stop rolling... :)

LOL Agnes that was a fun read.....I never really had a problem growing older but thinking about the 40's does intimidate me;-o

Great read, Agnes! I like my 30s too...I feel the same mentally....

and I am quite glad the honking stopped(wish it was only honking back where I come from!!!)...I am with you on almost all the points here! :D

Every time I get a hair, the stylist asks me if I have some white hair. Makes me feel super old... and for the record, I don't!!!

I am not Cuban, have never honked my horn or made oink sounds at anyone, so what do I know? That having been said, I am a normal guy and if that is you in the photos here, something else is going on. Maybe you have been playing your iPod too loud and just can't here them anymore? ;-) Seriously, the woman in these photos, you or otherwise has a timeless beauty and look that will hold up forever. She will be a striking face even when 60 or 70 years old. So count your blessings. Plus take it from someone who is probably 15 or 20 years older than you, someday you will look at all 30 year old, men and women, like the babes of youth that they are. Middle age comes soon enough, enjoy your youth!!!

I'm 31 and no one honk at me. I think I'm happy for that. lol I'm also not Cuban, but honking is not a cool way to get attention. Neither throwing a shoe (well, lets forget about that). You are beautiful, not sure why the honking stopped. Something might be wrong with the guys.

I stopped by to check your blog out and had to read this post. Just wait until you get to your 40s and not only prefer certain grocery stores but now toothpaste isn't just toothpaste anymore because you prefer a certain brand and variety. Yes it's sad but true that we tend to get set in our ways more as we get older. And I can totally relate to the whole jeans thing. I have gone from bell bottoms to tapered legs to boot cut and back to skinny. It all comes around. But I wouldn't go back to my 30s (or 20s) for anything. (And BTW, I kinda think it is sexy when a guy calls me "ma'am")

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