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Thanks for the great post Agnes. This is exactly what I needed to hear right now. I would love to hear or be reminded of things we can do to make and keep ourselves happy from you and or other commenters. Hope all is well with you and Geoff. At least the weather is awesome now :)

Ooh I forgot to ask - are you on Facebook?

yes...even i'm feeling really lonely for the last 6 months as i moved out.....from home and looking to make smthing of my own.......but this year is way loner than the last.... :(

That is so true, Agnes. We need gentle reminders like this, once in a while. Thanks.

I think this Thanksgiving, I am gonna plan something.

I can understand... you have been quite brave.. and thankfully things are fine now (right?)
best wishes for a brighter and much better year ahead..

have a wonderful Thanksgiving..

i love your post, Agnes.

Beautiful post Agnes!!!! Loved reading what u had to say!!!!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!

When we go thru turbulent times, we feel that we are alone, even though frnds and ppl are around us. Its becos, those times need to be sorted only by us.

I've learnt this quite recently and I am glad to be the one to sort my life out. I think I wont have it any other way.

And I like this idea of Thanksgiving !!! What a lovely way to reciprocate the love of our loved ones and frnds !!!!

Enjoy your thanksgiving day, I'm sure you will enjoy the fact that you still have Geoff to share it with, and should never feel lonely as long as he is around.
Reflection is good if you take the positives out of it.

What a beautiful post! :) I can relate to the loneliness too. I'm just looking so forward to going home and reconnecting this Thanksgiving with those I love.

I hope you and Geoff have a wonderfully beautiful Thanksgiving :-)

Yes, after going through a traumatic event, just dealing with getting up and rushing around, once things are better, then you have too much time to relive the happening. Time to think, to realize how scared you were. Thankfully, you see the feelings for what they are, reflection. You know that you have the best gift of all this year as you listened to Geoff. Great post!

this is all so true...nice post Agnes :) as I always says "happiness is a choice"....

I am so glad that things are getting better for the two of you Agnes. I know you will have a wonderful dinner with Geoff! I'm sorry for all of the stress in your life lately!

I like this post
I like Geoff
I like cute kitties and crackers and cheese and
strange movies...
I like Agnes
All the above is happiness

I wish you and Geoff a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner...life has its up and downs...but I am glad it is uphill now for you!

Enjoy the pain, Agnes...It won't last forever... :) We love you...You are pretty, smart, lady and I am sure you'll get by. Life is not perfect and so are people. Being able to share fascinating and inspirational write up like this makes you realize in the end that you're making a difference in other people's lives. That's something that you should be thankful for and happy about :D

Keep safe geoff and agnes mwah!

I'm overwhelmed by the beautiful comments from everyone. So caring and intelligent. If I could put my arms around everyone and give them a big hug, I would. I understand what you mean about who fixes your life for you and I agree. The kindness and caring that is generated by others helps me do a much better job of being happy and despite all temptations to the contrary, I am truly happy. Thanks babe! Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

...and at the end of the day we can give thanks or complain; be happy or succumb to the sad realities of life. good thing the choice is on us.

have a happy weekend. *hugs*

I love all the comments, thank you very much.

It's so ironic that I just shared a comment to my last post that basically said what you ended with..."there's no one in the whole wide world who can fix your life for you -- but you."

Right on, Agnes. (Or...write on. Just do both.)

Always a pleasure to visit your blog, even if this post is slightly sad, but let's face it life is unpredictable, we can plan as much as we want, we have to accept some of the bad things that happen between this and we are always glad when something went "too good".

But mostly we forgot very fast when we have good times and focus too much on the actual bad things.If we would focus back to the time when we felt great our mind will get rid of the actual bad feelings and life can get only better!


I love your post. I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. I am very thankful that I have you and Geoff in a part of my life.


I can understand, it has been a rough year for you two, and especially for you. Seeing a love one going through such a tough time is hard.

Breathe. Everything is going to be okay. Life is full of ups and downs... ups are coming!

It seems you really captured the essence of Thanksgiving. It's not about the food or the preparations. It's about taking time - to reflect and realize - thankfullness comes in a package. Ups, downs and forwards...we take the good with the bad and travel along.

Keep on keepin' on Agnes!

yeah, so true that many times its only ourself who can correct the situation and no one will or can do it right but you..


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