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hmm...romantic! So is this how you two met? Makes me want to hear the full story!!

Nice earing :) i just wonder why he said "..if all you had to wear was old pajama tops and worn out jeans.."

Oh my.... sooooo romantic :)

And you look great!

I made it before Soul again :P

Ahh how beautiful!

Write your story! please do! there is so much love here!

soo very sweet !!! I have read all your posts and love the way Geoff compliments you :)


Geoff looked every bit a rock star in that V-Day post of yours. I am so darn sure now he is one. He rocks (all upper case), lady. I wish you two all the very best in life. Be blessed.

PS: I need to *bug* Jamie so that he can inform me the exact time his grandma updates her blog. I subscribe to her blog but gets to see only when I am signed in to my mailbox. I can see someone has a victorious smile on her face for you know what. Ouch!



In that picture, you look every bit what a rock star would like to see in his lady love. ROCKING, I say.


--> Mehreen, Soul is slacking off I am telling you, LOL.

--> Soul, :-))) LOL. I think the subscription email goes out at a certain part of the day.. I don't think it goes out immediately. I am laughing, because Geoff wears a suit most of the time, but yes, there must be a rock star underneath.

Geoff is Axil Rose in a buiness suit, without the drugs, the long red hair, the serious rebel attitude, the tight pants, the bandana.......

Uh....Maybe Geoff just is just a rock star in a business suit, and no realationship to Axil Rose whatsoever...sorry Geoff.


Oh Gosh, such a lovely story!!!!
And you look so beautiful, dear.
Your earring rocks :)


that was an awesome statement...I would love to hear the full story! :)

more love to come Agnes! :)

Mariko:"What is it?"
Blackthorne:"Nothing, my love -- nothing. Go back to sleep.
Mariko:"No. I wish to be with thee".
Blackthorne:"Asleep or awake, thou art with me constantly".
Mariko:"In our private world".
Blackthorne:"Yes -- our private and special world.
Would that we could live there forever."

I'm yours, Babe

Ozzie and Harriet, Ricky and Lucy Ricardo,Romeo and Juliet,,Bogie and Bacall,Adam and Eve, Fred and Wilma Flintstone,Roy Rogers and Dale Evans,...the list can go on and on of famous couples...but the bestest and the one that sounds the bestest is....Geoff and Agnes....Agnes and Geoff....it has a special "ring" to it....you could write the loftiest polka to the sound of it...you could write epics about it and there would always be more to tell about it...it is the story that never ends and can be written forever....Agnes and Geoff, Geoff and Agnes......

Agnes, you are so beautiful!!! I want those shades too.
And I just adore your relationship. You are good people, heart warming good people. :)

I also agree with the work art space clutter, it is a must as I think, spaces have to have personality, good lived in space.

Nice shades n lovely earrings lady...

Oh nicely delivered. I love your 'post' comment. Even better

Now that is romance! Lovely post Agnes. You have got a keeper in Geoff.

Sweet. Apparently, though, old pajama tops are in style right now ;)

omg that's adorable ....and you look hot!

And then you told him : yes...marry me !

Aww he's adorable! :)

cute proposal... that was what melted your heart, Agnes?

@ Geoff
Take me under your wings. I've got to learn how you do it!!!

Totally cheating on the Blog Writing Month thing...

Good cheat though! Anyone who reads wants to say. "Awww-how lovely, I wish my husband/boyfriend would say such lovely words!"

Well I must admit, you HAVE got it.
Best of luck to you both.

I would say - You must try it out ;-)

That was definitely smooth indeed.

i hope you two have many happy days together, may they be never ending!

I didn't think romance like that existed in this day and age, good to see it

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