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LOL @ the expression on your face:) Glad that Geoff is feeling better and blessed is the existence where you don't turn on the laptop and have no clue where the phone is :)

Am I first ?? Yay!!! I am first :) :)

Poor Agnes! I didn't know about blog writing month or I'd have probably tried. I always love things like that. Not saying I'd have done it... but I'd have tried! I LOVE Fall, this morning I was wishing that I could take a photo of the temperature. It's the perfect day outside today! I'm so glad that Geoff is feeling a lot better.

I'll answere the question and tell ya what you were thinking. You were thinking of keeping us posted on life with Smokey and what the heck this slick feline is up to and what great adventures this lithe-bodied round headed mammal is involved in...that!!! is what you were thinking

Also, another thing your were probably thinking is that if you blog a day, Geoff needs to take a picture a day so we can see Smokey and what he's up to! Great picture! It does capture the moment. It's great news on Geoff feeling good. I'm glad you're doing the blog a day, now I'll have some one to commiserate with! It is hard to do, this daily blogging, yet it's fun and interesting, especially the taking time to think about what to write about. Makes me appreicate those who have been doing this daily!

That picture is perfect! Maybe this isn't quite the best time. ;)

Blogs should never feel like a chore. Have fun playing in the sunshine.

Every single day? That's stupid, 'cause half the people won't be able to manage that!

I'm being so bad to my blog, but will surely come back with a bang ;-)

Glad to know Geoff is feeling better. My best wishes!

good to hear that Geoff is feeling better. hope you are enjoying your weekend, because I already am. :)


Thank you all for your good wishes. I really do feel much better and I'm certain that your kindness helps me immensely. Agnes, what were you thinking? Do tell. Meanwhile, the weather is glorious and I plan to spend the weekend enjoying it. Care to join me?

@Lucky and @Judy, you know that I COULD talk a marathon about Smokey, don't you? Well observed, my friends, well observed :-D

Thanks so much everyone for caring about Geoff. These in between treatment periods are a blessing, he is so much better. We gonna get out a lot this weekend, the weather is amazing, Geoff is feeling great and we can use a break from the medical world.

I didn't sign up for the blog thing. I am so glad you guys get a break this weekend! I love you guys!

lol! I used to post everyday. But somehow, Facebook has taken the desire out of me to post so frequently. Good luck on all your posts! You can do it!

every day? I hope I can do that but think not...

will wait for your post Agnes :)

You sound more upbeat these days with Geoff doing so well. God Bless! And blogging everyday!!! Seriously!!! Most days, I do want to write stuff, but end up reading blogs (Don't I just luv to read them) and wasting the precious free time that I have without even blogging and then getting stinkers from Nancy for it! :D
Njoy the weather n have a great day!

All the best Agnes !!!!!!!!! I for one shall surely look fwd to your daily posts. Go Agnes GO !! :-)

Atleast u were brave enough to sign up....a friend asked me to try it but I knew straight away that I'd mess it up :-D

So glad U r feeling better Geoff :-))!!!!

hi Agnes,
Yea, it is really hard to blog everyday..
It is better to write as and when you feel like writing or else you'll end up in a writer's block :( it happens for me that way.

keep blogging,

Well, it's the 9th and I posted twice!

You posted twice because you rock :)

Love it! That's what I call my "what the...?!" face :lol:

i wouldn't enroll into these kind of things.....i mean...i'm to lazy to post every day......what i do is that....i write like 2-3 posts..on weekends and post them on different dates......some time i do write on the weekdays....but everyday.....

wish you luck for that.....\,,,/

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