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10 is too low.....it never goes below 20 here.....cause we are close to the sea......i also had a long weekend here.....cause i bunked the last day of office....still have that college habits with me.......

enjoy the winters....\,,,/

Merry Christmas in advance to you and Geoff, in case i'm away :)

Lots of love!

P.S. yes I'm fine :)

Its just below zero here which makes it feel more like christmas to us. It seems kinda silly sending cards with snow on them when it is pouring of rain, and blowing a gale outside, as has been the weather with us recently. Snow seems to bring a little magic to the season, and of course Santa can use his sleigh. LOL.
I bought my first present at the weekend. Hope you have a good one, but I also hope to read more of your days leading up to and after christmas, as I always find your stories interesting.

Too cold for comfort !! :-) But you're coping with it in the best way possible ..

Love the song (refer to your title)

the gloomy-cool-sometimes raining weather here makes add more significance on the coming Christmas :)

Love Actually....what a nice movie to spend with your love one :)
have a nice week ahead Agnes :)

Sounds like u had a wonderful weekend and u look fab in the pic:-))!!!!

I've really been enjoying the cooler weather too. I've given up most of my coffee for hot chocolate and tea! That picture of you is adorable!

I have to learn to write nice short posts like yours. I'm too damn wordy. I remembered again why I follow you...

heya..nice picture. visit me sometimes :)

I think "Love Actually" is a good movie. Not too slapstick, just enough smiling and awww's needed. One item I wish my house had is a fireplace. I do miss one. I'm thinking about buying one that has a mantel, but is really electric. I wonder if it has the same feel.

Sounds like a nice romantic weekend to me...much better than shopping around in the crowds...
I agree with nancy!

I have never seen "Love Actually' but I know the weekend you describe well. Except for me its just Sunday, and its the Sunday morning Bollywood movie, and instead of tea with spices, its the wonderful magical N.O.Brew. (thank you, Agnes)

I have kicked off Christmas with buying a miseltoe scented candle and bringing out my Mountian Fir scented one. I got out the christmas china, and made reservations for Christmas breakfast at a Lodge by a huge waterfall, that makes the most beautiful christmas breakfast cusine. ( Its really a wonderful place. That was my christmas 5 years ago when I started chemo. It was so soothing to spend a few hours there and forget about the road ahead for a brief moment). Lights are going up soon and the tree, next weekend.

Most of the shops in our old small town are up and I made a point of driving down the main street when I go home at night, just to get the feel!

I am very excited for Christmas and I am right in there with you. This one is going to be nice! Love to you and Geoff!

Merry Christmas in advance to you and Geoff! I love how a whole place changes as a festival approaches! I shall be in my hometown this Christmas and I love the atmosphere there during Christmas!

:D I like the title!!! I am actually feeling it in my fingers and toes. They are like ice now. And no, in case you are wondering, It is not all that cold in my part of the world. But the moment the surrounding temperatures decrease, my body temp falls two degrees lesser. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

Drinking your tea without teabags now? Adventurous girl. It was a great weekend and the weather made it even better. Crisp and sunny. We should go find some snow before Christmas, just for fun. So far, I love the mood and pace of the Christmas ramp-up. And I love the stories in the comments. Again, have a great time everyone getting ready for the holiday. Keep creating, Agnes.

I am so excited you guys are in the mood for Christmas too! @Robyn, Love Actually is a British Christmas movie that is one part banal, one part charming, 2 parts insanely famous cast, 3 parts London charm, all mixed in a bowl then sprinkled with a little 'blah' and a little 'awwwwww' -- the recipe that's guaranteed to put you into the Christmas state of mind.

p/s: oh and Robyn? If you guys end up watching Love Actually, Geoff likes the Christmas "loabstu" {--> lobster in a Brittish accent} in the nativity scene.

13C? Lucky you! It's like beach weather for us you know :-)

LOL Agnes! We are sure to watch it now. Your recommendations have never let me down!

God, I love Christmas. I want some snow so bad! If it doesn't snow this year, I am getting out the snow video we took last year! Remember how much we got?

Bruce and I are thinking of going to this little town call Leavenworth. It is on the other side of the Cascade Mountains. All the buildings are Bravarian and it looks like Germany. It's also known as the Christmas town. There is snow there right now! I wish you were here.


@Robyn -- oh I would LOVE that little town for sure. If you do watch Love Actually (it's an acquired taste really) then for the record, my favorite character is Billy Mack, the burned out rocker trying to make a come back. He's a total jerk but you gotta love Billy!

hi Agnes. i have seen Love Actually few years back and I guess i have to watch it again so as not to get the stories all mixed up. LOL...

but i remember that it's a feel-good movie.:)

Merry Christmas to you and Geoff. it's the most wonderful time of the year for me... :)

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