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Haha! Nobel Prize? I'll keep a look out for that.

You look wonderful Agnes :)

Where didja learn to smile like that? ;)

I discovered Big Bang Theory last year, and became a huge fan immediately. It's wonderful, isn't it. (Yay! another Big Bang Theory fan!)

The things we do when we are tired!!! And, When you do get that Nobel prize for jazzing up ur Resume, I'll be watching!!! :D Cheers!

To put it mildly, I've always been wreckless at Science and Maths and preferred literature instead. I've never regretted it! I also wanted to become a surgeon and make dad proud of me. But he said he was already proud of me and talked me out of it. Just hold your dream and then the sky is the limit!

Few things are more pathetic than someone explaining why their joke is funny, but I would so hate for anyone to think that I am a quantum physicist or that I am after a nobel prize.

I was just having fun pretending I morphed into some science nerd just from watching a show . The Big Bang Theory is not a science show, it's about a bunch of science geeks with no practical skills and no lives. Watching a sitcom hardly makes anyone smart or any dad proud.

My dad on the other hand is a nuclear scientist, for real. Me, I have no idea what 'quantum physics' means.

Too funny, the explanation! Here I was thinking you're into the actual Big Bang Theory, the one where they've built a machine outside Switzerland. They are going to shot out protons so fast in both directions to race around a 15-17 tube, that when they hit, it will produce the Big Bang affect. Like what they believe happened when the world was formed, and all will be revealed. I started following this because one of the theories stated it could produce black holes, oh dear, here I was just going to make a comment on your post. Your post was great, a wonderful way to start out my Monday. Another great picture by the way. Hope you have a great day-though I think your Dad would be very proud of the person you are!

OK, now I am not sure who has outsmarted me on the sarcasm and can't tell who is serious and who isn't!

Don't worry...I got the joke. I think the Big Bang Theory is a very funny TV show too, even though the "science" gets way over my head at times. Your experiences in school are very funny and even though your father is a nuclear scientist, I'm sure he's very proud of you. I am too.

Yes...but could Mrs. Garday write like you do? Give me her twitter info...I'll show her!

I've never seen the show, but I'll have to check it out. I really did love Biology, but when it was time to take Chemistry... Oh it was terrible! LOL Probably because of the equations and Math. I hate Math. We joke that I married my husband because he's an accountant and I wanted to get out of balancing my checkbook. Hehe I'm sure you Dad is super proud of you for who you are even if you aren't a nuclear scientist like he is. You're special in your own way!

You definitely look like you know the secret of the universe on that picture! Nuclear physic can't possibly make someone smile like that... can it? ;-)

You too! I've been hearing so much about this show. Looks like I better get down to watching at least 1 episode. So that I sound more intelligent than this when I add a comment ;-)

@LostWorld: You should! It is soooo funny!

Oh my! oh my Agnes!!! welcome to the club!!! :) i was so excited when i saw your subject line and i knew it must be The Big Bang Theory!!! LOL

my husband and I LOVE it! i even influenced my brothers to watch it too... i just SO love Sheldon! LOL...

and you should see me laughing now, really, out of excitement! LOL

Hi Agnes,
you've got a photographic face :)
I really thought it was a show about something scientific lol..

best wishes,

@Jacqueline, YOU ROCK!!!

I love Sheldon but Wolowitz and Koothrappali are my favorites. Their wardrobe totally cracks me up.

Geoff and I finished the first two seasons. Not sure how many more seasons there are as I am not much of a TV person.

The Big Bang Theory is the best thing since Dharma and Greg :-D

Nerd Powaaaaa!!!!!

Big Bang Theory rocks! I hate to admit it but I am a bit of a Sheldon. My husband loves to make fun of me as we watch the show :-)

nice story cute, i love this

LOL, I love this show.

Awesome show and good article and I really like one thing that You give credits to everyone who is responsible for your success Its great..!

LOL. science people take themselves much too seriously.

I have heard of the "the big bang theory". I don't even know if it is aired here and if so on what channel. Though I am a homemaker, I really have no clue where my remote is. Boo Hoooo I never get to watch TV!!! But u know what, in the good ol' days (minus the little pair of hands that now has the remote), I did watch TV. And I totally LOVED Dharma and Greg!!! That was one brilliant Sitcom!

Oh God, I miss watching FRIENDS, Everybody Loves Raymond, Seinfeld! Booo Hoooo Hooo!

TBBT is now running its third season, and this week is gonna be the sixth episode, if i'm not mistaken. :)

my brother, on the other hand, thinks Wolowitz is way cooler than the rest. LOL

@Jacqueline: Wolowitz totally cracks me up. His wardrobe is out of this world. His hair... I can't even think of an adjective to describe it! And don't even get me started on his pick-up lines :-D

I haven't seen this series...will try to catch up...hopefully :)

thanks for sharing Agnes :)

have a pleasant week ahead :)

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I'm hooked now too. And I've got a Ph.D. in polymer science.

I, too, love this show! It will definitely create an addiction!

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