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I say the homeless look is cool. I have been maintaining this look for the past 6 years. :D Can u believe that I have worn my clothes back wards, inside out, even torn! I was so busy just getting thru my day! In fact, when Neha was a toddler, she would fiddle with my shirt buttons. There are times, when I would get back home just to find out that I was walking the street with my top buttons open. No wonder people stared at me. I thought they were looking at my cute baby. I think it was the twins they were interested in! :D No more shirts for me since then! :D :D :D :D

I am actually first somewhere! :D

whatever u call this look, i think its pretty hot :)
there is something about the messed up look that some people can carry off and make it look cool. like u!

Since I dont feel confident enough to argue with u in matters of fashion & trends....I'll simply stick to the truth, which is....U are looking GOOD Agnes:-))

p.s: LOL at Bins comment;-D

Ah you're making October look lovelier and lovelier with each post. Loved the pics... you look great!!

Hope all's going for the better :)
Good luck!!

Lots of love!

You look great and could start a new trend. Trust me, I know exactly what it;s like to go from what used to be called a "diva" to caring less about matching my jewelry, hadbags, or even styling my hair.
I've been praying for you and Geoff. Hope all is better :)



I agree with Maria, you look great and could start your own trend. I love the earrings and the boots, I do like the boots! Take care.


Hi Agnes;

I am still blown away by the kindness of the readers and how supportive they've been on my behalf. Thank you all.

In every one of the shots above you look beautiful, so whatever you want to call this look works for me. You're the best.



Love your look :-)

ah, sounds like music to my ears!!! I really wasn't fishing for compliments but this is great! Keep it coming :-D You guys flatter me!

I'll continue then ;) You not only look amazing, natural and vulnerable, but you are very honest in your writing. Times change and our appearance with it. Fashion is not a regulation, it is an expression. Good boots are important, they will get you through whatever shit.



Love the boots!

The boots is nice...but too bad no chance to wear it here, Malaysia.

And you do looks great! Awesome!

You look very French in these pictures!

Your shoes remind me of my beloved DocMartens... I used to love these shoes.

I still like your look. You still look stunningly beautiful and very fashionable.
And I love your new shoes.
I hope Geoff is doing fine.

Thanks guys! I am smiling ear to ear :-D

LOL @Bins :-D, LOL!

@ Helen, wow, thanks. Coming from you it means a lot :-) I'd love to be a "real" writer...

@ Zhu: It would be fun to be French! I have relatives in France (but I am not French). But I do like France a lot. I just love Europe, period.

@ Kiran, @ Nancy, @Maria & all who asked: yes, I am very happy to say that Geoff is doing well. He had very good results from the chemo & surgery. There's more work to be done but he's getting through it. Thank you so much for caring -- it really helps. I mean it.

Sinfully beautiful!

What a concept .
I could not get past that concept to even write

I just got here so how come you are at the hospital all the time? Unless it is because you work there then I hope everything works out the way you want it to. Also I was gonna post a pic of my shoes but I am a hillbilly and don't have any.

I like to be honest, and I am not coming on to you, but you would look good in anything, your pictures prove my point. I am frm Ayr where Robert Burns wrote of us,
Ayr where ner a toon surpasses
For honest men and bonnie lassies.

Well I am one of the honest men, and to be honest there are plenty bonnie lassies in Ayr too. LOL
Keep you chin up you only have one. LOL.

Agnes, Geoff is the sweetest guy and so caring from what I can read. So glad to know that he is doing well. God Bless!

Love the shoes Agnes :)


you have a great blog..

nice to meet u..

I love cats too. I don't remember reading the name of your cat. Is he Persian? Beautiful. I hope you're enjoying your day. It's still raining here, though it's to stop soon and the temperature will drop, along with the humidity. Thinking and praying for you and Geoff.

u're so pretty!

@ Judy: I have two cats, Jamie and Smokey. Jamie has been missing for about two months now and Smokey has been living with us for about 6 weeks. They are both adorable.

You are so beautiful and you have a natural style. It really comes through even when you aren't trying.

And reading the comments, I'm glad to hear that Geoff is doing well!

just the same, whatever you call that look, you are gorgeous. take care, dear. and my warmest regards to you and Geoff.

The Pics look fabulous!

Come visit us. We could use a different perspective!

It did get me thinking about crochet garments though, and how I'd love to make something wearable one day. But it's a risky business, making crochet clothing. I'm aware that there's a veeeeeeeery fine line between stylish and naff, between nasty and nice, and I'm not sure I'm quite subtle enough to sit on the right side of that fine line.

this kind of topic is great, I love researching topics related to hot things, from things like the environment, even things like temperament of people, I thank you for sharing the post, thank you very much!

can anyone find a pair of shoes excatly (or at least fairly close) to the shoes that she is wearing with this dress??

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