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Smokey looks like having a good time :)

You can't beat the comforts of home, clean or messy, just ask smokey. lol
Hope you and Geoff have a great week too.

I'll be singing that song all day now!

And then Ruby Tuesday tomorrow. And then... ?

Smokey is Lucky. Or is it Luckey? Or is he Smockey? Or Smocky? "Bachcha" is all spread out on a lovely dining table, soaking in the atmosphere...

Have a great week ahead, Agnes and Geoff.


Smokey is a beautiful cat. His fur looks snuggleable (is that a word?). You should see my work area! Books and boxes of pictures. I'm trying to scan all my pictures. Then I'm going to give the originals to the person in the picture, except those my daughter wants to keep. Hope y'all are going to have an easy week. I seem to remember y'all are in between treatments.Just know, I'm thinking of y'all and I say a prayer too!

I need to write shorter. You have a gift. I like those big sun flowers. (I'd say something nice about the cat but I'm allergic...)

A great week to you too!

it's just so nice to laze around :) just like Smokey :)

have a nice week ahead Agnes! :)

I think it's a lovely photo, and if you think that's messy, you should come visit my house for a while. Ever since my surgery, I can't keep up. I think the sunflowers, and Smokey are gorgeous.

I like Smokey's atitude towards life. He plays, he has fun, he plays he has fun, he snoozes, he plays he has fun, Life doesn't have to be serious with Smokey and isn't one of the Human Rights ( from United Nations) " The Right to Play" , and in my mind Smokey also has this right and is setting an example for us all....the right to play!

Sylvia, how about the Happy Days theme song :-D ?

Aaaaaah! To laze around like Smokey!!! Sigh!!!! If somebody asks me what I want to be in my next birth, I am gonna scream: Animal! The Bible says that Man was created to lord over the other creatures, I think the Good Lord was pulling fast one on us. I think the animals have a better life, any day! :D Cheers! My love to that lucky and very furry Smokey!

I agree with everyone. Stretching out in the sun on the dining table surrounded by papers just seems to work well for Smokey and of course for us. Great to capture and appreciate such moments. When I see him like that, I find myself forced to scratch him under his jaw and he immediately starts loud purring that adds to the fun. Life with Smokey is never dull.

He seems so at ease with himself !!!!!!!!!! The flowers are gorgeous :)

Hi Agnes
Smokey reminded me of Jamie, when I last read you were looking for him, did you find him??? Sorry I missed few posts after that.

You have a great week to, err I mean remaining of it and a greater weekend :)

I don't like places that are too clean and neat. I'm afraid to live in there! A bit of mess is better.

I love tidy, but then I love having photos, and books and bits and pieces around. My other half on the other hand is a hoarder - she keeps EVERYTHING - and unless I was here, she would probably live in a burrow. As you can imagine, she gets stuff out, and I put it away - and the circle never ends.

Hi. I was looking for images of Marilyn Monroe and came across your blog. I don't normally look at blogs but just wanted to tell you how charming I found your observations.

I also had a cat named Gypsy who looked exactly like your cat. I really do miss her a lot.

Best to you,


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