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I kind of treated prom my junior year as a masquerade ball and went as Marilyn. I was the only one who thought this was a good idea. I skipped the wig and bleached my own hair. Good times and oh to be 17 again!

What a good idea Agnes :) i like your the Frankenstein photo...spooky :)
Happy Halloween! :)

The top picture is very clever the way you added to the disguise by the eye movement, but even then you can't hide the beauty you have in abundance. Nice try though. LOL.

Wow Agnes;
These are spectacular Halloween looks. I'm amazed at how well you look like Frankenstein or Marilyn and yet still look like your beautiful self. Donald and Amelia see it too. Great job. I think you do look a bit like Marilyn in real life. Vange, we all want to be 17 again.

I love the comments under the post-especially "they think you look better with this hair-and then the knife comment was too funny! Actually, you do look a lot like Marilyn(if I turn my head to the right, take my glasses off and close one eye, lol). I can see the resemblence, all kidding aside. Good costumes! Good pictures! Geoff take them? Or do I need to ask?

You always look wonderful no matter what you wear Agnes! My daughter asked me what I planned to wear for Halloween the other day. She was rather disappointed when I told her I was going as a Mom. LOL I haven't dressed up in years, but I love dressing the kids up.

Oh I remember this post from your last blog. You make a cute Franki! Reallyyyyy cute :)

i didn't know you could look so scary as in the first one.. ;)

@Geoff and @Donald: even though I am as vain as they come, I am having a hard time seeing any shred of beauty in the zombie get-up.

@Vange, LOL. You and I would have got along wonderfully in high school :-D

@Mehreen, yup, all these are from last year. This year is all different. We only have 3 pumpkins, I have a Halloween tee from Target and the only one with a costume is Smokey.

@Princess, and that's just a five-minute emergency version of it. You can actually go the whole distance and buy white contacts, yellow teeth and fake blood...

LOL @Heather, that's my plan too! I am gonna be dressed up as "Agnes".

@Geoff and @Judy, I wish I had the Marylin gene for real. Well, I AM getting pretty curvy, that's for sure :-)

Thanks @Amelia -- it can be a load of fun.

OK...hottest zombie EVER. (Sorry Geoff...) This is so cute, Agnes. Made me smile...


Made you smile Andy, that's great :-)

You are good with make-up - it's amazing! I barely put mascara on :lol:

Love you as Amélie Poulain ;-)

To me that dark hair is a femme fatale look and reminds me of this line from Mae West

"When I'm good I'm very, very good, but when I'm bad, I'm better."

Hey Agnes
Very clever and beautiful at the same time, even when you are trying to be spooky you look lovely, that was all very well done.

I lurrvvveed the Frankenstein look! This came at a time when I was just planning to put up a post on the topic of costume parties. :D The rolled up eyes added to the whole effect. Now I have to get my kid to practise!

LOL on the comment about the wig looking better than your own hair!

While u are at it, please do put up the pictures from this year's Halloween too.

i love the frankenstein look. it looks really scary. :)

First one is really Spooky...really effective... and as you said can't go wrong!

you got me there! the first picture was scary...

you take some beautiful pictures, and i love the costumes from last year! i hope you post whatever you're doing this year... good luck with the travels!


Agnes, these are awesome...you should really enter these into SG costume contest. It's not too late :-)

You have shared a great post about last minute Halloween make up. Halloween Contact lenses plays a big role in the whole halloween look.

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