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You make it sound even better! So nice to see you update so soon :)
I love October too, it's my birth month and yes I'm a Fall lover... winter too!

Keep posting! Can't seem to get enough of your posts :)


And I'm FIRST.. wohoo!

Now that I read Geoff's comment on the previous update, and ur latest post, I know that u guys are on the road to recovery. Geoff, U spirit will get u thru these tough times.

Agnes, u paint a good picture abt the weather!! :D Enjoy your vanilla lattes!

Hi Agnes.

Thanks for reminding me of how beautiful the world is. Sometimes it's too easy to get immersed in your own troubles and forget to notice the big picture.

Yes, Fall is beautiful, I am ready for a change.

I stopped drinking coffee but even a hot coffee, New Orleans brew sounds good in this context.

I love you.


Hi @ Mehreen, how lovely hearing from you! Your wedding is just around the corner, isn't it?

@ Bins, thank you. Yes, we are very optimistic at this point. Geoff worked very, very hard to get well and so far it looks good. You can't imagine how happy this makes me!

@ Geoff I love the New Orleans Brew. I got both Robyn and Lucky hooked -- it is sooo good!

You know, since the hospital was so heavily air conditioned -- I hardly even noticed the drop in the outside temperature... we've been bundled up in cardigans and blankets for weeks now. It is actually rather beautiful outside!

I LOVE the Fall. These little peeks at cooler temperatures have me jumping up and down. Geoff's comment about New Orleans coffee is right on. In fact, I'm drinking some now. LOL My husband works downtown. We're about 30-45 minutes away. You'll know when it really gets cold at my house by the fact that I keep a pot of it on most of the day to warm up!

Good afternoon Agnes and happy coffee day to you.

May you have a wonderful coffee day and may all your coffee days be

Your kitten is now a kitty and will soon be a kat and he is
soooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!
In case you didn't know that...he is very very cute.

Stick in there both of you, you have eared happines together.
Best of luck.

You might even have EARNED happiness together. LOL
Sorry about that, but you get my meaning. Cheers.

@ Heather and @ Lucky, I am TOTALLY hooked on the New Orleans Brew! It is soooo very good!

Thanks @ Donald, I did get your meaning. I am the Queen of Typos, by the way :-)

I agree, the colors are beautiful. It's also a time to slow down and stay home cooking and eating comfort food after a summer spent outdoors.

Yes, mid November to be exact :)

Hi, fisrt time dropping by your blog... :)

Nice to meet you!

I love every part of fall. Each year I experience new things to enjoy in this season- I can't get enough of it.

Ah, @Mehreen, Geoff and I are so happy for you! Are you excited? I bet it involves a lot of shopping :-D

I love fall too. It is just the most gorgeous time of the year.

So glad to see you you in my inbox today :-) Your site is wonderful, and I think you are doing a fantastic job discussing your private medical crisis in a public way. It was 90 degrees last week so it hardly seems like Fall at all, but I am looking forward to a hot cider on the next brisk evening.

Thanks for looking at life on a positive note...I guess I should be doing the same too..I wish I was as positive as you...

Positive energy and thoughts coming your way...life can definitely challenge our day..it is those challenges that make us really stop and see what we have to be grateful for.

My preparation for winter this year is that I am returning home to Canada at the end of the month after 6 years of leisure in the Florida sun :). My daughter is flying down and we are road tripping back. Should be an experience.

In saying that...I will be home for a white Christmas this year :)

Hellooo Agnes !!!

You have a very interesting page. I loved it.

& your description of fall made me wistful. Enjoy your morning swim & afternoon lattes. I'll be back to read your older posts.


Just reading back through posts after realising you were not in my blogroll (I am an idiot). Wonderful photo - couldn't help commenting on it :)

thanks admin
information is the most beautiful treasures

agnespages.typepad.com is super!! Love to come back here

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