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It's so weird that Obama got that award. Does anyone know why? I hope all is well. Stay warm!
Love to you and Geoff!

I am still wondering what the deal is with stores and restaurants in Florida being SO cold. It is such a shock to the system to go from a thousand degrees to what seems like sub zero when you go into a public place in Florida.
I'm so glad that Geoff is doing well from your last comments :)

Agnes, I hope your Siberian winter gets better soon - my prayers are with you. Fire and the cat purring - sounds like a picture.

It always amazes me how hospitals find it ok to allow patients to just hang around in hospitals. I am always afraid that I might have contracted something new while I was waiting. BTW, are the hospital staff indifferent to such temperatures or do they have some special skin on. :D

Nice to know that Geoff is doing better. U take care of urself too. Geoff needs you at your peppy best now.

And Obama winning that award was just too much! It was a tad bit too soon.

i finally get to ur page!.. must tell u that i clicked on it some 4 hours back and went out without shutting down the laptop and here i am.
firstly, why are u in a hospital? i gather from the comments that geoff is unwell.. i hope its nothing serious and both of u are doing well!
u look very pretty in the pictures!
i hope i get to read all ur posts.. take care!

While Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize was quite surprising, I couldn't quite believe the reaction to it in the press.

same question...why he won?....just wondering why..
looking forward for a snowy weather?

Wow, that's some over-achieving air conditioning there.

The weather is just starting to get cooler here, the breeze is picking up. And the water's taken a chill.

I wouldn't worry too much about the Real World, it's pretty easy to catch up on when you have time.

I had a fire but it is down in the 30s here at night.

i hope you and Geoff are doing well and feeling more comfortable now. hugs and kisses to you both! :)

I think the ac is supposed to improve air quality. Its ridiculous that they make people who are already sick and anxious even more uncomfortable. But I'm glad you had the fur heating pad to warm you.

A fire going in chilly weather with a cute cat at your feet. You are painting a picture of a perfect monday. And all the best to you two for Tuesday. Have a great one

I hope your wait at the hospital was worth while and the news was good.
All the best to you both.

Hope you get well soon.

Thanks guys. Maybe they're trying to kill bacteria and stuff by freezing it to death! I don't know. I also don't know what the deal is with Obama's Nobel Peace Prize -- it does seem rather premature. He must have been as dumbstruck as the rest of us...
@ Lucky: Smokey is sooooooo cute!!!!!

Very nicely written Agnes. I have no idea why the hospitals keep the temperature so low that icicles form on your nostrils.

Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize seems equally other worldly to me. Since freezing temperatures are the main topic, maybe it should have been given to Santa Claus who manages to make everyone happy once a year.

Agnes, you make me happy every day.



Hospitalssssssssssss!! I know the deal with hospitals. They either roast you in the general wards or freeze in the ICUs. Why is that these guys border on the extreme????

I am glad to see you both here, Agnes and Geoff.

Now that Obama has got Nobel, I am sure, Osama 's reaction must have been: Peace.

Bless you


I don't understand why hospitals think it's necessary to freeze people either. I'm glad you were able to huddle together for warmth once you got home. I am still wondering about the Nobel Prize as well... confusing!

I know the feeling, some places in Canada are colder inside and it is outside! Maybe it's because they don't want people to linger... or maybe it's our minds playing tricks because deep down, hospital and pharmacy are "cold" places.

ahaan gud post !!!! nice working

She is too cute............looking very beautiful.

I hope your wait at the hospital was worth while and the news was good.

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