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YES...Thursday is definitely the new Friday. And yes...little details. God is definitely there. (I'm not specifically talking about the guy in the sky. I mean beauty...love...energy...peace...call it what you will. The "real" things.)

You're the best...have a great weekend. (Crap...that means Saturday is actually Sunday, right?)

And I'm trying to find the things you show so beautifully in your posts. I must be saying it the tenth time or so, I love how you bring out the best out of the so-very ordinary :)

Nice photos, Agnes.

:D I laughed hard at the way u ended the post! My husband used to handle the UK sector up until now. He has just moved to the middle east sector. So Thursday is really my new Friday!
And super crap! Saturday is my new Sunday! ha ! ha!

The older you get the more sights and sounds you appreciate, its because as you get older, the more experiences you have of life (good or bad)make you more aware of your surroundings, and you take more of an interest in the whys and wherefores of life. The simple things in life sometimes are the best.
As for ME, at my age, I just appreciate being here at all. LOL Only joking.

I look forward to reading your posts. Your insights are so visual. You're right though, the 30's were my best and favorite. The twenties everyone expects you to win the world and they have different expections. Once you're out of your twenties, your life becomes yours. I would say thirty-five was my favorite year. Beautiful pictures! You mentioned y'all were coming home from Geoff's treatments, how's that going?

@Andy and @Bins, no, no, no! Sunday is still Sunday! It's just that now we have introduced the Thank God It's Thursday mindset into the equation :-D We just start looking forward to the weekend earlier :-D

@Mehreen, you're so sweet. I am afraid it's called aging...

@Donald, hmmm... I guess it's all acquired taste then. Like Christmas trees -- their magic comes from tradition rather than the ornaments from Nordstrom.

@Judy, thank you so much. I really love my thirties. Thank you for asking, Geoff is between treatments now. Chemo and surgery are done for now, next is radiation. We have not gotten to the radiation part yet due to extensive testing, scans, etc that have come up in between. Treatment is pretty brutal as you probably know so we really do cherish these in-between spells of normalcy, if you can call it that. I can't wait to have all this behind us and have him be fully recovered and healthy. But he's well on his way I think. Thanks for asking Judy :-)

First off, I just read your comment to Judy. I wanted to tell you again that I'm keeping the two of you in my prayers.

I found your photos gorgeous as always, I'm so glad that you are enjoying the little things in life right now. Sometimes when you look back, the little things in life really were the BIG things. I try to live more in the moment every day. We're supposed to have a beautiful weekend again, and I'm trying to figure out what I want to do with the kids.

Thank you for the update on Geoff. I understand about the normalcy of the spells in between. I dealt with my Dad when he had throat cancer. This was back in the eighties, so you can imagine. I think y'all are so strong, taking your moments as you can! The two of you are amazing! Have you ever posted a picture of Geoff? We've got to see you and Smokey, how about Geoff?

Aging? Nopes, Agnes. They call it wisdom. Some find it the hard way. Some chase it all their life. To some, it comes naturally. You and Geoff fall in the natural category.

Cricket is on. But that's not keeping me occupied these days. I just am lost. Finding my way back, eh!

Howz Rockstar doing?


I miss the beach and the smell of water. We don't have much of that in New Mexico. We got snow on Wednesday, though!

In which case, I got here a day too late.

We're lighting the fireplace tonight, first time of the season. I take back everything I said about not liking fall. :)

Hey there Agnes - just catching up. Love your costumes ;)
I wanted to let you know that I shared a link to your post where you wrote the email scammer guy back. It was so funny, and some people were being scammed on Etsy, so I gave them your link so they could have a good laugh.

Loved sitting by the sea. It was very much a moment of pleasure; including the sights, sounds, tastes and emotions. It confirmed for me I'm doing well. I live in the moment called now and the past and future don't really exist. I just keep things going well in "now" and I'm a happy man. Funny how the little things can be everything. The past is the old now.

I think happiness is the new love ;-)

I'm glad you are enjoying the simple moments in life.

the simplicity of things can be the spice of life. :) stay enjoying the now. take care.

nice pics Agnes...
....seaside cafe is what I miss the most of NZ, I miss the natural beauty, that fresh air and the sight of ocean everywhere around.....and being here in UAE, thursdays are new fridays for us in real meaning as the weekend here is friday and saturday....LOL


I knew I was getting older when I could appreciate that there really is a change in season in Florida (besides tourist season) It's very subtle and has more to do with shades of green and feel to the air.

Thanks everyone :-)

@Judy, here's a photo of Geoff: http://agnespages.typepad.com/agnes_pages/2009/02/happy-valentines-day.html

@Amanda -- thank you! :-D Believe it or not the guy actually answered my email thanking me for my interest and instructing me to wire him some $ for some fictitious fees. LOL

Dear Agnes, I love Thursdays being the new Fridays - right now I am going through Monday blues though it is only Sunday and my husband has just gone back. Thank you for the update on Geoff - I was talking to a colleague recently and she is one of the most caring and energetic people around. She told me she had recovered from Cancer a few years back at the beginning of the decade. Geoff is in my prayers.

Cool, now I have a face to go with the man! Thanks! Good looking man by the way!

tell me when monday is the new tuesday. you can wake me up then.
the great thing about being 30 is you finally begin getting comfortable in your own skin.

Thanks for the update on Geoff...I was just going to ask when I caught sight of ur comment:-)).

U r looking good in the pics....I'm not saying anything new coz u always do:-))!!!!

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