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Hmmmm.... "Young souls"... hehe! I'm smiling. You're cool, lady :P

Agnes on Twitter? That's cool! See? :)

SUV's are cool ofcourse but a Mustang Convertable is "HOTTTT";-D!!!

Ummm...who is Janis Joplin?????

Your hair might look disarrayed to you, but not to me.
You will always be cool.

That offspring of a bun and a ponytail is way too attractive compared to any other hair style!

I can't imagine you not being cool. You ooze "cool". Your SUV is small and cool. Your hair is cool no matter how it is worn. Even Smokey looks cool when you put a scarf on him. Keep on keepin' on Agnes, you're the Queen of Cool.

The outfit you have on is way "cool". You ever drink the Community coffee from New Orleans? It is also good! Way better than Starbucks! Then comes Seattle coffee from Washington state. I understand about the coffee drinking! Only if you're in need of caffeine does one drink vending machine coffee! I think it's "cool" the way Geoff loves you! The comments he makes comes across as your number one fan! Y'all have a good day!

Thanks guys, I am officially cool now. My hair is blushing from all your compliments, LOL!

I am not on Twitter @Mehreen. It's just a feature TypePad added to the blogs, visitors to my site can now tweet posts by clicking that icon. Or something like that :-)

@Nancy, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irU5oihACj4&feature=related
One of my all time favorites.

@Judy, yes! Geoff and I spent a few weeks in Baton Rouge a couple of years ago staying with friends, and not only did they buy Community Coffee but there was this whole ritual of mixing it with chicory and flavor and what not and I have to admit it was awesome!

Starbucks makes capsules of instant coffee? Seriously?! How did I not know about that? I'm going to have to find some. I'm such a coffee addict. Those photos of you are gorgeous as always!

@Heather, yes and they are really good. Maybe they call them something other than "capsules". You know, little one portion pockets. "Tubes"? I am not sure what they are called, I call them 'capsules'.

It's true! New Orleans Brew is on the money! And, I live in the Seattle area. I know coffee!

I don't remember it ever being this hot this time of year. I gave up completely and just wear a ponytail and I think I am officially now 1/3 iced coffee (Giant Big Gulp sized plastic mug from Publix, filled with coffee and ice from home - goes with me everywhere!) btw --- you are just "too cool for school" :-D

Me and Bobby McGee. i love that song.
cool outfit, too. :)

Can't comment on cars, I'm a shitty driver anyway. As long it has wheels, I'm good.

But I love your music selection this week!

wow Mustang??? why did you exchange it for SUV...sad :(
...i like your 2nd photo :)

U arent cool enough...you kidding me???
whatever Agnes...you rock girl :))

I had a friend of mine give me one of those Starbucks coffee things...it was very good and along with my friend having those Starbucks coffee capsules she was also loaded with about 20- 30 different tea bags. And after I left my friend, I noticed my pen was missing...I always wondered where it went?

@Lucky, I knew you were going to say this, I knew it exactly. I have your pen :-)

You sold ur convertible??? Unbelievable!!! Now why would somebody do that?? Hmmmmmm!You must really desperately be addicted to coffee. Do u realise that there is a mention of coffee in 'almost' every post! :D U are beginning to be more of a 'Crazy coffee lady' than 'crazy cat lady'!!! Ha ha!!!

Cheers and have great weekend!

Super hot i say.. both, you and mustang convertable :)
and for the nth time Agnes, you look great in the pictures!

@Bins, what's wrong with coffee?

I like your site, it's a very interesting read.

you are looking great, as always. :)

hi agnes,

whatever way ur hair is, u look kool, dun worry friend.

much luv,

LOL It was hard for my poor husband when he had to give up his convertible after it broke down one too many times. We now have moved on to a Jeep. He still notices convertibles when they pass. But he also enjoys the power of his new Jeep, especially when he takes it off road. That's where an SUV becomes cool. Plus, it holds all the stuff you end up buying and transporting as you get older. Time passes.

Hi !
Must say, all articles make a fascinating read. I particularly liked your take on why you feel like an American, Asian and a European. I'm gonna drop by more often, and best luck with the difficulties you guys are facing :)

Thank you Agnes for that site! I can now be caffeinated wherever I am. That is amazing! I'm still over here singing because of your title on this post.

Thanks for the video Agnes....Janis Joplin sounds amazing!!!!

They are cool in a way using My pen in place of a hairpin is cool, or carrying my own tea bags and little Starbucks instant coffee capsules in my purse is cool.

Thanks ever so much, very useful article. Great information! Very smart, thanks for kindly sharing it with us. Very well done indeed

That offspring of a bun and a ponytail is way too attractive compared to any other hair style!

Don't say that, I love you jean ;)

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