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I will be keeping you both in my prayers. I've been wondering if everything was okay. Thinking of you!

Dear Agnes and Geoff, take heart and keep up the courage to weather the tough times. My prayers are with the two of you.

Here's hoping and wishing Geoff gets well soon and you both get done with the rough patch! Take Care!!

God! I hope everything is alright, Agnes and Geoff. Both of you are strong persons, I know. Stay strong. God be with you. Take care.

My thoughts are with you both. So are my prayers.


One thing about the rough patches is that they make the 'not rough' patches that lie ahead much more enjoyable.

Here's to the many smooth and enjoyable patches that lie ahead on your road.

Sorry to hear that! I hope he is okay.

May he gets well soon!

I do hope that Geoff gets well soon. Keeping you both in my prayers. Just update once in a while to keep us posted. Missing your comments and posts!

Hope everything turns for the better. My wishes are with you both.

Take care!

You and Geoff have done an incredable job so far! I can't see him being in
better hands than yours. And believe me, I am not saying that just to be nice.
I mean it! Geoff knows it too!

Whatever it is Agnes, hope Geoff is okay. Take care!

Hey Agnes. I am really concerned. Hope all is well. You take care of Geoff. Wish him speedy recovery. Get well soon.

My thoughts and prayers with U Agnes!!!!
Geoff Get Well soon!!! Take Care both of you!!!!

Thinking of you both and hoping that you are surrounded with wellness and light.

Organizing my thoughts about the subject of cancer into anything even remotely resembling lucidity is not necessarily a luxury I have had lately. I removed my last post as it turns out I really do not want to blog about this. Things are happening/changing so fast that anything I could ever say stays relevant for about 5 minutes.

I saw the subject line and could not see the post. Then I just chanced on your comment. Hang in there, dear! You post whenever you think you can, but in the meantime, remember that we are praying for u guys!

Since I subscribe, I did read that post, Agnes. You are right in what you say.

May God bless you both. My prayers are with you always.


I know there are no words, but I want to say I'm sorry. When I first dealt with a family member having cancer, watching the movie "The Secret" helped us a lot. keep us posted and kep the positive attitude Geoff!

It sucks and I have nothing smart to say except "fight", which I'm sure you are doing, both of you.

You mentioned you made it many times in your dangerous travels, as a team. Stay a team and keep spirit high.

Thanks guys. We are strong people and will get through this.

@Soul: You made me realize the email subscribers can still read the removed post -- and that's fine. I am glad you read it, actually. Thanks for the nice comment :-)

I wish I had words that could help bolster you through these times. I know you are strong, both of you. My heart is with you.

Agnes I read in my subscribed email about your post. I guess you have removed it. I am very concerned about Geoff. I know you will be taking good care of him. My heart sank to read your post. I am still shaking my head in disbelief.Be strong. He will get well soon.

I wish you both the best. Sometimes words are not enough.

Like several othets here I read the RSS version of your deleted post. You should have left it up there. Very candid. I think your subscribers can still read it.

Anyway I am sorry about your husband. I am praying for you both. You will get through this. I really think you should blog when you can. You write in a way that makes me feel connected. Don't stop writing.

Agnes. You are amazing. Geoff is amazing. Stay strong. I love you both.

I am really sorry to hear that. I'll say a prayer for your peace and strength, and healing for Geoff....

What Sylvia is written above is exactly what I feel...

Geoff Get Well Soon!!!!!

Agnes...u write when u can. I'm praying so hard for both of you!!!

hope its all fine in the end!! I am a new subscriber to you blog. :)

It blows, Agnes. Completely. You will be even stronger than you already are. That is absolutely one thing you can count on. I can tell you this...keep doing things one day at a time. Use this time and place to observe the world more keenly than you have in the past. You'll be amazed at what you see.

God bless...your online friends care...but respect your privacy as well.


You are both on my thoughts and prayers!!!!!!
Hope Geoff is feeling not so bad and you have the straigh to walk together.
Sending good vibes, may the light be with you.



oh i am sorry to hear this. hope all is well and a little prayer for Geoff. Take care.

How are you, Agnes? Just posting a note to let you know that u are in my prayers. Words fail me now. I do not know what else to say.

Heyy Agnes. Hi.

How is Geoff and how are you? Do take care and be strong like you always have been.

God bless you.


Take care, Agnes.

I am praying for you and Geoff. Everything will be fine.

Hi Agnes. i hope that you are well despite whatever is happening. we'll keep you and Geoff in our prayers. yes, you are strong, and you will be able to go through it triumphantly.


Agnes-sorry to hear that you have this struggle in your life right now. Keeping my fingers crossed that everything will turn out alright.

I can definitely sympathize as well as empathize with you and Geoff. My cat Coco - who is not my husband, but a family member, was diagnosed w/ Gastric Lymphoma on January 7th of this year at the age of 4 and a half. The average age for cats who get this is 9-13. She had surgery on January 7th then began chemo a few weeks later. The first course did not work and then she began seeing a specialist. Her tumor was 7cm by 4cm. He started a new treatment with Coco which was our last option. By the end of June her tumor was and is still gone :) She needs to return to the specialist every 5 weeks to get her chemo pill called CCNU but she has basically been all better for almost 4 months!

I know how the first few weeks and months are a blur. It sounds like you two are doing great and I'm glad to hear things are going well. It's always nice to read your updates!

You guys are doing great! Keep at it! Love to you both.

Forgot to say that you two are in my prayers!

I am so glad to hear from you, Agnes. Great that Geoff is doing - I really hope he is - better. I pray this phase blows over soon and you are back to what you call "normal." Praying for you and the rockstar of a man called Geoff. Bless you both.


We're still here. Take care of yourself and know that we are thinking about you.

Take care, all the best for both.
And when you'll feel like posting we will be here for you.

Big hug


I just wanted to say that I am still keeping you and Geoff in my prayers! Big hugs for both of you.



All your friends and readers are all there for you and Geoff. You have prayers from everyone. I know it is a tough time for both of you. But everything will be OK.
God Bless both of you. Lots of Love

It's great to hear from you. Didn't know how to write a proper email given the facts. But I'm glad you came back. Hope Geoff recovers real fast. And yes, Soul is right when he says you're strong people. May you see it through together and come out stronger :)

Much love.

Thank you all so much. I cannot express how wonderful it is to read such caring words from you all for Agnes and I. It was certainly a shock to discover that I was this ill but frankly, I'm not scared or fearful. I told the doctors from the start I planned to beat this and got only a polite nod. After my treatments and surgery, they are now encouraginging me to keep it up. I feel very hopeful. I'm nowhere near ready to start a new life. I want you all to know that when I close my eyes at night and sink into my pillow, I become very aware of all your good wishes and prayers. It feels as though they surround me and keep me safe.

Geoff, so good to hear from U. I have no idea what to write further except to say I'm soo happy to see ur comment:-)). And have a stoopid smile on my face:-D. And U take it easy!!! And give Agnes my love:-D

Thanks guys, I am so touched by all the comments. As is Geoff.

We're doing pretty well I think.

Lucky was over last night and it all felt "normal" and it was nice to feel "normal".

I never thought it's going to be this tough....God bless Agnes! My prayers for Geoff's recovery...hope everything will be fine :)

Wonderful to see you here, Geoff. With Agnes.

Take good care of yourself.


Take some time off to take care of him and you. Real life people are most important.

I feel so privileged that you stopped by, after reading about what's happening in your life at the moment. I love cats as well, Colonel Mustard is just one of mine, so I know how you feel about Jamie. Your writing is very attention catching. You take care and I will be back to read more. You and Geoff are in my thoughts.

I just read about Geoff & my prayers with the both of you that you overcome this successfully. Hugs!

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