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Wow !!!! Smokey IS cute !!! I hope you do find Jamie though and then Jamie and Smokey can roll around and play with each other :)

That's the plan Prashanti :-)

Agnes, He is a great addition to your family! I like him!


Hey there!

Smokey is a cutie. A little uncivilized maybe, but cats are adorable no matter what!

I like the plan you mentioned above :)

I was almost there with the guess. :D I somehow thought that though u were ready for a pet, u were not ready for a cat. Hmmmmmm! But good for ya! Have a nice day!

Aww... don't you just love cats:).
It's precisely that independence in their nature that draws me to them so much.
I have one, 10 months old now, I think he is the best kitten in the whole universe :)
Don't ask- I can go on forever :)
I'm happy you got Riley. I could understand your pain on losing Sammy.

JAMIE JAMIE... I meant Jamie. I had my friend's cat on my mind, that's Sammy.

Gud for you, that you got Riley (Smokey) !!!

Thanks guys :-)

@Bins: You're right, I really wasn't anywhere near "ready for another cat". But I wanted to change his fate so I did it anyway. No regrets :-)

Hi Agnes its been a while since I visited here, I had a cat too who was gone for several days yet he returned hope Jamie would come back, and your new fur ball is such adorable. A little training can civilized him for sure.

I'm so happy for U:-))!!!!!!!

Thanks Nancy. I think he's really happy to be here too. :-)

With my eyes so smiley
And my fur so greyley
with my nose so cutesy
and me shining so brightly
..you can
..please do
just call me Riley

Sounds like a cute funny cat!

I love cats. They personality is just amazing...

Nice post Agnes. Good way to introduce Riley (Smokey) to everyone. I'm spilling the beans and letting everyone know you already have half your iPhone filled with new photo's of him. Riley is a lovely cat and is really his own person. It is fun sharing our place with him and though we miss Jamie terribly, it is great to have this little character to delight and amaze us. By the way, it is our wedding anniversary on Monday so let's do something special.

He is just the cutest cat, and he sounds just like every other one. LOL They all think NO means that they can only do it when you aren't looking.

Hi! Just back after a long time of not being able to access your page and then a long vacation! Only when I read this did I know about Jamie! I am so sorry! But I am sure he will be back! My best friend in school was an ardent cat lover and her cats used to walk out and then return after a few days like they have never been away! So I bet he'll be back! Meanwhile have fun with Riley....

Oh Lucky, you're the best!!!

He's a doll. I had three, but my tomcat passed two months ago. I was so torn up.

I am so verryy late here, Agnes. Was travelling and now down with flu....But I am extremely happy that you got Somkey. Would like Jamie back though. That guy was a stud, I say.

How have you been, Agnes?


Awwww...he's cute!

that's a good one, agnes :D i laugh at your last statement :)


Congrats on the new cat :) at least now you have somebody to look after...after Jamie :(

Great pictures of the little one..................... :D


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