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Oh agnes, i'm very sorry to hear that... i think i can understand the attachment you may have with jamie...

i wish you find him soon!

Damn! Heyyy, are you serious, Agnes? I mean where did he vanish? What happened? I am sad to hear this. For I know what it feels like losing pets. I hope Jamie is fine and you find him soon.

God bless the little one and you take care. Do let us know.


I am so sad about this I don't even know what to say. I really hope he finds his way home.
Don't give up, Agnes. Keep looking.

Oh no Agnes, I'm so sorry.


I wish there was something I could say to help.

I'm so sorry.

I will be praying that he returns to you soon Agnes! I can't imagine how worried you must be!

I know how hard this is and am so sorry! Have you checked the local shelters to see if someone turned him in there - just a thought. I don't think I'm far from you if I can do anything to help being a fellow cat loveer. Let me know.

Agnes, I am so sorry I hope that he returns soon. I am sending my best thoughts for your sweet cat to come home to you.

Awe hoping that something breaks and you find your cat.

Dorothy from grammology

oh no. i'm sorry to hear that, agnes..

Thanks everyone for your kind words. He hasn't shown up yet...

I got two calls in response to the flyers, two different guys have seen him in the neighborhood Friday night (the night he disappeared). One of the guys saw him in his garage (Jamie isn't very street smart) but he's no longer there... We visited all the shelters but no luck. I have the idea he's in someone's garage (I felt that way all along even before the guy called) and can't get out.

I love him so much, miss him and am all worried that he's wounded or worse. Gonna keep looking. Sorry about the typos, I am using my iPhone to post this...

I had a cat who disappeared for almost a week and just strolled up to the house like he'd just left. Don't give up, but it's not your fault and most people are kind and will help him:)

In one of my favorite stories, written over a century ago, "The Wind In The Willows" which I consider to contain some of the greatest writing in the English language, there is an amazing chapter called, "Piper at The Gates of Dawn". Here, we find the three friends out on the river under a full moon searching for a lost baby otter. All night they searched. The scenery is magical and the conclusion fully spiritual as the piper turns out to be Pan, the woodland god in mythology who is holding the baby otter safe in his arms. I wish Jamie the same fate. I feel as though we are all friends searching the earth for a little lost cat.

"The line of the horizon was clear and hard against the sky, and in one particular quarter it showed black against a silvery, climbing phosphorescence that grew and grew. At last, over the rim of the waiting earth the moon lifted with slow majesty till it swung clear of the horizon and rode off, free of moorings and once more they began to see surfaces -- meadows wide-spread. and quiet gardens, and the river itself from bank to bank, all softly disclosed, all washed clean of mystery and terror, all radiant again as by day, but with a difference that was tremendous."


Oh, poor you! I hope you will find him.

Cats are independent and moody little creatures, he may show up anytime soon.

Oh dear, Am so sorry abt u missing Jamie.

But dont worry ! You'll find Jamie soon.

Even in my apartment, one of my friend lost his cat. All of them searched the entire apartment for 2 full days and then found a scared and hungry cat under the staircase of one of the blocks. Poor thing, he got lost and didn't know how to get back home.

Please look out for places near your home - maybe Jamie is scared of his new surrounding and hiding somewhere.

Take Care and find Jamie soon.

Any luck, Agnes? I hope and pray Jamie will run into you sooner than later.


Agnes, I understand your plight. I do hope u find Jamie real soon. Take care!

I am so sorry about that Agnes, I hope wish and pray that you find Jamie soon.

Agnes I am so sorry to hear this. I know what it feels like to loose your pet. Your blog told us how much you loved Jamie. I do hope that Jamie is fine and you find him again.

Hi Agnes! just read your post just now supposed am so busy doing chores and other responsibilities in my hand but anyway I'm so sorry to hear this.

Looking at all those pictures that you have posted and shared here in your blog I just can imagine how much Jamie means to you....hope you can still find him.

no news....

no news... he's not in the shelters, no more calls from flyers/ads (except from perv's). so sad.

oh no. i am very sorry to hear this...

Awww, crap. Sorry, Agnes. Really...

Update on Jamie:

Well we have some news at last on Jamie. After putting out hundreds of flyers, visiting every cat shelter and likely ally in the whole county, to say nothing of posting ads, we finally got a few leads. One person saw a black cat at a restaurant dumpster and we rushed over there at 11 last night, but it wasn't Jamie. Another kind lady called and said a beautiful black cat was prowling around her condo. Late into the night, we drove around the blocks of condo's where we spotted other cats but not our Jamie. Another person saw a black cat there today when Agnes and Lucky were there...
But the biggest clue came when a nearby neighbor, walking his little dog around the lake had found Jamie's harness and name tag about a half mile from our home. We rushed to meet him, not knowing whether to be happy or sad. He took us to a spot in the woods where he had found the little harness intact. There was no blood or fur or any sign of a struggle, just the harness, unbroken and still clasped. I don't see how he could have gotten out of it without unclasping it. Others think it can be done. Following this discovery, Agnes and Lucky walked for miles through the woods, fields and streets in 99 degree heat putting up flyers and sprinkling a "scent trail" of his own kitty litter and his favorite food leading back to our house. Our neighbors have been kind and people who work outside are watching for him. So far nothing but it wouldn't surprise us if he came wandering in one night looking for his dinner. Wouldn't that be nice. Meanwhile we check the shelter every day in the hopes he was picked up.

I still have hope that he will return, Geoff. I am holding the faith.

I'm so sorry Agnes & have no words to console u except to say that....my gut feeling says he'll be back.

U take care Agnes!!!!!!

Oh, i'm so sorry to hear about this. I really hope that you find him ...

Thanks guys. We got another call from the area where Lucky and I spent the hottest part of yesterday. I'm going over there now.

I got used to living in my car, living on Dunkin Donuts iced coffee, knowing the hours of all the shelters, knowing the volunteers on a first name basis and believe it or not, there's this whole world behind the lake I never knew existed. I haven't seen myself in a mirror in days which is probably for the best.

Underneath all the devastation and sorrow, I am so happy that I have the best of friends, Lucky, walking for miles, through gutters and fields, Robyn, being an instant message away all the time, I have the best husband who in spite of being ill drives around looking for Jamie. I have the best cat who's totally worth all this. I have the best readers, who email, comment and even offer to come and help (Thanks Maria, I am soooo touched!!!).

Those of you know who know me in person, know that I can generate bottomless energy.

This whole thing, in the strangest of ways, reminds me of being in that Afghani refugee school in the slums of Pakistan. And some other projects I got myself involved in in the Tibetan refugee areas of India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and a few other projects. What makes them similar is that I got involved in them for no reason whatsoever other than wanting to fight for what I believed in and knowing that if I don't do it, no one will. Knowing that by my presence and character alone I can get things going.

I was just telling Geoff that any time I think of crisp sheets, I think of that night in Taiwan, when after months and months of being in the tropical heat down in Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu volunteering after the 2004 tsunami, living on rice, trading make up for scratches and mosquito bites, after all that for months, one of the best night's sleep was that night in that upscale but still charming hotel up in Taiwan. Crisp sheets, bath tub, towels, orchids and real food.

It's very hard to explain this kind of happiness and snobs will never understand why I like raw life. It makes me feel alive.

I can't believe that looking for Jamie makes me think of all these adventures, but it seems there's something very liberating about doing something simply because you want to, doing it without safety nets, not caring about how crazy people think you are for wasting your life on others.

Sorry to hear that your kitty went missing. I hope you find her =^.^=

Oh Agnes I don't think you're wasting your life looking for him! You love him! I am still praying for his safe return! Thank you for keeping us posted.

Thinking of you.

I am praying for you, your husband and Jamie still!


I always admired your way of looking at life through small, little things. In fact, it is about finding life in small, little things. In this case, Jamie.

I hope you will find your Jamie and find him soon. May be he will find you. I am hopeful. My prayers are with the little one and all of you doing that long search. God be with you.



Even though its been five days since my god cat went missing, I STILL have hope. I think of all those stories that I have heard or read about where a cat or dog went missing only to find that somehow they ended up being thousands of miles from home and being discovered. I think Jamie might be in Mexico on the beach living it up on Corona's with lime and eating Mexican rats! I think he is alive and just wanted to sow some oats and have some adventures of his own. Maybe he precieved your own thoughts of adventure and had to find out what "adventure" is all about. He will be back! At least that is what I think.


This is really sad... i hope you guys find him! my wishes are with you!

@Robyn: Hopefully he gets himself a Twitter account.

If I see him on FB posting from a Mexican Internet Cafe', I will let you know immediantly. MY FB peeps are sending out vibes telling him to put down the drinks and get his ass home!

I love you, Agnes. All joking aside, he needs to go home.


Another call... one street down from call #1 of today... oh Jamie...

OK, checked out both leads from today and after combing the area found 2 black kitties exactly where the callers said they would be. Neither was Jamie. One more shelter to check today.

Jamie heard the geese in the lake near your house and he heard he rabbit hopping through your bushes. He wanted an adventure and she( adventure) called his name and he answered. I'm with lady Robyn on this Agnes, he saw the open fields and he wanted to see the sunrise over the grasslands by your house. Remember that little glen with the pine trees that we went through looking for Jamie, where his harness was found?...Jamie had been there and so were we. I saw parts of Florida that I did not know existed, from the little lakes and the ditch and that culvert we walked across using a cement walkway. All of it was new to me. That fence that we almost climbed over until you knocked on a lady's door and she showed us that secret gate to get through the fence so we could continue on our journey. We had an adventure with Jamie yesterday and you are continuing to do so. Jamie is still exploring and having an incredible journey and bringing us along with him. And like Robyn I believe it is time for him to come home.

Lucky, I absolutely love your comment. As do Geoff and Robyn.

When I saw the title 'update'. My heart skipped a beat. I thought u found Jamie. I too, like the others believe that u will get Jamie back.

Thanks Bins.

And Happy I n d e p e n d e n c e D a y to all of you in India!

Oh no! I am SO sorry Agnes! I know you love him so much and I hope that by the time I am writing this that he will be found. Best, best wishes.

i m really sorry....be patient though!!!!
thats all i can say :(

Ahhhh, Agnes;
It is quite difficult to comment on your post when the fact that Jamie has been missing for 12 days weighs so heavily on me. I'm glad everyone is so supportive. It REALLY helps. Meanwhile, we'll keep looking and hoping that he'll show up for breakfast one morning as though nothing had happened.

In tht last sentence Geoff said exactly why I wanted to say:-).
U take care Agnes!!!!!!

Hi first time visiting your blog. I'm so sorry for your loss. But i have a good feeling Jamie will show up.

I think he's out hunting for the best spoils to bring back home. I love my pet labrador to pieces so I know exactly what you're going through and helping you hope for the best.

Thanks guys :-)

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