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The pic with the pro make up is goood !!! Why is your hair all shiny and frosty though ???

Btw just read the prev posts that I had missed. Am so soory about Jamie going missing. Did you guys manage to find her ?? Good Luck Agnes!! Take Care.

@ Prashanti: Are you talking about my hair in my Halloween picture? That's a Marilyn Monroe wig! :-D
Nah, no luck on Jamie :-( We're still looking/checking the shelters.

Agnes, Prashanthi is talking abt the picture above the Marilyn Monroe pic....I too think u look good there:-)).

And I like tht red stop light pic too. And why do u have heavy traffic around 4.30....is it because of the schools??? We have horrendous traffic thruout the day but the worst happens arnd 5.30 & lasts up to 9.30pm:-/

Great photos that show an adventurous life with traffic, cats, flowers, beaches,marilyn,boats,cars, different locations...traffic lights, rocks trees, sand and
It says a lot and thanks for posting and no hints from me on Riley either.

How cleverly you have disguised this post by putting up a lot of pics! They are nice pictures anyway.

About Smokey, Judging from the name and the recent goings on, Me thinks Smokey is a pet. Not that Jamie can be replaced or anything. But somehow, I also feel that if it is a pet, it is not a cat. Don't know why.

Also, if you do know anybody who does not like the ocean, please let me know. I think they need serious help. :D Have a nice day!

@ Nancy: it's because people get off work at 5, but since everyone is trying to beat the 5 o'clock traffic it really starts around 4:30...

@ Lucky: Adventure is your middle name, Lucky.

@ Bins: :-D So you think Smokey is a pet....? But not a cat....? Hmmmm....

Hello Agnes!

Lovely photos. I'm still posting on my blog, but for now there are only guest posts on Simply Me. I started a new blog and currently posting here, here's the link: http://words-on-canvas.blogspot.com/

I will be back to posting myself on Simply Me in a week or two.

Thanks for posting the pictues they are really nice! I can't wait until I get the I phone!


Nice photographs Agnes. I love the skyline in the rain. Traffic sometimes reminds me of blood flowing in the veins and arteries, especially night shots. I'm in on the secret of Smokey so I'm impressed with the guesses. I think I've figured out what the subject of your next post will be. If the future does in fact belong to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams, then I'm certain I've guessed correctly.

Agnes, come on spit it out. All this waiting is driving me crazy.

The Marilyn photo is awesome Agnes! Thanks for sharing your photos, I can't wait to find out who Smokey is! Another cat maybe?

so cool Marilyn Monroe pic :) ahihihihi!!!
thanks for sharing :)

I'm cleaning up old pictures from my computer as I'm writing this!

All shots have some memories attached to them, no matter how bad they may be technically speaking.

I know plenty forty year olds who would love to look as beautiful as you.

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