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Hello Ms Agnes lady.
It is all about following your dreams and staying on that road no matter what
comes up and continuing even when it all seems like no one is listening to your
polka music. You have to continue to play your polka even if it is too empty halls because you are at least following your dreams and you are so so right, yes you are, I would not trade this ride with anyone else.
Yosh and Stan of Polka Band Gobi

I know exactly what you mean Agnes. Even on the wildest days here when I'm complaining about how the kids are nuts... I wouldn't trade it all of r a gazillion dollars!

Oh I know about feeling like I'm going uphill alright. This year has been pretty tough, but I'm hangin' in there. Hope you are feeling better. I like reading your new posts

Yes yes yes! That's what happiness is all about I guess :)
Any update on Jamie?

Take care!

BTW, I started a new blog, come on my page and see :) The link's there.

I wish I knew 'that' kind of happiness. It must feel good. :D Enjoy it. You come across as a person who lives life to its fullest! keep that spirit alive and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Cheers!

Agnes You have a very positive spirit. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

Hi Agnes;
Tough year? Sure. Ups and downs? You betcha. Highs and lows? Absolutely. I wouldn't trade them either. You have to figure out how to get over the humps and that's what happiness is, getting over the humps. I think knowing your purpose in life helps a lot. Or at least knowing your purpose part of the time. Will Rogers, an amazing and humorous American philosopher said, "Live your life so that whenever you lose it, you're ahead." I think those are good words to live by and to die by.

I love all of these comments, thank you so much.

Hi Agnes,

I am with you. This has been a tough year. But, I would rather be doing what I do than anything else. Because even if there is a small win included in numorous losses than win is much larger!


Hi, I have visited your blog. Success for you. Thanks

I usually say this after the uphills have come & gone. Then I look back like after 5 yrs & talk about it very wisely ;-D

Thanks Nancy ;-)

I am sure that's what happiness is. At least there is something like that which keeps us going.

It's great to be here. Always.

Any news on the li'll fella?


@ Mehreen & Soul: No, no news on Jamie... I am afraid he's gone :-(

Hi Agnes. stay happy despite the strain. you have a bunch of people around you who loves you much. :) blog friends included! :)

Life is always like that. Boredom, followed by too much things to do. And then you stop, exhausted, and start again.

as I always believe, "happiness is a choice" and that "life is full of uncertainties" but what is certain is the people who do care and love you even without realizing that they do care and love you...

Let us just be thankful for whatever comes our way :)) cheer up Agnes :)


Agnes...I know exactly what you're talking about. Since Laura left I have been telling many people that there was a night...toward the end...when it was just she and I...and my laptop of course. I paused for a minute to just sit there and notice what was going on...and in that instant I thought, "I wouldn't trade places with anyone on earth." I meant it too. Happiness? Not sure. Peace. Absolutely sure.

Hope all is well...


Indeed Agnes, Everybody's life is his/her own and can not be traded with anyone else! Keep up on the good work over here!

I'm sorry to hear that Agnes. Is that the reason we don't see much of you these days? Really miss having you around!

Take care.

Agnes.....no new posts?????

The frozen margarita machine was invented in Dallas.

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