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OMG Agnes! You totally crack me up! Thanks so much for making me smile this morning!

Heheheheheh. These emails never cease to make you go LOL !!! :)

I have read this before. Yeah. We all receive such million dollar offers but only a few (read Agnes) can come up with such a funny way of reacting to it. Great.


HA! I love this!! And that is a gorgeous picture...love it, too!

I always receive those kind of e-mails. and I use to reply them too, I've make fun of someone and acted like I'm really interested in giving my numbers. I love those scam mails, I always reply them with a smile

hahah.. so funny.. :)

Very funny - What all they send in mails - US$15.5 Million - Oh, come on - Who on this earth will respond to that mail sincerely !!!

Made me smile today morning, thanks for this post.

hahahahahahaha :)) you make me laugh Agnes :)
Thanks for sharing this :)

You've got an interesting respond for Mr. Kalif, that's the way to do it. I hate those spams they clogged my first email with millions of millions of dollars from unknown territories.

I like the mirror picture :-)

I only get a bunch of woman who want to sell me Viagra. You'd think they'd know "Juliette" is a female name...!

Agnes, super duper response. I receive these kinds of mails all the time. And the other ones I get are those which say : "Increase you manhood by two inches." I get a lot of those and I keep wondering what site I visited to receive such mails. Now I am inspired to respond. Kicking ass has always remained my favorite sport!

I went back. Read it all over again and laughed like I never read it before. :D

Oh, thanks guys. I thought the Banana Republic line was funny :-P...

Funny, I received an email like that too. I must be lucky as well =)

i have received the same email before... several times actually... and not only through emails, my husband would also receive text messages informing him he won, by now, different types of vehicle and MILLIONS of pesos already...

there are just really some people in this world who have nothing important to do. huh!

Absolutely brilliant, if only we could see their faces if and when they read it.

nice post friend!!!

I got one of those two. Actually, I've gotten several.

"too I mean" goodness I'm tired

ha ha. Good comeback!
p.s. love the earrings =)

LOL. I get at least one of these per day. Annoying!

i haven't gotten one of those emails in years. cute reply.

nice to discover you and your place here. i see we both are found of coffee cup graphics.

wow. u really replied?? i just usually delete these kind of mails.

Very clever and witty! You're good!

Bring Back Pluto

Haha nice reply.My yahoo inbox gets trashed with similar mails every single day.Damn I'm so tired of deleting them.

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