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Thanks for the update. The world kept turning while you were absent and I don't know how that could be but it did do this. And the sun still rose and set and the birds still sang
and life carried on with me. Still fun.

Go Agnes Go;
We want another new post. Sure it has been wild and crazy but we are ready for the next post, the next epiphany, the next touch of subtle humor. We're ready girl, ready, ready, ready to rock 'n roll.

If I said I missed you, that won't be wrong. I was so happy to see your comment.

Hey do try to drop by soon. Me misses ya!

Have a great day!

Glad you are back, Agnes. I have been seething in anger the past couple of days and hence my last blog came out spewing lava (I actually contained myself quite a bit there). Yeah, seriously. Some days suck. Hopefully you will be back soon with a post. see ya soon.

same with me Agnes :) been very busy doing two roles :(

misses your post

By the way, I'll be in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on Monday til Wednesday can you suggest something for me to visit? this will be my first time there. thou I will be working for the whole duration :( it's only at night that I can stroll :( hopefully

It's always lovely to hear from you, I don't think you need a schedule. :)

Summer has arrived here with a vengeance. I'm spending an inordinate amount of time in the pool with my son. There's certainly worse ways to spend the day :)

@ Amelia:

I haven't been to Vietman (would LOVE to go!!!)...

.... Lucky, have you been to Ho Chi Minh City?

.... Zhu?

Ho Chi Minh City is on my wish list Agnes. Travelled close to Vietnam ( Thailand and Malaysia)but no visit to that city or that country. There is something very special to me with Asia and SE Asia...it sets my heart a beating and my soul a singing.

oh Lucky, you said it so well!

We're okay over here! Missing your insightful posts of course!

Understandable, don't worry. We all have to do the little necessary things that make life go round. Hope to read more from you soon!

No apologies. Only update demanded. :D

Be back soon. Waiting.


Looking forward to your next post!

thanks Lucky and Agnes for answering my question makes me even more excited to go there :)

Good to hear from you. Enjoy your guests.

I gave you several awards on my site. The post is probably the 4th or 5th one down. Don't feel obligated to write about them as I know how long it takes. I just wanted to give the awards to you.

Looking forward to you writing again!

Take care, can't wait to have you back.

Hope bad isn't bad. Hope there is more good than bad. Hope the construction workers are not too noisy. Hope you are enjoying the friends and family!

i've been having rough weeks at work lately, but i'm surviving. it's easier for me to read others' blogs than update mine, so don't wonder how you can catch me here and not on my page. :)

and I do hope you are having a great time despite all that's happening... :) my sweetest regards extend to you and Geoff and Jamie too. :)

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