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33. Life is fun


Coffee at Starbucks? - $2.75
Coffee with Lucky? - priceless

Similarities between you and me.
point 1, 2, 5, 7, 10, 12. 13, 19, 21, 23, 25, 26, 27, 28.
Quite a number of similarities we have and I love the part that you were once mistaken for Britney Spears.

this is interesting ;) good to know more of you Agnes...happy weekend :)

i thought it was an interesting read to know u better :)

I also drive an SUV:) btw who pressured you into this ???

LOL...really, Britney Spears....I went back & chked atleast 3 pics after reading tht....I didnt see any resemblance....I mean u look so much better than her anyday;-D

And u can solve the WHOLE rubiks cube;-o
[Nancy stands backs & smartly salutes Agnes]
Tht cube always leaves me frustrated....I love tht contraption but never get to win...there is always just 1 different colored piece stopping me fron winning....& I'm talking here abt just 1 side;-/

Enjoyed all 32 points tho I already knew 24 of them;-D!!!!

Nancy, I look nothing like Britney Spears.

Not boring at all. It's great getting to know you better. We have quite a bit in commmon.
Have a great weekend!

You can solve a rubics cube? You are totally awesome! LOL It was so much fun reading about you. See? Peer pressure can be useful at times. Just don't tell my mother!

Boring, not at all !!! Actually, it was fun reading.

2,5,7,8,14,18,19,27,28 - We match on all these.
Me too a Sleeping Queen !

Solving Rubics Cube ? OOPS, Never finished it. 3 Cheers to u !

Agnes this is quite a list. I can attest the list is true and more. One of your most endearing qualities is the contrast between the different qualities. And it is true about Rubic's Cube. I've witnessed it many times. You only left out the fact that you are simply you and most of us who are busy being who we think we should be can't say that.

I must agree, your complexity is fascinating! And I am not much for small talk either haha! Stay real.

On the contrary it was not boring because you mixed it up pretty well :)

I find your list exciting.. I am 10 in your list.. :)

Thanks guys :-)

No! It's not boring to read all of this. It's great to know you better.=D

such interesting facts about you. i love to learn about my cyber friends.

Sometimes you feel ugly?! Are you kidding? Yeah...I know you aren't fishing for esteem builders...but you should see what I have to look at every day! (You are cool, Dah'ling...)

I love this kind of stuff. Too bad I can't find you on Twitter ;)


I enjoyed reading your list. Some of the stuff I knew but I did not know you find small talk boring. I thought that is what you and I sometimes do! I LOVE our small talk!


We have quite a lot in common!

You are right, age differences shrink with time. And the strawberries thing? I was fooled too!

I think the last time I played video games was in the 90, probably my old Gameboy. I don't understand these state of the art games today...

@ Robyn: I love our small talk too. You're never boring.

@ Zhu: I know, bummer on the strawberries.

Interesting about the tattoo and you do look a bit like Britney, don't you?

Great stuff. I love lists about people.

nice to know more about you Agnes. :) but #5, seriously? :)

Why wouldn't u want to follow anyone on Twitter? That's just silly lol

I am sure 25 isn't final.
Keep writing.

You can solve a rubic's cube in short order? I'm still working on my first one! (If you can count trying for like 3 minutes actually trying. Still...I don't have the patience to go much beyond that.) Sorry you've never had a burger...

6. I'd rather be misquoted than have a bad photo run. Just kidding. But still.

Great quote. Funny and realistic. I'm at the other end of the spectrum.

loved it thoroughly. stumbled on ur blog today; going through whole of it or at-least trying to; lets see how much i can ....

From a fellow traveller and dreamer, I just wanted to say what a wonderful blog you have here. I discovered your blog through Zhu's blog and am so glad I did! I totally agree with your #25. I really struggle with small talk (I just can't see the point in talking about nothing), but could talk from sunrise to sunrise about about life. I also completely agree with #11. There is so much that the "throw away societies" of Western world can learn from the less developed world about family values, community, and appreciation of what really matters, what is really important, and how little we really need to survive on. Agnes, your list is truly inspirational!

Linked here through Midnight Writer. :)

I love intelligent, stimulating conversation too. I take profound interest in people, but tend to forget that not everyone is as willing to dig beneath the surface as I am.

I like the photos here, love the love you have for your husband, and that you travel as much as you do. There's a big beautiful world out there, it would be a shame not to see at least some of it.

RE #9

My Human begs to differ...respectfully of course. ;-D

I'm head over heels still in love with my hubby, too.
Fascinating to learn more about you.
I also like puzzles- hats off to you about the cube, but I am more inspired by our similarities about stimulating convo and your candor/sense of humor about the photo shoots, plus feeling ugly some days. (No one believes me when I have revealed that about myself. We all have our "off days!" no matter what the outer packaging is.
Loved that this list is not the "usual" "I was born in Blah, blah, etc.

I have gone through this list many times but whenever I am little bored at work I open this and read it again. Also your writings about Dubai and Karachi. I am in love with how your wrote about my country :) xxxx

Merry Christmas.

I'd love to know why some of these little tid bits were included. Why for instance did you include that you had never played a video game, eaten a steak or gotten a tattoo?

I think a post delving into why you chose to share these tidbits would be fascinating

I'm most curious about what you do for work.

My guesses:

Traveling Fashion Designer
Ambassador to some Far East hole in the wall


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