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I like what you write :)

I really love Orchids too. I have one on my desk that has been in bloom for now 3 months with not one blossum dead. It is amazing. Bruce has a orchid that had been in our greenhouse Window for 6 years. A couple of months ago he put it outside on the front porch and with in two weeks two shoots came out and went into bloom when it had not done so for 6 years! It was Amazing!

I love the smell of Jasimine in India it is the most beautiful smell. I love the smell of tuberose in Hawaii, the minute you get off the plane. I love many kinds of flowers, including poppies of every kind. But Orchids are very beautiful and amazing and my most favorite.


Lovely post!
Will post about our Japanes garden soon..the smell of flowers are the basics of everybodies instinct.
Si presto

What a story! So many people would think an orchid is just an orchid, but for you it's all that. And to someone else, another thing means the world. It's not ONLY the beauty that lies in the eye of the beholder.

Oh my goodness Agnes! The photos are magnificent, and I do see the beauty in the roots of the orchid. I didn't realize you could grow them that way. I'm going to have to look into it. Your story about visiting Thailand was touching. I always look forward to your blog posts!

You have such beautiful orchids. Prior to your post they were just orchids to me, just some sort of flower , now they are beautiful and they are "orchids"...happy orchids.
I now see the beauty in orchids you have put the beauty there. Merci.

The flowers look gorgeous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your home looks very beautiful !!!! I miss the smell of the summer jasmines in India soo much :(

Beautiful, indeed!

I'd love to plant more flowers at home, but it breaks my heart when they die with the first snow... Canada isn't the place for pretty flowers.

If you can get better photos, I'd like to see them, because those photos are very good. I'm with you on the roots. They show the wild nature of all that beauty, not a combination I see too much in the workaday world. There's something about the combination of color and asymetry, and the family of flower itself, really, that expresses a will of glory. Sigh. Thanks.

The photos were great. You gave me an idea for my flower photo experiment which I will be posting soon too. Thank you for sharing your love for orchids. Hope to see more about it.

Keep Well!

Lovely post Agnes :)
Orchids.... hmmmm... never thought of them that way. You really make 'em look too good!

Good day! :)

Well Agnes;
I've been wandering around the lush flora you photographed and realized that it isn't just a jungle mass. Your photos are excellent and really show the individual beauty of the Vandas. Really nice. I don't even think finding your camera matters at this point because the shots you have completely illustrate your point. Thailand must have been incredible if it was layered with these beauties. Ironic contrasts though between the good, the bad and the ugly.

I loved your story and I loved the pictures. I totally get what you are talking about. I loved the flora under the dining table. Looks awesome. I went back a couple of times to check it out. I love the idea of setting up a home that embodies your travel and experiences from different parts of the the world. Very nice indeed!

Wow incredibly beautiful, totally agree with you, its awesome. green, beautiful and natural, even I loved the rainforest look.

After living in New Zealand like country for 12years I can compare the natural beauty to man made beauty here in UAE, I can really say the greenery around us makes us feel alive, happy.I miss it heaps here, i did went back to your pictures more than twice and found myself breathing easier.

Hey Agnes, for once (first time) I got so carried away with your green pictures that I forgot to comment on your pretty picture hahaha

WOW. Your orchids are awesome! I have lots of fake orchids in my house. I worry too much about my cats eating plants that could hurt them. Trouble is they eat the fake plants sometimes too :(.

Anyway, I can see why you are enjoying home. It looks so pretty!

Love to see the orchids from the love of life.

They are really beautiful and exotic. I think orchids can be considered the queen of flowers for their majestic beauty and exotic looks. Some rare species can be gathered only in far off mountains and forests. Thanks for the post. God bless.

Oh Orchids! Your flowers are so lovely and I think generally that flowers have their own language. This is a very cheerful post, Agnes :)

Wow I love those orange vandas. I hope you visit the Philippines, too for more exotic flowers! great post!

so beautiful!

it's quite an experience you had in Thailand... and those are lovely orchids. my mom grows orchids too. :) her treasures, really. :)

Wow, I _love_ the plants without pots. The roots hanging down is just phenomenal. What a wonderful and intriguing way to plant orchids; I'm so impressed!

nice shots...i love orchids...colorful, and elegant

nice blog friend, the orchids are really beautiful,

Interesting reading about orchids. And very beautiful pictures to go with your contents.

i have never really seen orchids here though malaysia is famous for this flowers. some orchids r facing extinction here and yet there r still people trying to smuggle out this flower of malaysia because they can fetch half a million. just hope there's still some more orchids left in the future!!

Your orchids look so exotic, they're blooms are so refreshing. Anyway I really looked up to people who have kind hearts to think of others in need, same as you who made an effort to volunteer. I hope people in Myanmar recovered from that cyclone. Thank you for sharing

I love your site...and your orchids. I have no luck with them myself when I grow them outdoors, and I'm afraid to bring them in because they are poisonous to house cats.I tried to drop my entrecard, but couldn't find your widget. You seem to have an interesting point of view, so I wanted to invite you to join the Batcave forum on SG. Hope to see you there!

hi i really like your blog,i love it.

LOVE orchids!

I was travellling. So never got a chance to catch up with the blog. I am back and I can see, I am down there in the abyss. No 1 again.

But the orchids are simply awesome. You have your ways with nature, Agnes. You sure do. I'm just amazed. Great going.


Love reading each and every post you put in here...i can read ur blog forever, i tell u.
btw, who takes ur pictures??? he/she does a great job :) u look beautiful.

I love your orchid pictures! More power to your blog agnes!

Those flowers are wonderful. I just love your space. I want it! ;)

I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend.


Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. I am sorry I've neglected my blog -- sometimes life gets in the way of blogging, doesn't it?

One word .... beautiful.

I love orchids :) nice photos Agnes....:))

Oh wow, I just love these colors Agnes. My favorite are dendrobiums, but I just can't find one that suits me here.

Oh! I love the pictures and you have so many of them. I am just getting orchids for my apartment and will need some tips from you.

nice shots! those orchids are really beautiful but what I like the most is the orange vandas, I like it's color. That reminds me of my mom, I remember her, she cuts the stem of our orchids and tie it to the stem of a tree. People really appreciate her effort because every time they pass by in our house, they always noticed and praise the beauty of that flower. anyway, I like your post! keep on posting..


i love orchid so much and i also have this kind of orchid flower but its not a big like on the post,so beautiful.


WOW Agnes, I have never seen roots like that before! I want to know exactly where that is so I can go there and witness this beautiful reality. I am a huge fan of orchids and these pictures are shot so well. I have been growing orchids for over 15 years but unfortunately I have NEVER witnessed them in their natural tropical habitat! Unbelievable job, thanks for bringing these images into my life.

For those of you who want to grow flowers like this at home check out my new site - I am compiling all of my orchid growing knowledge :)

Orchids shown by you are truly beautiful. Thanks for giving us the information

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