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Nice!! Real nice! I love your taste and style. Yes, there is no place like home, even my dogs think so after 2 days of camping on the beach. They were so happy to be home. Me, too.


Great interior decorating! Wish I could get my place looking that great!

Glad to see you are back home! I know you missed it.

I love interior decorating but I had to refrain myself. See, you buy a bookshelf because you need it and next thing you know, it doesn't go well with the rest of the furnitures and you end up changing everything!

If only I had the budget for that...

Hmmm the house(s) in google images do look cozy.

And guess what? I found an old friend of Jamie's. Surprised? Hold on a while, you'll know :P

You have great taste and I love the feel you have put together. It is amazing what rearranging can do I agree, I have to play around at least once a year and switch up the furniture and also narrow down to only being with things I really love and enjoy.

I also love your outfit and shoes!! :)

Cannot wait to see the updates when you get your camera back, and I also wanted to send you your favorite print just cause, so when you have a moment I would love to get your address to send.
Have a wonderful week.

xo Leigh

I like your taste & style. Have a great week!

Welcome back Agnes :)

I love your picture agnes and I love your shoes. And your style and taste of home decor is so unique and classy.

wow! you have lovely things, agnes. ..and the pictures of your dream home, that's how i envision our beach house, too. :)

Super. Finally you are moving back home. I can imagine what it must have felt like to live in a hotel for sooooo long. Looks like you are going to get real busy. Please do post pics of your house as and when you are able to.

First, I have to say that I LOVE your shoes! Okay... that's done. LOL I am so happy that you are back home now. I imagine living in a hotel was fun at first, but I know you must be glad to be done with it! I can not wait to see the photos of your renovations. I'm sure they are lovely!

Thanks so much for all the compliments and guess what? You made my shoes blush... Killer heels I tell you!

I got them at ALDO's, these were the last pair, but they do still have them on their website...

Hi Agnes;
I was also admiring those beautiful images you posted of your dream home as well as the ones of our actual home when I realized that what I really loved were the comments you got. I loved all of them. Sure those shoes are great but the whole post was really a focus on aesthetics and beauty and it seemed to really strike a cord. Beauty, style, and aesthetics are such a powerful communication and they truly bring out the best in us all. What a pleasure to read what our friends have to say and how nicely they say it.

I love your dream house! It makes me dream of far away places, beautiful beaches, and weather. I definitely think I could handle there!

This is great! Enjoy your home! Your home really rocks! :)

Nino Natividad

"Everything old is new again. Funny how you get a fresh perspective on things once you move them around and change them up a little." JUST AWESOME, I say.

Your house is beautiful, Agnes. God bless you, Geoff and of course, Jam baby.

Am I late here?


Hope you had a happy 4th of July. I know I did. Beautiful pictures. I'd love a home like that.

Hi there. Are you no longer a member of entrecard? If not, I'll still visit, but won't keep looking for the widget. hope all is well!

ah.. so I see "South East Asia"???? That's home to me :-)


Hi Agnes,

I used to live/work in Indonesia and I just adore the furniture. Indonesians are really talented cabinetmakers. Your home looks wonderful. It does have that 'Asian' touch indeed.


I like your Beautiful taste & style. Have a great,great, great week!

I think we've got the same taste in homes. I really love the tropics and Pacific island theme. I also love your shoes.....that's hot.

i was just thinking your heels look soooo adorable.

Hello Agnes, do you have no more Entrecard on your blog... i came from the Ad to your blog ;-)

u got such sexy shoes.

i hope i will get my dream house one day!

They really are great shoes. Welcome home :)

Hi Agnes
In your picture you definitely look like you are rediscovering your home all over again :)

I am sure you must be glad to be home, there's no place like home on earth and I totally agree with your dream home dream, just the pic of it looks so calming, imagine living it.

hi Agnes. visit the Philippines some time and I'm sure you'd find excellent goods to add to your home decors. :)

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