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oh it's ok, Agnes... tell us any story you want to and we will gladly read it! :)

it's good to know how passionate you are with Jamie.. very lucky cat indeed. :) and yes, the sweater thing is sweet, don't you think? :)

I like the quotation Agnes....most of the time grown-ups tends to complicate things...

the hand only means that you are really hands-on :)

cute little Jamie :)

they have a 10-minute long narrative to go along with every single one of those photos, giving a whole new meaning to the phrase "A picture is worth a thousand words".

I laughed aloud at this!

Good Morning Agnes;
I'm in love with this little cat too. Somehow, he seems to have morphed from a cat to a full-fledged family member. He sort of expects to be taken seriously, has no self-consciousness, and always wants to be involved in whatever we're doing. And Agnes, you're beautiful.

It's okay to knit Jamie a sweater that can be the sweetest gift you can give him this Christmas.

Lovely photo of you and Jamie. My four cats are family, actually I like them better than my family...but I would never embarrass them with a sweater.

LOL LOL @ sweater :) Lovely Pic !!

Game, game, we are all game for all the stories and intricate details. Go on please. I must say you possess amazing subtlety when it comes to sense of humour.

And the picture is just great grandma-esque.....


Hey Agnes. I would love to see your million pictures with Jamie and would love to hear all those details about Jamie. Go on....please go on. And yes your hands do not look like 90 year. You look very pretty. And do knit Jamie a sweater for Christmas.


I too do not have a problem with you going on and on about my god son! Feel free! He's a cute little thing! One thing about visitors...they are nice to have a visit but wouldn't want em to live there! ;-)


"They have a 10-minute long narrative to go along with every single one of those photos."

LOL Agnes! You must be talking about me! I do that all the time. I think both you and Jamie are gorgeous!

LOL. you are so funny! it is okay i know if i have another dog, i will join you in going on and on about my little precious ball of fur and joy! : )

90 year old hands? No.. but I'd say working persons hands.

OK, throw me a bone here -- how about an artist's hands?

I am FOR knitting little Jamie a sweater. Definitely.

people say having a cat or a pet would show what kind of parent u r if u have kids in the future.

... I'd better learn how to knit...

what a lovely pic! as all your pics on the blog!


I just wandered in from BlogCatalog while searching for new and interesting blogs to read. I love that you are so honest, and candid. It's refreshing.

Greetings from the other side of the planet :)

Your hands look just fine. I like hands with small scars, small cuts, uneven nails even. It show that we are working doing doing stuffs! I can never understand these women with perfect long long nails. Don't they ever do the dishes???

90 year-old-hands? No...I don't think so.

Exactly, I agree with Andy.

Its not the hands of a 90 year old, but the hands of a creative person. Generally, when the fingers are long and thin and there is a certain elegance when you look at the way the hand sways - Oh, come on, its the hand of a creative person - just like me, hehehe !!!

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