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ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

you all know why i am laughing my heart out, dontcha?

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

comments can come later. jamie is too kwuut.


# 2. Me again. Where is Sunshine Girl???

Vanity is an ornament for women. Enhances their beauty? Cant say the same about Jamie. :D



You all know why. Dont you, Agnes?

Now, the rest can just follow me. Please go ahead.


My dogs love being washed, blown dry, and brushed and trimmed. After we are done they walk around and flaunt their stuff. They know when they are clean and they like it. Jamie is such a sweety pie. I love him. He is my god Son.

Yesterday, was Rudy's Birthday and I forgot it! He is now 4.


@ Soul: at long last, the day has finally come!!! SOUL IS FIRST!!!!!

@ Robyn: awwwww! Jamie is your god son :-)))) and Rudy is my god son! And belated happy birthday to my god son! I am typing this on my iPhone (really hard) so I'll do the birthday card when I get home OK?

I like Jamie's haircut! He is just too cute! I had to laugh at you saying that you're vain. I think most women are, and if they say they aren't. They're probably lying!

I am sure every woman is vain :) But you really took vanity to new levels dear , by buying the car just coz you'd look good in it :) You rock, agnes !!! and Jamie is cuuuute :)

What differentiates us from animals is indeed our ability to categorize. It makes all the difference though.

Well Agnes;

I know I need to be very careful here. I don't consider your vanity a flaw but simply part of your charm. And your ability to accessorize borders on true art/aesthetics. But the real question seems to have reverted to the age old question, "Does a dog have Buddha nature?" My answer is, "Wuff." And does Jamie? "Meow"


This was funny... *really* funny :D
Jamie is a cutie :P

You my dear Agnes...are authentically you. That's what it's all about I think. Very nice.

(Your Sid Vicious reference made me think of this: http://thirty2nds.wordpress.com/2009/04/06/authenticity/ )


hahahah...you make me laugh on your last sentences :)

LOL....especially about the car;-D

But then, u have every reason to be...vain I mean:-))!!!!!

Thanks everyone, for your awesome comments. This morning I noticed Jamie's new 'do makes him look like he's Adam Lambert from American Idol. Adam's hair is all uneven and piece-y, and punky and black and as is Jamie's.

I think that jamie is such a cutiepie that he'd even be handsome with a mullet! Hope all is well :)

jamie must have really loved his new hair. :)

all women are vain in one way or another.. there's just probably different degrees of it. :)

i remember my nephew, he was around 4 at that time, i think, and he fell off the stairs, and while falling he said he covered his face. asked why, he answered, "i wanna make sure i won't get scratched." LOL little boys can be vain too, huh? :)

I like Jamie's hair cut! =D Have a good day ahead.=D

A Writers Den
The Brown Mestizo

Agnes! I am totally with you on this!

Thanks for wishing my friend Stef and her cat Roxy well. We really appreciate it!

@ Maria: so glad Roxy's OK. When I first got Jamie I named him 'Roxy' but then re-named him an hour later. It was almost as though he already had a name and that name was Jamie :-)

LOL! I needed my fix of daily humor.

Also, i'm always fascinated by how Geoff always finds the right anecdotes and quotes. *tip my non-existent hat."

Hi Agnes....
I can imagine Jamie feeling light and cool with his new hairdo...I am not a great fan of cats bcos I love dogs....but hearing err reading about jamie I am sure he is a cutie...thats a lovely picture of you two.

i don't think cats or animals know the meaning of materialism. :)

I think we all hate "losing face". Makes us human... Now, if only we could be a little liss materialistic, we would be almost perfect! :lol:

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It's joy to know you, wishing the nicest things always for you, not only today, but all the year through because you are really a joy to know.

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