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Agnes.....just imagine how ur post must feel to a resident who lives in a desert with the heat blasting upto 45 degrees for the next 4 months without any relief in sight:-(

"it's almost as though we need a power outage and dead phone batteries to really notice all the artistry."
Nope u dont need any gadgets or gizmos for this....just hang around with kids;-D

Wowzer..heat up to 45 degrees..this is 113 F ! I wonder where this place is located
( Dubai ?). And I thought Arizona was hot in the summer it goes up to 105 average there.
I also really appreciate the wind and rain ( especially the wind) and walking against and with the strong wind. Very enjoyable to me.

oooh swimming in the rain amidst the rain woith the smells of lush grass and the moist soil sure seems great !!!!!! Congrats for getting featured :)

Oh Agnes;
That does sound great. We Brits don't seem to have the appreciation for swimming that others do, but some of the pleasurable moments of my life have been getting caught in those warm tropical rains and deciding which moment to surrender, stop worrying about wet clothes or hair or anything else. There is a transcendental moment when one becomes selfless and one with the earth. It is glorious. And the kids do it instinctively ... remember those mud puddle moments?

You nailed exactly why us Seattle people don't mind the rain so much. Not that we go swimming when it rains but the air smells so good after it, the sound of it raining is beautiful, the grass and vegetation is green and thriving. We just broke the record of 30 days straight with no measurable rain. It has been nice but now that the record is broken, I am ready for a little hydration! I will check out your Celebrity interview. I bet your do a bang up BH&G ** job!

It rained here too finally for the first time in weeks. It rained EVERY single day for almost 2 weeks and I thought I was sick of it, but it was a welcome change and I took a nap during the storm :) Our flowers sure needed it too. Things get pretty brown in the Florida heat real quick with no rain!

Hope all is well! Going to check out your interview.

Oh! How I love the rain and the sound of the drops crashing on the earth.

In my part of India, the monsoon has been inordinately delayed with mercury soaring up to 45 degree and humidity level breaking into 90 percent regularly. It's been terrible. I can't seem to wait for the rains this time around.


The thunder, lightning and the rain ... Mmmmmm.... heavenly ! Absolutely true !

And I luv it more, when I am in the pool and it pours cats and dogs ..... wow, divine bliss.

Hey Monsoon ! When are you coming ????

Oh wow, you guys in India and Dubai -- that's HOT! ...... how I long for Asia..... (sigh)

Glad you all like the rain. Did anyone check out Andy's site? It seems to have taken off very nicely, there are a dozen or more interviews there after mine and we only did mine less than a week ago. People are taking notice!

Rains! I love them!!

I want to lose myself like a child in it. I remember when I was young, me and my cousins would play out in the rain till the very last drop fell. :)

Lovely post!

I liked your interview. Nice getting to know you better. That site is really neat.

Thanks so much for supporting Coco's recovery!

As a kid, the second rain was what i eagerly waited for. As a rule, I wasn't allowed to play in the first rain (probably because the air in the Indian cities is so polluted). Be it floating paper boats in the little streams that formed from the rain, or a game of soccer in the slush, or just lying down on the roof and letting the rain beat up on me, or pulling a bean bag by the window and watching the rain with a book resting on my lap, or the steaming hot dumplings that get tastier when it rains. The first rain conjures many many memories.

My children love playing in the rain, and I still do too. Rainy days make me happy!

Hey there, wanted to stop lurking and finally say hello. I'm amazed that you saw my Featured Site of the Week link - I normally add a comment to the website saying they were my FSotW, unfortunately in this case my day rapidly went downhill shortly after the post, and there's been little time since.
Anyways, I really enjoy your blog - it's always a pleasure to stop by and catch up on the latest news :)
Best wishes

Gah, wet! I like using the outdoor bath when it's raining - the hot water of the bath and the cold water falling down on me. But I don't know that I'd go jumping into cold water!

I enjoyed your interview!

i love summer because i can swim. i love the rainy days, when i just have to stay home because i can bathe in the rain. but swimming while raining, that i haven't really tried yet. :) that must be enjoyable... the thought of it makes me stress-free already.


Ottawa has some really violent thunderstorms in the summer. It's be scary and somewhat comforting... Rains cleans everything and I find thunder matches my mood.

I think you are enjoying the time greatly. Pls enjoy also on my behalf as i like to enjoy such climate very much.

unfortunately in this case my day rapidly went downhill shortly after the post, and there's been little time since.

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