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i am first...yayyyyy

and now after reading the post. now is see why you are not there on facebook.

let me be first, second and third also to comment. all positions are mine

beat you Soul and Geoff...ha ha

I was just sitting here thinking about my past travels a bit too. I love reminiscing and it sounds like you guys had an enjoyable evening.
I know what you mean about keeping up, it is a job in itself for sure. LOL.

Hope you are well, sending my best to all three of you :)


Yeah, yeah! Naughty boy Jamie is handful. Ask him to sign up on Facebook. Teach him how to blog. We would love to see more posts from you. Of course.

Now I can see I have set a standard. Everyone wants to beat me, eh! Everyone wants to beat the Champ, ah! Thanks to Kiran.


There are those who believe that cricket is the most important activity in the world. Then there are a few of us who seem to feel that when we comment on Agnes' Pages is also very important. I'm not comparing Agnes' Pages to a cricket match but I want to point out that there was a great Pakistani cricket player named Saqlain Mushtaq who invented The Doosra - ‘the other one” or the “second one" and "The Teesra” or “the third one”. I don't know the Urdu or the Hindi for the fourth one but I'm fairly certain that I have isolated the common thread between cricket and posting a comment on Agnes' Pages and that alone ought to qualify me for a Nobel Prize or a free pass to watch the Rawalpindi Rams play the Lahore Eagles. Nice post Agnes. I'm "the seventh one" which like "the seventh son" is a position sacred in mythology and the blues.

Yeah, you definitely have to love Winnie the Pooh. Eeyore is my favorite, because no matter how depressed you get, Eeyore has it worse. LOL

I tried to join Facebook about three months ago. I made many friends, and it sucked me in. I spent entirely too much time on the computer and I had to say goodbye to Facebook. Blogging is much more laid back. I always love to hear from you and I would love some more Jamie photos.

Wow - Sri Lanka! I love to travel, but I'm afraid I've never been to the far or middle east. I was supposed to go to Hong Kong this summer, but decided to put it off due to Coco's illness. I am determined to get to some of these places one day though!

Awww well... it will be really fun to have you on Facebook if you ever join it :)


Hey Agnes,
This is true relationship building, not Twitter and FB or MySpace. I have met some awesome people on Entrecard and the reason I think I know them well is because they are writing things that pertain to real life experiences. I appreciate your honesty and sincerity when it comes to your posts. Never apologize for being who you truly are! Have a great day!

Friends 4 Life!

DID ANYONE SAY CRICKET?????????????????? Geoff, you did that? You seem a keen follower and I am totally impressed. The "fourth one" would be "Choutha" and Ajanta Mendis' Carrom Ball can take the tag.

Oooohooooo! Geoff is a Nobel prize winner now.


LOL Kiran:-D

@ Soul: Did you know that I met Moin Khan? It's true. Moin and his wife, Tasneem came to see Geoff and I when we were in Pakistan. I was so thrilled. I don't know the first thing about cricket, but Geoff had told me to say "Moin, I bet you can't hit my googlie" so I did. I have a bunch of photos of all four of us somewhere -- when we're back in the house (yes, we're still living a hotel) I'll scan them in and show them to you.

@ Eddie: Thanks :-)

Thanks Soul;
It isn't that I'm such a great cricket fan exactly but I'm writing a novel in which a young cricket player and his bowling prowess are a large part of the plot. It is ironic that you mention Mendis because I may use the March attack in Lahore on the Sri Lankan Cricket team in my story and as you know, Mendis was one of the injured players. It is the passion and sheer aesthetic content of certain sports which when played at their highest level that is so appealing. We see it in cricket, soccer, tennis and occasionally in boxing. Basketball produces it too. I've never seen the Carrom ball but I'm sure it is quite something. I do know that in Ireland, cricket bats are not allowed at weddings because they have been used to settle disputes. Should we blame the bat or the Irish temperament? Long live this genteel, slow, lazy English pastime!

Hi Agnes!

I totally understand your situation. :) I myself cannot regularly update my blog. I have quite a few accounts on various social networking sites, but just like my blog, it's seldomly updated. :)

I love Winnie the Pooh, that my shameful secret :-)

Same here... blog is taking too much time, don't have any spare minutes for Twitter etc. I know what you mean!

I bet you are so passionate when you talk about traveling... I'd love to chat with you!

Looks like everyone is enjoying the conversation here. Sending my best on tree of you guys.=)

A Writers Den
The Brown Mestizo

Lol! I mean three of you..=D

Doesn't matter. Still nice to read.

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More than anything else a chitchat with your loved one's is so important. For me I would like to tweet on my partner or family rather than on the internet. Sri Lanka also reminded me of my lost love, she now lives in Colombo.

Thanks for sharing Agnes...

I recently finished reading Winnie the Pooh to my children. We got lots of giggles out of that book! I love your quote! =)

we love winnie the pooh and the friends ;) my kids adore them. In fact that's the birthday theme of my daughter this June 16 but we will celebrate it on June 14 ;)

i like the shot Agnes:) you look lovely even on the side view :)

Agnes, U have the knack of writing the shortest of posts with the deepest of meanings.

Thank U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your man, Mendis did well!!!!
"But Simmons was largely responsible for a near nine-an-over rate until his was the first of three wickets to fall for only four runs in seven balls, to the spin of Ajantha Mendis and Muttiah Muralitharan.

From 73 for four in the eighth over, Dwayne Bravo (51) and Ramnaresh Sarwan were up against it on a pitch helping the spinners.

PS I was raised on Winnie The Pooh back in rural England but never quite got it the way I do now. Frankly, I preferred "Little Lulu and Tubby." Their American values fascinated me.

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