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Agnes. You wait till after you finish working out? I can't do that. I have to look in the mirror while it's happening. Isn't it why they put mirrors on the gym walls?
I am first AND last to comment, aren't I? Where is Soul?

How about after the strenuous workout, the prodigious appetite? It's a damn trap, I tell you...

@ Geoff:

I am not ashamed to say that I have never in my whole life had a gym membership. In my defense, I have never played a computer game either, so I am not all weird.

Anyway, I thought the gym walls were mirrored so we can see our fat bodies in their full glory and feel motivated to lift some extra weight.

@ Jane:

Jane, you're onto something there. Exercising is overrated. By the way I am typing this comment on the veranda of this new Greek eatery across the street from Baskin Robbins and Dunkin Donuts while waiting for my 4-cheese pizza....

How I remain Happy and not totally introverted about my being "heavy" as my indians call it, is I don't have pictures taken. Who needs more pictures, anyway?

And by the way, I own a treadmill. I never use it.

LOL @@Jane :) .. I do this ALL the time. I do abs for 10 minutes and I think I can FEEl them being tightened already :)

You look just fine!

Some days I feel great, some not so. But I try to stay healthy and look at the positive side!

if YOU need to lose 10 pounds, what does that makes me?




I jumped on a trampoline with my kids the other day...10 minutes...and checked myself out in the mirror. Then I sucked in...and vowed to do it for 1/2 hour every day. I'll start that some other day maybe...

This is a great post,even for me..=) lol
I think i need to have an exercise.=D Hope to see more from you.=)

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The Brown Mestizo

Absolutely true.

We just dont know how we put on weight - it happens as an unconscious process. But to shed that extra bulge from the middle is just a herculean task. Everyday, after my ab crunches are over, I call up daughter and ask her whether she sees any difference in me ? Or worse, I'll be standing in front of the mirror - maybe for the mirror to tell me that I have reduced my belly fat ?????!!!!!!

I exercised daily and used to try to spot some semblance of weight reduction.....never happened!!! I only lost weight when I stopped consciously trying & worrying over it; I mean, I still ate alright, exercised & stuff, but I didn't spend every minute wondering, is this working??? I think you have to do the work, but be relaxed about it too :D

@ Shalom: No kidding! (wink)

You are crazy! Girl, you are tiny, and lovely!

@ Heather: And vain! LOL

Heh , you looked great in this photo ! Don't need to worry about losing weight !

Take more photos & share with all of us here of your interesting adventures !


You should know it takes at least 30 minutes of exercise to lose any weight.

Oh!!!! All the time... immediately, days later and still no change in downward direction...

hey Agnes dont think you need to exercise, you are blessed...and about your ??? Have you ever exercised for 15 minutes then looked in the mirror to see if you were thinner?
Well I do that everyday darling :(

ha ha i do that all the time. i come back home from the gym, look in the mirror and go...oh damn! :)

Stopped in to say hello and check the new post.My answer would have to be no thank God.Also you don't really look like you need to either.Take care

It seems as if life is gaining weight and then losing weight, gaining weight and then losing weight...or..getting a hair cut and it is too short and then as it grows it is too long so you need to get it cut and then it is too short and then it grows and gets too long, an endless cycle. And I think you should add a few pounds to you Agnes...if you turn sideways you would disappear...and if it gets too windy you'll blow away so go to some all you can eat buffet in Georgia and chow down on all the southern fixins...if you have a meal or two there, you will be set for months.

Ha ha good one. Exercise, Loosing pounds, mirror on gym walls, i phone. Etc etc. All very interesting topics for me. Feels like the post is written for me. Love this post of yours.
Recently someone clicked my picture using my iphone. And it was an amazing shot. I loved it. I wish I could share it with you. I put it on facebook. When will facebook bug bite you and Geoff?

Hi Agnes...you looked great! ;-) hmmm I don't exercise; I'm just plain lazy! :-D

Your picture looks fine and you don't need to lose weight!!

And to answer your question "Have you ever exercised for 15 minutes then looked in the mirror to see if you were thinner?" No I haven't but for the past 2 days I've been walking around more than usual. My legs are sore and even my rib muscles are sore. When I woke up this morning I just had to look in the mirror to see if it looked like I had lost any weight. Nope. Not me. It was a bummer too, but in reality I know I couldn't have possibly lost that much weight, if any, I just had my hopes

Oh yes, I have looked in the morror probably less than 15 minutes of exercise. The really scary thing is that sometimes I really think I am thinner!

@ Maria: LOL!!!

I don't look in a mirror unless I have a towel draped around me. Even then it's a little intimidating. I can definitely see my belly bulging. It does cover my sagging used-to-be chest muscles.

Ah, wail...gravity drags. And time gives weight.

I do try to maintain a positive outlook. I am from the Arkansas Ozarks, grew up in a hill country culture, and I should take some pleasure in fitting the "hillbilly" stereotype.
(Haven't started wearing overalls yet. But I might.) (grin) (or "groan" - whichever suits.)

You don't look like you need any exercise!
But sure... I guess it is more difficult for beautiful people to grow old...

Aw, i need to lose weight too..lol.. Looking forward on your next post.;D

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Agnes u r really pretty......& way too witty;-D.

Hi Geoff. I am down here. First from the bottom till I am dislodged (how can anyooe be dislodged from the bottom-most slot?) by someone again.

Hi Agnes. Tell you what? I have done that, watched the mirror after a brisk walk or run to see how much did I lose. Funny but true. You too do that???? :P


I'm doubly weird - I'm exercising with a computer game.

Agnes. You wait till after you finish working out? I can't do that. I have to look in the mirror while it's happening.

LOL yes, I'm with Geoff on that one.

Nice one! Reminds me of a tv commercial where an overweight man dives into a pool and swims to the other side. He gets out in perfect shape. Ha, ha, I love that. If only, huh?

I don't know if any of us will truly be satisfied with the way we look. If we lose 10 lbs then we think we should have lost 15 lbs. When does it ever end? We need to be happy and content with who and what we are right now. I don't think we need to go overboard with our eating habits but having some extra meat on our bones not all that bad. It could come in handy one of these days! I can't remember the last time I exercised for 15 mins. lol

Friends 4 Life!

Yes, I've exercised too and looked for an immediate weight loss. Wishful thinking on my part...

with a saturday night like that, i wouldn't want to do anything else too. and yes, i will have to stop myself from stepping onto the scale. : )

Dropping by this wet friday morning to greet yah a blessed weekend ahead :)

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