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I was wondering where you were all these days :) Now I know where!

There's no place like home :)

@ Mehreen: Right on, Girl. And hey, you know what? You got here before Soul -- how the hell did that happen?

I'm glad you're home is ready for you to go back to. Sorry it was flooded. I bet it has been a bit of a break not having to clean all the time!

I would love to see photos of the construction. I can completely understand wanting to be home. It must seem like you've been in the hotel forever!

62 days ????????????? You've been in a hotel so long ???? Would love some pics of the "new" home :) :)

Oh Agnes I didn't realised you were not home all these days.....I am sure you must be delighted to be able to be back into your house....yeah would love few pics of your home.....along with yours ofcourse ;)

As aptly quoted by Robert Montgomery Home, the spot of earth supremely blest,A dearer, sweeter spot than all the rest.

hey how can I end my comment without commenting on your pic....its lovely


I am so happy that you are back home! Welcome back! There is no place like home.

Jamie is so cute! I feel the love! Lock in!

@ Robyn: Jamie is so freaking cute! There's a 1/2" long scar down my my nose from playing with him last night :-{...

Hey Agnes;
I'm very happy to be home too. It doesn't seem to matter if a few little touches are different, or the walls and ceiling are a different color and the furniture looks a bit like some other furniture from another setting, there's still some indefinable quality that makes it feel like home, and that quality is the space between the objects that to some may look like air but to me feels just like you. Thanks babe.

Home is where the heart is :)

so true home is the best.... glad you are getting your house back. : )

Angie, I am sure you know that "East or West, Home is the Best" so wish you'll be back home soon. Liked your sweet cat :)

" How does it feel To be without a home Like a complete unknown Like a rolling stone. "
(Bob Dylan)
This is no longer part of your vocabulary. You don't have to sing that song anymore or hum that tune ( unless you want to for the fun of it)

Even with all tht house-shifting u r looking so pretty:-)).

Do put up the pics....we'd love to see them

Nothing beats the comfort of home I guess. Happy weekend. :)

Damn! Jeez! I mean Sunshine Girl is shining right at the top, duh! Good for her, Agnes. She can tell her grandchildren someday that she was here first. At least once. Hah!

Heyyy, great you are back home. Sixty-two days!!!! That was such a long time away from home and ensured that Agnes became "home sick" for once. Great. How'z Jamie doing?

Take care


Dropped by after ages! How are you Agnes? Living in a hotel for 62 days? :O :O I would be home sick in 5!

there's really no place like home Agnes :(

You sure miss your home I can tell, its 62 days. Anyway I'm happy for your newly reconstructed wall. Good luck Agnes

Congratulations on getting back to your home and seeing it refurbished...Now waiting for the pictures.

Great you are getting back home! Post pics! 62 days in a hotel is really not good!!!

I have problems accessing your page...right now I cannot do it from home..but can do it from work! Hope it at least stays that way! :(

Hi Agnes, it's always good to go back home.... despite all.

All the best


oh... there is no place like home; thus, i know what you're talking about when you said you're so happy to be home! :)

Wow, as much as I LOVE hotels, I cannot imagine living in one for 62 days. We just returned from a 12 day vacation, and I'm so happy to be home. I'm glad to hear that you are finally back in yours:)

Oh, I can totally understand! Love the way to phrased it though!

Hope your will go back home soon. Well, more like go back TO your home soon.

welcome home, Agnes! ;)

surely, we'd like to see some photos! :)

It's my favourite saying! I have it on my blog too!

I've done my fair bit of traveling and sometimes feel rootless too, although I've found that my "home" these days mostly consist of memories from places, the light weight of love that I carry and the thoughts that wrap around me, wherever I rest my head.

BUT. I guess, when we really, really need it, there is a comfort in the true sense of a home.

I just kind of stumbled in your page while searching for the song from J.Lennon with that line that i think it means so much "Life is...while you're busy making other plans".
But you know what, do you ever have this feelling that you don't have a home to go back to or a home that you're afraid to go back to.

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