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And I bet she still feels the same from you now too when she thinks of you.

Lucky said what I was gonnA say.

That is a very good way of keeping our loved ones in our thoughts !!!!

Heyyy Agnes,

She had such intense eyes. And she looks every bit your sister in that picture.

Your last line captures love in its perfect sense. It confounds all notion of time and space.


That was heart-warming Agnes :)

I have something for you here http://ondiamondmum.blogspot.com/2009/06/jadore-tien-blog.html

She's so pretty...

Am not into blogging these days... though I read ur posts through google reader...couldnt help but comment on this post...this really touched me yaar.

Now there's no question about where you get your beauty from. I'm willing to bet big bucks that she's left a lot more of herself with you. I'm sure this post has her smiling down on you with the timeless and spaceless love that you speak of.

Agnes....U've explained it so beautifully!!!!!!!!!

And u must have heard this so many times but I still want to tell u.....u look so much like ur mom except for ur hair:-).

She is beautiful Agnes, and I know she's looking down on you thinking what a wonderful person you are today!

Such a beautiful and touching post. And every comment that followed was spot on and added even more beauty and truth to it. Your mother was very lovely and so are you.

Very touchy Agnes. Real short and extremely meaningful. I must say you look a lot like her.

It's wonderful that you have such fond memories of her. She's very pretty - we know who you got your stunning looks from now :)

I am moved, I'm sure your mom misses you too Agnes. I agree with Maria you look like her, very pretty.

I'm touched. People we love the most leave us, but life must go on. I find that one of the hardest things this life can bring to us. *Hugs* The last line is the most beautiful. As Soul said, it captures the essence of love in all its entirety.

Your post made me cry. Thanks for sharing it - and I'm so sorry for your loss.

Heyyyy Agnes,



Completely touched me. This was a nice tribute to your mom. Moms are always precious.

Thanks so much for sharing, I couldn't imagine how much it would hurt to lose my mother. But I am glad the times you had with her were ones of happiness :)

Beautifully written. Love your words for this post. I can feel your love for your mom. Have a great day, love to see more here.=D

A Writers Den
The Brown Mestizo

This is a good place to be Agnes. I'm going to share it with my wife when the time is right. She worries about being forgotten. I KNOW she will never be forgotten by the people that matter the most to her...and vice versa. Thanks!

So lovely and touching tribute to your mom !!!

Well said.

Aren't we blessed with our precious memories of our loved ones. They never really go away, they just take a seat in time and will be regrouped one of these days. My mom is in a nursing home right now and not doing too well. I don't know how much longer I will have with her but I must enjoy and cherish the time that is left. Sorry for your loss at such an early age.

Friends 4 Life!

Very touching post. Reminds me to cherish every moment in life and make as memorable as I can!

you look so much like her.


Yes Agnes even my first thought was, you look so much like her.....the hardest reality of life to face is to learn to live without our parents.....you have given it a very lovely expression and that's the perfect word to it..healing....that't what it is...and that's how life goes on.....

Oh I agree with you! I still miss my mom.. in the absent sort of way yet :(

Before she died my Mother used to phone me every week, with loads of uninvited pieces of nonsensical advice about life, work and women that used to accentuate my hangover and make me wish she'd hang up. I used to dread these calls and curse under my breath.

But I'd pay an awful lot to receive a call now.

My first time here. Nancy recommended this particular post and I`m so glad she did. I lost my Dad two months back. And it hurts so bad, Agnes. Your post so strikes a chord somewhere in my soul.. Your Mother was a beautiful woman. I wish you a lifetime of loving,happy memories of your Mom.

Agnes, this is touching.

I think that our beloved always show their presence by the love we hold in our heart for them, regardless the time and space. This is only with the very closed beloved like you-and-mom in your case.

I can't imagine. {{hugs}}

Your mum will always be with you forever in your heart and soul.

It can be very difficult to lose a loved one and it takes time to heal. I believe she left a legacy with you and inside you too !

Your mum and you looked very alike !!!

Take care !


Lovely tribute.

you look so much like your mom, Agnes. and like her, you are such a lovely lady.

thanks to your mom for bringing up a fine lady in you. :)

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