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And the mission is to drink that coffee and drink it well. Dunkin is still great coffee but I also realized there are borders to explore in coffeetown new doors to open in the search for the perfect coffee and that this search continues and new roads to travel on the coffee hiway will lead to even better coffee times

Hi Agnes;
I am always fascinated by your comment that the best cup of coffee you had in your life was at Istanbul Airport. Then I found the Turkish proverb that may explain it: "“A cup of coffee commits one to forty years of friendship.” That seems right to me. Maybe you should start a "forty years of friendship" club and we can all have coffee with you for years to come.
Love you

Agnes, Geoff's idea is excellent. Next time you are in Europe you are invited for at least one cup of coffee. I share your feelings about coffee. There is something about coffee and company - even if it is your own.

I agree with you Agnes. Although I adore coffee but it's about the company.

I have NEVER drunk coffee or tea in my life !!! A lot of people tell me I am missing something . I love the feel of having a nice cuppa hot chocolate with good company though :)

hmmmm....coffee here at Ataturk airport...never tried it since I stopped drinking coffee while living in Miami: American coffee is terrible...and I used to drink 30 cups of coffee a day!
a glass with sparkling water is a release when sitting alone...
greetings from a Dutch in Constantinople.)

@ Prashanti: What???? You never had a cup of coffee in your life? Or tea? I am speechless.....

i so loooooove coffee, too! :)

Coffee and chocolate are about my only vices so I am going to continue to enjoy all types for a long time to come!

Wow Malaysia...you have been so many places I am just dying to visit. Someday I will get to a few of these places, but not with my husband - 5 hours from Florida is his limit. Oh well, I'm just as happy tto go with friends :)

Our conversations are the best! We never use big long words ever but simple words that we invent! Lock in sista! Oui?

I adore coffee. Seriously, it's one of the best pleasures in life. I think it's about the coffee itself and the companionship. I can enjoy it either way.

:D I smiled at the post and then laughed hard at your comment on Prashanthi's comment!! I do feel sorry for people who have not tasted coffee! I look forward to my morning coffee and paper like nothing else!

Your post reminded me of a quote i read recently : Save the Earth. It is the only planet with chocolate!

Coffee is fine - but booze is even better.

i don't really have a fav coffee place but i tend to hang out at san franscisco in klcc more often than any other coffee chains in kl. but anyway seems to be fine to me as long as i have a table to dream on!

i don't really like middle eastern coffee because it tasted like ... not coffee?? i used to drink turkish coffee quite frequently coz i used to work in a turkish restaurant. but it's a instant coffee. HAHA.

@ Caledonian Jim: There's a Scottish accent somewhere in there.... Anyway, personally, I like the feeling of being sober.

My husband tells me the Scottish version of the Turkish proverb goes something like this: A pint with a friend leads to a forty minute fight with an enemy.... Or something to that effect.

Anyway, nice meeting you, Jim.

@Renaye: oh I love the SF cafe at KLCC!

In some other countries the drink of choice is not always coffee. In Fiji the drink is kava and there is an entire ceremony that goes along with its consumption. When you drink kava among friends it is both social and spiritual in nature. It is a time for peace and a time for stories. I like to carry on this tradition with my coffee time in the US of A.
And here is a saying for you from Fiji... "Life is like this: sometimes sun, sometimes rain.".

Coffee shops are indeed special places: romantic, best spot to share a laugh or a great news, to complain about a bad day... I love them too and I'm not even a coffee lover (but tea is the same, right?).

I don't know what I would do w/o my cups of coffee each morning. I probably need to cut back but I too enjoy it, especially while working at my computer. My favorite coffee shop is our home. I have yet to drink any coffee that tastes as good as what we make. I am happy to know you enjoy your so much, especially with your spouse.

Friends 4 Life!

I don't really drink coffee always. But i love it too, with a lot of milk..=D

A Writers Den
The Brown Mestizo

i don't always drink coffee, but when i do, it feels so special... it's almost often an answer to my craving for hot cup of coffee.

As a Malaysian, good to know the ambiance in KL is not only confine to Malaysian only but I love places in Europe where I can have a cuppa in the cold and drinking some coffee make it all better

I don't have time to read the other comments...but surely I'm not the first to say you're lucky to have Lucky ;) (And coffee too!)


Hi Agnes

I love coffee and you make it sound better. Wish I had a really close friend to sit silently with, and sip that heavenly thing called coffee :) That's what my twitter is saying right now hehe!

Good day!

I always enjoy reading all your comments and I definitely agree with all the posters who say you are lucky to have Lucky. Good company always makes a good cup of coffee even better.

I haven't been a regular coffee drinker for a long time. But one of my favorites would hot white chocolate mocha from starbucks, and their cold peppermint mocha too.

I like coffee too


What's my number? Seventy-seven or eighty-one???? I am the last....


Wow... seems you have an interesting life when you visited Malaysia so often... What are the purposes for you in Malaysia?

I stay here with my wife (she is Malaysian chinese) since one year in KL and we will go back to Germany in the end of 2010.

Never have been yet in this coffee shop in Mid-Valley, perhaps because i don't drink coffee *lol*

I like your style girl, and I love coffee too. It started I think when I 17 years old went to Italy for the first time. I worked at a camp on the beach and every afternoon we would have an ice cold espresso in the shade. 10 years later, around the world, I have had my coffee moments too (never forget the perfect espresso in Mocambique after a nightmare of a bus trip)

Anyway, I can relate to the coffee and company, so much that I want to share a little text of mine that I wrote about six months ago, when I was living in Cape Town.


Take care!

So touching article Agnes.. I love to read this one. Thanks for sharing your deep reflective ideas buddy. I will be back for something new about the Pooh again soon. Cheers. From winnie the pooh printable coloring pages

Hello Agnes :) I lived in Malaysia for 6 months, visited it 2 times...and I understand that "special Malaysian feeling". I LONG TO GO THERE AGAIN...AND AGAIN...AND AGAIN...!!! That country has caught my heart and never let go. :)

Dear friend,It it pleased to come in this page. I am so luck I can get some impormations that i can't read before.thanks!

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