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Hi Agnes;
Yes, certain old-fashioned ways are the best, I agree, but since I'm usually the one in charge of the suitcases, my request is we don't go back much further than the 1970s. Back in the late 1970s, years before there were wheels on suitcases a plumbing contractor from Ohio named Robert Wooley changed the world with wheels on suitcases. Give him a medal, he saved our aching backs and as for the rest of your ideas, splendid,

Anges, Old-fashioned is not bad at all; actually you find values and emotions in the old movies & music more than you find it today. OK I am in my 30s not 60s [ ;) ] however it's about the value either in the oldies or not but you almost catch it in the oldies. As for the new stuff thanks to the interent that let us read what you share with us :)

Agatha Christie,s Poirot is my favorite. David Suchet played him perfectly. The productions he starred in really emphasized the civilized lifestyle between the two world wars (further back than you had referenced, I know) and Poirot traveled well.
Thanks for sharing your weekend.

ooh - I loved The Notebook. I loved the book even more than the movie.

Nothing like Casablanca or the 1940-50's film noir to experience movie making at its highest ( in my opinion). Some real masters exist in this day and age in the arts but the movie making golden age for me was the 50's and 60's. I am with you Agnes. Entertainment
is in the eye of the beholder and my eyes have stopped viewing todays entertainment as

I totally agree. Life before the techno revolution was bliss. Did not I say the same in my last post that I should have born in the '50s.

The Notebook was great stuff. Sherlock Holmes, the bestest detective not to have walked the earth.


That is one of my all time favorite movies! It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.

I'll die if I have to travel by boat (cause I throw up), by elephants (ohh so slow) an old train (imagine the loo?). I like this day and age :D for the ease of technology and communication...but i love the olden times for the innocence of the mind.

Oh how funny to learn that several of you like The Notebook ! I am ashamed to admit that I never heard of either the book or the movie till yesterday.

Oh don't get me wrong, I love technology, all the way. But I also love the old fashioned world.

@ JustCallMeA, it's a 2 edged sword -- technology puts us in touch with each other, but it also puts us out of touch with one another. When I am having dinner with someone and they take a phone call or type their twitter update, l feel disconnected from them. Ironically, they're probably typing something like "I am having a blast dining with Agnes" ...

i have read the book and watched the film too. that is just so lovely! i hope all couples get to experience such kind of romantic love. :)

and that is one fine weekend you had. :)

I agree with you about the thriller movies but old movies set in the olden days, depress me for some reason. I still have not been able to figure out why.

As for traveling on the backs of elephants etc., I am not exactly sure that it will suit my temperament in these 'instant' times. we are so used to this lifestyle where we expect stuff to happen yesterday that I am sure that I would die of boredom on that elephant's back! Ha ha! Or maybe if I carry a laptop and a video game, I just might make it!

@ Bins: Oh come on, the elephant ride would be fun! Sure, airplanes are fun too, but once in a while it's so much nicer to go camping, ride elephants, walk, etc. I think traveling is a lot of fun. I miss it so badly.

I could totally do a 'round the world trip on private boats, commercial boats, jeeps, oxcarts, barefoot, camels etc, slowly going through every single country, deserts, mountains, rivers, etc without prior hotel arrangements and so on. See, getting somewhere quickly wouldn't be the focus, the focus would be the trip itself. It's called Adventure and as my friend, Lucky says: Adventure is my middle name.

I have done the first class five star thing many many times and I love it. But I also loved sleeping under the stars and not knowing where my next ride was coming from.

Thanks Agnes;
But again, lest I wasn't fully acknowledged the first time, let's make sure the boats, jeeps, oxcarts, camels and all ensure that our suitcases can have wheels and travel along with us. But gosh, I'll miss the chocolate mousse along the way. Can we at least bring coffee and tea? Let's go Adventure Girl, I hear East Timor calling.

@ Geoff: You got it. We can have wheels, sure, or even remote controls that make our luggage walk, climb stairs, fold clothes... you name it.

East Timor is a great idea!!!

I'm not convinced about the elephant bit either but it looks like Geoff has overland transport covered, so tha's ok.

And I'll be your guide in East Timor. I travelled through that paradise in the early 1970's and I need to see if my initials are still carved in that tree in the center of the island. Adventure calls to me too!

I used to think how great it would be to grow up in the '40's. There was something charming about it...from what little I know. No doubt I just create a vision of how I want to believe it was. Innocent maybe. Deeper thinking? The ability to sit quietly with people you like to be with...and I also agree...not clicking away on BlackBerry.

Then again...no doubt much of what I've seen are the highlights...mostly the "good stuff." It'll be interesting to see what people think of these times...and the innocence of Twitter. (God help us...)

As a guy I don't get emotional with movies, but I did get a bit misty at the end of the Notebook. Love your blog btw.

Sounds like my kinda weekend too. I have wanted to see that movie and now I'm convinced.

have you seen "The Reader" with Kate Winslet? I thought it was great, but very intense.
Hope all is well!

I also like that movies and old fashioned way to solve the crime. :)

Love, love, love this movie. And girl, you're in my reader! :)

Keep it up!

oh i love that movie. i love to stay home on weekends sometimes to watch old movies and drinking hot cocoa or a nice glass of wine.

so, without the aid of technology, the people of old times were hugely more brilliant, ingenius and patient than of today's - say in solving a crime, in making movies, on travel, and etc.

The Notebook is a movie I loved watching ... all alone, on the couch with a pack of Kleenex. I bet it's a totally different experience watching it the way you did :)

This is the first time I bump into your page; I am impressed and intrigued!

Life is short! I hope I can talk to you in the blog life as wonderful and beautiful! This makes sense of my life be flies! I should have left a footprint in this world!

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