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LOL its totally true! Lighters disappear and wire hangers are all over the place! Thank you for the explaination. I think you are right!

Agnes; I'm first. I can't believe it. Better end off now before Kiran jumps in.

@ Geoff: I hate to be the one to have to tell you, but Robyn was first. Soul will be crushed too.

For me it's pens. My favorite pens. I buy...I write a little with them...and then they are gone. Forever. And I repeat the cycle. (I think the order is Pen=>Lighter=>Hanger.) The socks are on the side of the road sometimes...

It follows the mystery of lighters and coat hangers ... I was first but due to a disturbance in the cosmic force or a sly conspiracy between you and Robyn, the positions were reversed when they landed on the plane of reality.

Great conversation here.And i think Andy is right,coz i also experiencing the same thing.Have a great day.Looking forward on your next post.=)

A Writers Den

The Brown Mestizo

LOL !!! very true about the missing socks from the washer/dryer :) :)

I sometimes wonder if there is a elf at my home stealing all the right socks.... I love your photo, you always manage to look so great.

Oh yeah... missing socks, lighters, keys!!!!!! I am happy to see so many other people with same issues.

@ Andy: Indeed! Socks do show up by the side of the road.... tennis shoes too.....

Why you are all experiencing missing those things??Are you sure nobody is steeling your things?lol..Just kidding,btw,hope to see more from you.Have a nice day.;D

Travel and Living

What u've written in a small post is the story of my life Agnes, especially the missing sock......the school socks to be precise. The kids have 4 pairs each but every morning we waste atleast 5-10 mins looking for the matching pair;-D.

And LOL at Geoff's sense of humour. Still laughing infact;-D.

I normally keep my stuff (earrings, cosmetics etc) at its designated places. All in all there is just about one other place, where I keep it in case I am in a tearing hurry.But for the life of me, I cannot find certain things when I really want to use it. Story of my life too!!

I throw out any wire coat hangers I see, and I keep finding those suckers. It's like they reproduce or something! I have no clue where they come from. Maybe you are righ. I know where my socks go through. Ronnie says the washing machine eats them. LOL

I couldn't help but laugh at your post because it really is so true.The coat hanger thing that's a new one,but well worth consideration.

for me it's my lip gloss. I usually have 1 in each of my regular handbags so that I don't have to take the one from my drawer when I go out. But it never there when i need it. The sock thing does happen to me too :)

I never find anything back... so I am used to it ;-)
I almost lost track of your blog... ;-)

You could be a fashion model!

I think you've told the story of almost all women in this earth in a short and sweet way !
Morning time, when kids are rushing to school, I am always looking for clips, hair bands, ribbons and when hubby is leaving for office, I am looking out for his papers, which he misplaced. I am the search party, always.

@ JustCallMe'A': Purses turn lip gloss into grocery receipts and used tissues.

Uh...missing lighters? I'm sorry. I may have run into you. I'm a chain smoker and I'm always gabbing with whoever may be sitting at the next seat in a coffee bar, and without thanking, I light my cigarette with the closest lighter to me ... and just automatically put it in my shirt pocket. Get home I might find I have 2 lighters. Friends that know me always make to to have my check my pockets before I leave. So maybe...?

Uh...but that doesn't account for the extra coat hangers...huh...? I don't know.

OMG!!! The sock thing happens to me too! And then the sock will turn up a couple of months later, usually just after I throw the other sock away.

I think you've discovered an oddity in the cosmic order; sets of things that go missing when they are needed only to be replaced by things that are not needed or things that show up much too late to be of use. I think I'll write a grant application for you to fund the research to find out for sure what's going on. And yes, I also think that you always manage to look gorgeous, even though most people don't realize you're only wearing one sock.

"imagination leaves a lot of doubt to the reality"

Hah, I love your thesis, and by the way (not too sound like a stalker or anything, that's a very lovely portrait of you, lucky hubbie you have. I consider myself to be a lucky hubbie too :). I can't seem to recall ever buying a wire coat hanger in my entire life....

This is from Claire:
hi Geoff, greetings to u from Malaysia... my name is Claire and thank God for your new blog. I am Agnes's fan and have been visiting her bloggie since lately BECAUSE I just cannot post a comment in her blog. I do not know why, the "post comment" seems to be gray all the time...
so Geoff, hope u can tell her that Claire is here and will continue to read her posts...
thanks and all my best wishes to both of u...
God Bless...

@ Claire (and anyone else having trouble commenting):

It happens to me too. There are times when I want to respond to a particular comment and the "post" tab goes inactive. I wish I knew what the problem is but I don't.

I did however observe that if you start typing, then backspace a bit, the "post" tab becomes active again and you can post your comment.

Weird, I know.

I am completely illiterate when it comes to IT so if anyone can tell me how to fix this I'd appreciate it.

Thanks a lot.

P.S.: If all else fails, you can always email me your comments at cosmictreehouse@yahoo.com and I'll try and post it via typepad.

haha Isn't that true, it is so, so true, what the heck is happening to all the socks? REALLY? I love your photo, you look fabulous.

haha Isn't that true, it is so, so true, what the heck is happening to all the socks? REALLY? I love your photo, you look fabulous.

True, sometimes it's hard to see stuff that we needed.

For me, it's the roller-point and ball-point pens that keep missing despite me telling myself that they are in place. And, I cant do without them, huh! Does anyone steal them? Or do I lose them?

I am the last on the list which makes me first from the bottom. Who will beat me in the race?? Sunshine girl???

@ Soul: Welcome back! Bummer your team lost!

It's funny, I don't think I've ever lost a pen. Only my socks, ear rings, sweaters, shawls. Sometimes they end up in my car though.

Ear rings too??? Next time you decide to lose them, alert me. Given the classy taste you have for such exquisite things, I won't mind collecting them... :D

My team lost, yes. I still cant get it out of my head. Huh!


:lol: This is so true!

Another one for me is change. I always carry a lot of change in my wallet (especially quarters, pennies...). By the time I finally get rid of all these heavy little coins... I need change to take the bus!

Gee, now I am wondering where I got all these coat hangers....

Stopping in and commenting for the first time. I love your site! You look like a Bohemian in your shots. I will be back.

Anything useful I put into my handbag turns into grocery receipts and tissues...especially keys!
I am not able to access your blog from home..luckily I still can from office...
And I think I am the first from last! :D

Hi Agnes
What an imagination :D

@ Soul
Yea I beat you in the race to come last *sigh*... I feel so disconnected with the world!

Hi Agnes...
You have just solved my greatest mystery.

This is the funniest thing I have read today. It makes perfect sense too.

I never seem to start or end any comment on your blog without commeting on your pictures....beautiful photo....I am a sucker of good photography...and you make a good model.

Humorous everyday situation thats part of every household and keeps us going...missing socks...yeah...too many hangers....more so...

hmmm, he has a point...

Hey Agnes,
I have always believed since I was a kid that there has always been a ghost in every household. It was easy to always blame the ghost when things disappeared. Maybe, just maybe, you still have a ghost in your house. lol Of course I'm kidding. If I ever leave the twilight zone I'm in big trouble. How about you?

Friends 4 Life!

This is, indeed, a nice read. In case of me, my pens turn into my daughter's playthings, and never can be used for writing again.


You are so right! We don't lose lighters, but I think the nice pencils keep changing into dried-out pens. Did they have pens envy?

Never really noticed that before in that way, but it's true around here too!

The missing sock ... happens to me all the time!

This is amazingly funny.
I wanted to come and look at your contribution to the world wide web as your photo always catches my eye when I react to one of Sidney's posts.
I thought: another frequent visitor to Sidney's place, she cannot be bad, I'll go and have a peek.
And now I discover this post about vanishing socks, while my dear friend Gerda's post is about socks going missing in the washing machine.
And her's was the first post I read this morning.
Funny, is my brain making connections in an advanced manner?
And no, I am not particulary a sock fetishist.

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