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Agnes I too got a new haircut. Will soon share a pic with you.

Finally I am the first one to comment.

I will comment on the post later, Agnes. First things first.

One, you look regal in the picture.

Two, good to see you after a long time.

And three, I will comment on the post later. My team reached the IPL final tonight and I am overwhelmed. See you soon.

BTW, leaving aside Kiran, I am first to comment. :P


"To me, the secret to good hair is having a cut that looks good whether I style it or not." You just stated my entire hair philosophy! My mother in law has the Tootsie hair cut. LOL

I like my hair because it's thick (i.e I'm not afraid of style it with my hands and some water and it's good enough)and it grows fast (yipee!).

I can't spend more than 5 min. doing mine, but I shampoo everyday, put conditioner etc. Brushing... nah.

I find American women (and Canadian women)are more picky about their hair than European. More high-maintenance anyway... We don't have a French word for "bad hair day"!

Nice to see you post a lovely piece and all of us are happy; Kiran with her new haircut, Soul with his winning team, Heather with a healthy attitude, Zhu who's got us all beat and poor old me who has more attention on keeping my hair than cutting it. This must be Spring. Here's a Winnie the Pooh quote: "“If the person you are talking to doesn't appear to be listening, be patient. It may simply be that he has a small piece of fluff in his ear.”

Hi Agnes

How are you? Where've you been? I missed ya loads. Now over to the post, something I needed right now. No I don't want to have a hair cut, I'm all in for the "natural look". It's so funny that girls in my office think one of the most important things in life are wardrobe and hair-do. They have nothing else to talk about most of the times!! Sheessh! Do I sound like a tom boy? I hope I don't hehe :D

"beauty is skin deep but ugliness goes right to the bone" haha that was funny :D

Take good care!

nice thoughts Agnes ;)

I too once did cut my hair just to make it nicer but it looks even awful...LOL!

I agree hair that's too done looks like she's competing for a beauty contest. And you're right , ugliness goes right through the bones.

Firstly, welcome back. I had one bad haircut it my life about 2 years back. And it was costly. Not just the monetary bit but also otherwise. The &*%&*@# cut it so damn short that there was not a thing I could do. Even now, I fantasize about running him over. With a road roller.
A not-so-made up, slightly natural look (face n hair) wins my vote any day!

Good post.

i once had a cut that was too short and i felt it didn't suit me... good thing, it grew fast. now, i can't seem to be patient enough to let my hair grow long... whenever my husband gets his hair cut, i usually have mine cut too....

i miss my long hair....

I love your comment about how hair should move. I survived the 80's where we had giant hair that was so hard it was almost bullet proof. Looking back, it not only looked strange but it was uncomfortable.

You're so right about a good cut being the key. For me it's the difference between wash and go or hiding it under a hat.

Nice to hear that you had a new hair cut.And hope to see more photos from you.Looking forward on your next post.=)

A Writers Den

The Brown Mestizo

On my case,i always want to have a short hair.For me to feel comfy and so irritated..But that was just for me..And i think nothing is wrong with that.lol..;D


from Geoff's comment: "..poor old me who has more attention on keeping my hair than cutting it." that is something my boyfriend would definitely say. LOL

I guess you're talkin' 'bout women? I mean...uh, I'm an old coot, 'bout one step up from a street person, an' I ain't had a haircut for years. I just grab what I can with my fingers and from the top and back of my head and stuff and cut it off. I'm pretty bald on top so that's not a problem. I don't know how it looks from the back. I don't see myself there.
The money I'd have to spend on a barber would take away from my cigarettes. With all the taxes on tobacco that takes all the extra change I have. Anyway, you look good! That's what counts. I enjoy good lookin' people. Can make my day.

Ugliness is down to the bone-- isn't that true, I am one who now loves natural hair color, because it looks like it "fits", does that sound weird? I was laughing at the tattooed eye-brows.

heh...does a pony tail count as a "style"? lol I wear my hair in one every single day. It's easy and fast. Not all that attractive but I rarely go anywhere that requires a hair "style." :)

I just got my Bad Hair Cut last week + I'm Happy to report that I'm growing it Longer for the Summer! I've done the David Beckham + Brad Pitt Buzz Cut long enuf + I'm going back to what made me very very Popular with da Hotties in the first place! Hey the Chix Diggit so why not!! ;))

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