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i was reading it with the British accent in mind... :) i love the accent.

and oh, are they really that polite? :)

is this for real? i got the first spot? :) lol i hope i didn't crush somebody's heart. *grin*

i'm actually aiming for the last one. :)

LOL !!!!!! Love the british accent :)

am hearing in my mind the conversation in British accent :)
..."Bloody Hell"... LOL!!!:)))

just love the way they construct there sentence and the politeness in their thoughts. British are so well liked because they know how to appreciate a job well done...
"that's splendid mate"...love the way they make their remarks and all.

and Geoff is a Brit..good to know Agnes!

Pardon me, but would you be so kind as to hand over your purse and valuables? That's a dear.

I did not know that Geoff is Brit. You both make a "splendid" pair together.


I kinda like Brit accent but I would start screaming after a while if I had to talk like this all the time :D

What a little beauty was that, Agnes!!

By the way, is Geoff a Brit?

Generousity is what comes to me a gift from the God. Needless to say I have decided not to claim my #1 slot this time. Let others including "Pretty Ol' Girl" be happy this time around.


LOL on the comic strip!!! :D

I love it when people are polite! LOL You totally made me laugh with the comic strip and the quote. I didn't know Geoff was British!

LOL....I'm finding all the more funny b'coz just last saturday we went to this dinner with husband's brit boss, family & collegues. I found this highly involved discussion abt "still water or sparkling, red or white wine, etc" highly amusing[all in tht lovely accent ofcourse].

I enjoyed the evening ofcourse.....but 3 hrs of angling my head in 1 particular direction did put a creak in my neck[umm...boss was tirelessly entertaining us with his life-stories]

p.s: Geoff took offense, no comments from him yet;-D??????

sheesh....I hope I havent offended anybody.

Really... I tooo love the british accent!!!!!

@ Nancy: Oh no, he didn't take exception to any of it. He has lived in the US most of his life and had the British accent beaten out of him in the Bronx where he went to high school. But yes, he is very polite and he is VERY funny.

Oh by the way, "Geoff" is pronounced the same as "Jeff". It's the British spelling. Though Geoff sometimes introduces himself as "Goof".

LOL!!!! I'll never forget Geoff[@pronounciation - oh I knew tht already;-D] expressions on tht pic in the airplane where u make these faces & he is amused.

phoooosh......I'm feeling better now:-D!!!!!

I love English accent, it just sound posh (in a good way) and so proper...!

Hello Agnes, lovely and beautiful you!!!!!
This post is funny, I love British accent, well the English I've learned was the UK one...


Robyn is doing a jolly good and brilliant job commenting on Agnes's page. oops for a minute there I thought I was on Facebook..

Funny Post Agnes! Real funny. I (heart) Brit's! ooops for a minute there I thought I was on Skype.

Oh I say, please don't trouble yourself about insulting the Brits. We deserve it. We gave the world boiled cabbage, dumplings, tasteless and overcooked food, Boy George and a host of other unexplainable advances of civilization. All we have left to preserve our dignity and grace are our sense of humour and nice manners. Hardly worth worrying about. Cheerio.

Geoff that is urinating in your pants bloody funny to me Old boy!

By the time I met my husband, he had traveled to UK about 4 times and had already spend two years of his life talking to Brits day in day out. He would agree to most things with the word - indeed!
We would mimic him all the time. Yes, indeed! :D
After that he began his travels to the US and had some crazy slang from there added to his vocabulary.
In college, when somebody talked in an accent, we would assume that he washed his butt in Thames! There was a saying to that effect! :D
Pardon me, but I was wondering if the Cartoon gave way to the post or is it the other way around?

being the last (?) commenter, i get to read all them funny comments. :)

your blog is always fun to read, agnes.

i think it's my friend's dream to marry a brit. i think i like my life more free but it certainly will be interesting to see how the royals live. i once stayed with a friend when we have dinner we actually use dinner bell to get assistance from her grandfather's butler.

Will Politenessman be a regular feature?
The Target post was great too.
And the car wash, I quit going to the closest wash because they all act like they're doing me a favor to wash my car for $27.50.
Thanks for stopping by UsingHUmor.com!

If i had to talk like that, i'd need more than 24 hours every day.

That was such a humorous post Agnes, i enjoyed reading the comments too, but personally I really appreciate the mannerism, the politeness its just so nice, makes you feel all warm and fuzzy....yeah I would too send my second child to the kidnappers in hope of getting them well trained and mannered hahaha

Loved your pic too, its so natural......

hi... nice article, happy week end for you

That was a funny article, Agnes! I love the British language and accent!
As an Indian, I grew up on Enid Blytons, Agatha Christies, Wodehouses, Jane Austens, Georgette Heyers and all those English residential school series. So without visiting the UK, I am familiar with and love the nuances of the language, the British country side, the politeness, the manners...right from the Victorian times! :-)
The USA came into our lives later, though in a much bigger way...with the IT era, the cable TV and Hollywood movies...and now of course, we know the US better!

I love England! breakfast, Harry Potter, countryside, Jane Austen, castles, crumpets, cottages, the list lengthens.... and oh, I also dated a brit once :)

What I know of Brit is "Oyyyyy" they often use it when calling someone. Its very polite of you to Geoff. Thanks for sharing Agnes

Oh this is a great post.I really love the British accent,actually i'd study and learn some of their language.,;D
And i like it so much..;D
Have a wonderful day.;D


i alawys thought the "spot of tea" buisness was funny.

Love that comic type..;D
That was funny.=) Hope to see more form you.

Well it seems we Brits have made an overall good impression on at least part of the world. We also gave the world the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, James Bond, Princess Di, and other cultural icons. Agnes and I are from different parts of Europe but are usually taken for Americans. I do like civilized, polite behavior and prefer soccer to American sports. Cricket is only fun if you are watching from the Indian subcontinents. I wonder whether it is just an illusion or have good manners, high ethical standards and modesty started to fade away? Sometimes it looks as though civilization is going backwards. Agnes, would you care for a spot of tea?

hi agnes,
it was funny the way you have said it.
instead of crying out for help who wld prefer to be polite ;)


Head Note: This is for Geoff.

Jeff (sorry Geoff) said cricket!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's rocking, guys. Indian Premier League is a smash hit at South Africa. But KP and Freddie did not do well enough. But what champs are they! Whaooo!


So funny. John Lennon was so cool and funny as well. This is the kind of blogging I like to read. Nice...

Funny post. It kind of had me doing the british accent there for a minute. Great blog!

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